‘I will make you bleed’ – Duterte


YOU will ‘bleed.’

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday warned those behind a supposed plot to remove him from Malacañang to brace for a bloody fight.

“Those talks of ousting me…probably I’ll give you a good fight, you’ll get a bloody nose,” Duterte said in the first of four media interviews Thursday, aired over CNN Philippines.

Speaking for the first time after The Manila Times report on Tuesday that said former US ambassador Philip Goldberg had left behind a “blueprint” to undermine and eventually oust him over a one-and-a-half year period, the President accused the ex-US envoy and Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo of being involved in efforts to remove him from office.

The US State Deparment has denied that such a blueprint exists.

Duterte claimed some US diplomats were really working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and that Goldberg had a history of undermining foreign governments, having been expelled by Bolivia in 2008 for fomenting civil unrest against the government of Evo Morales.

“I have some inkling how this guy (Goldberg) works. Most of the American ambassadors are professionals who do spying; they are connected with the CIA, while others have the forte, really, to undermine governments,” Duterte said.

“He was expelled in Bolivia…there’s a Time magazine analysis how the elite of that country hates the native president (Morales),” Duterte said.

As for Robredo, Duterte said she was ousted from the Cabinet because she was part of the group of people that protested the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in November, which he claimed was also working for his ouster.

“Her ouster from the Cabinet was ‘fait accompli.’ The problem is, she is out in the streets [protesting the burial]. The problem is, they are demonstrating, those who are for ousting me,” Duterte said.

“She’s there. She is part of the crowd. She may not be asking for it herself, but she is a part of the crowd that wants me out,” he added.

Robredo, who resigned as housing chief on December 4, issued a strong statement against the November 18 burial, although she did not join the rallies against it.

Duterte reiterated that while he was not clinging to the presidency, he was determined to finish his six-year term.

“I have to honor the contract with the people. If you scare me and that you are happy to see me out, I view life as a matter of destiny. With little money and no machinery, I won the presidency, so there has to be something in there. It’s my destiny,” Duterte said.

“It’s a message from God. God must have put me here. I accept anything that God gives me. But if you mess up with me, I would give you a bloody nose,” he added.

No apologies
Duterte also said he was not sorry over the more than 6,000 people, including children as young as 4, killed amid his war on drugs.

“If you want to do something [on the drug problem], then that’s the only [way]to deal with it. That’s the reality. I know, these people [who are killed]are so high that they will be willing to fight it out [with the authorities]. These people are committing crimes due to constant use of shabu,” the President said in the interview with CNN Philippines.

“I’d be lying if I say there is not one [innocent]hit in the crossfire, but it is part of criminal law, it can be justified by government forces. Maybe the government will be liable in civil cases, but criminally? No,” he stressed.

Duterte argued that killings were not rampant before he became President because local officials, the military and the police were all in cahoots in the illegal drug trade.

He boasted that he could go relentless on his war on drugs because he was not indebted to any local official, soldier or police, save for four people—Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos because of his promise to give a hero’s burial to the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Bukidnon Gov. Jose Zubiri, and two others whose names he did not mention.

“Patayan ito [This is a fight to the death], because I know the problem. If you want the killings to stop, then stop doing drugs. Everything will be okay,” Duterte said.


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  1. Marcos and Estrada did not stop their illegal ouster because they wanted Aquino to chasten our senators and congressmen to inject more sense into their heads. GMA quarreled with the Senators regarding their investigation of the Oakland Mutiny that was not necessary at all. All the Senators wanted were publicity — they were not interested in conducting the investigation in aid of legislation. Now the coup plotter is a Senator — all because of the greediness of the Senators to obtain publicity and work for their reelection — even if done at the expense of the country. Marcos, Estrada and GMA always treated the Senate with respect but they did not treat the Presidency with the same respect. They abused their privileges as Senators thinking that they will have a President who plays the game fairly all the time. When President Aquino III sent her to jail, she cheerfully went to jail knowing she will be vindicated in due time. Now the Senators are afraid of Duterte because he is not good natured and does not play the game fairly. They were afraid before of President Aquino III for the same reason.

    • They were afraid before of President Aquino III for the same reason.

      Congress was afraid of Aquino because Aquino gave them millions each of the pork barrel fund knowing full well that they were going to give their allocations to Napoles and then Aquino could charge them with graft and plunder unless they did what they were told.

      Napoles’s scheme was set up by Aquino’s budget chief Abad so they had the proof they needed whenever one of the senators or reps gave Napoles money.

      40 senators past and present on the COA list
      20 senators on the Napoles list

      Aquino and De Lima only allowed 3 opposition senators to be charged, the liberal party was allowed to keep billions of peso’s worth of kickbacks.

  2. John Chameleon on

    Looking for those people involved in the plan to oust you? Consider TATAD, the hack, as one of them. Then the Ambassador of the Philippines to France. Ask any Pilipino in Paris and they would tell you the story how the embassy there moves in cooperation with the yellowturds.

  3. Freedom to move around the world and spies on every country even with her allies. They create database of every country and exploit every oppurtunities by whatever means possible to serve their own vested interests. DU30 should watch his back closely.

  4. From the moment robredo won the election even from allrgation of cheating, she already put herslef as part of the scheme of the yellow to unseat digong and let robredo take the helm of power thatvthese yellow can easily manipulate. She knows her real purpose why she won the election , she is the back up plan of the yellows to remain in power, that if we let them oust duterte.. now its time that we exercise real wisdom, will we let this country again under the arms of tje yellows or support duterte to transform this country in its proper place in the world of bations and be prosperous? Our destiny as people and country resides in us my countrymen, lets do it right… #NEVERAGIANTO YELLOWSANDAQUINOS

  5. Yes the president is absolutely correct when he said—

    Duterte argued that killings were not rampant before he became President because local officials, the military and the police were all in cahoots in the illegal drug trade.

    When both the good and the evil are living together and in accord with each other—nothing happens. Both will be hospitable with each other , avoiding even a slight of animosity between them. Each will try to pardon and make amends for the sins of both. There is a token of “peace” between the criminals. Christ said , “sinners love their own sinners” , same with criminals loving their own kind.

    Actually , this thing is biblical. And it is embedded in the teachings of Christ where both the good and evil are at peace and no barriers of hostility exist between the two opposite forces—so long as there is no agitation from The Lord to cause division and separation.

    However , if someone introduces destabilization so as to agitate the two , until the agitation becomes violent then war will break loose.
    The good and the evil forces will no longer be loving neighbors but become mortal foes. Thus , commences the war between the good and the evil which is , in reality , is what The Lord would like to happen in the end so that the good shall be separated from the evil.

    Hostilities shall be on an upswing—criminals will go after criminals and kill one another. This is what is termed as “mutual slaughter”. It is biblical and it has the stamp of The Lord God.

    You see , you do not need to armed yourselves to kill criminals , just utter the prayer that mutual slaughter should come from The Lord , and it certainly shall be granted because it is The Lord’s own doing.
    Read your bible , it is written in the Old Testament where you can read how the enemies of Israel killed one another of their own armies until all of them were wiped out—relegating the army of Israel to mere spectators. That was mutual slaughter and it was from The Lord.

    “Let evil slay the wicked” , and so The Lord had testified in the book of the world , the bible.

    The president and all of us can just pray and ask for mutual slaughter for criminals and all lawless enemies and it shall be granted by The Lord.

    Of course the police should perform its usual task–lest i be misinterpreted.
    What I mean is , let The Lord do the extra-judicial killing for us by having the mutual slaughter to continue unabated until all the lawless enemies are annihilated.
    Let those involved in the drug crime , drug lords and protectors hate one another and kill one another in the spirit of mutual slaughter!

    With the unfolding of this secret wisdom , you will now understand that the president has nothing to do with extra-judicial killing , mutual slaughter has already begun for those lawless criminals , when he uttered the words that herald the commencing of the war among criminals by declaring a war on drugs and that’s it–the Lord pick up the cudgel and does His usual job.

    Come Lord God the Almighty , fully—DESTROY THEM ALL! ANNIHILATE THE LAWLESS ONES!

  6. VP Leni Robredo does not have the goods to organize and lead a destabilization against Pres. Duterte. She does not have the political clout, the money and the knowledge to be a credible destabilizer. There is somebody among the yellow losers who are being backed by Loida Nicolas and some fellows from the U.S. and the oligarchs and cronies of the yellows and the yellow media who are plotting to destabilize this results oriented administration. Of course they want to believe that Leni is the right person to be their pawn because she is the VP. If they will be successful, they may let Leni be a defacto leader but she will only be a puppet. This group could be led by PNoy with Roxas, Drillon, Belmonte, Ttrillones, de Halim who will be in charge of planning and operations.

  7. It seem to me President Dueterte dont know the western culture or the American culture. American culture consider a dog as man best friend. A dog that barking all day will not bite. But a dog that is quiet will bite people. The American and European will think the Philipine President will not bite them, only threat and scare them. Therefore we need less talk and more action. The President should send a few western ambassadors home to send a claer message to them , you really mean it .” first blood” hollywood film

  8. Yan ang Presidente ko, palaban. Wag nyang gayahin the two former Presidents na hindi pumatol sa mga babaeng dilawan kaya naagawan ng mandato. However, fomer PGMA removed that yellow image to be her ownself, not to be forever a yellow puppet.

    • Your are right Leon, Mrs.Gloria Arroyo exercised her principles and moved away, disengaged herself from Cory Aquino and the yellows but was severely punished with a massive propaganda against her which lasted her entire term. But we know that Mrs. Arroyo never regretted her decision because she cannot be accused of being a lapdog of anybody. Now she is even one of Pres. Duterte’s supporters and adviser.

  9. Robredo would clearly be the beneficiary of ouster moves against Duterte. But it is doubtful whether she was part and parcel of the plotting and the scheming because Robredo is not a substantial person. Robredo has only benefited from historical accidents and tragedies, such as the death of her husband. She is not a mover nor a shaker but, certainly, she is a consummate opportunist who will ride on any wave that will take her to the top. She proved this by riding on the wave of her husband’s death and on the wave of the electronic cheating conducted by the Liberal Party.

  10. Obama more likely instructed Goldberg the dirty plot to oust Pres Duterte, Look what Obama did to Israel , and withholding of MDI Aid to the Phil were all orchestrated by Democrats and few bitter Republicans who lost to Trump. they cannot be trusted, period.