Will March be the turning point?


WHILE the Senate investigations have come to a close, a new video–showing what transpired after Operation Exodus was launched–went viral. In it, suspended SAF Director General Napeñas was shown briefing top security brass that included Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. This was at around 11 am in the morning most probably after they had just landed in Zamboanga with the President. The line of interrogation or questioning I should say leaves one curious.

It appears that between Manila and Zambo, while they were aboard the plane, they did discuss the urgency of the situation in Mamasapano– or was it just made to appear this way? As her committee prepares to issue its report, what is Senate Committee chair Senator Grace Poe going to do now with this video which shows that the President was indeed briefed about the operations earlier on before the operations and informed as early as 545h on that fateful day?

Many were impressed with Senator Poe’s performance at the beginning of the hearing but became disappointed in her because the investigation just seemed to peter down and until it reached its weak finish. Did she cave in to the powers that be? I hope not. She is one among possible candidates I am considering for 2016 if she decides to run for president.

Meantime, Senate President Franklin Drilon says “move on.” But how? Questions abound and the natives are getting restless. No amount of cover up will work. Even followers of beleaguered Gen. Napeñas are asking for justice. For he should not bear the brunt, they say. In fact, a rally of support for the General is scheduled that may find itself converging with other interest groups for a big show of force. Beware the Ides of March which corresponds to March 15 in the Roman calendar. That date became notorious as it was the date when Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C. Caesar’s death became a turning point in Roman history for it marked the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

Will March prove to be a turning point for our nation too?

* * *

According to studies, the average life expectancy of males is 70 years old. Beyond that is just a bonus. With modern technology, life may even be prolonged further.

But the study probably did not take into account the Ilocano males who are known to have long life on a diet of dinengdeng (fish, bagoong, saluyot okra, kalabasa, sitaw) or pinakbet. Their frugal lifestyle, simple tastes and constant laughter add years.

And that is how my father has come to celebrate another milestone with his birthday coming up on March 7. Theirs is a different generation as my children have their own while I am caught struggling in middle of understanding both including my own. But that is the beauty. It is the journey through life with its ups and downs that makes it exciting and worth living. We must find happiness in every little thing. And so allow me to wish my dear ol’ dad a very happy birthday and we look forward to celebrating again your life next year.

March is both a mix of sad and happy times for our family. While it is the birth month of my dad, it is also the month when we commemorate the death of my mom Aida as she was fondly called. We miss her dearly but we will not allow the sadness in our hearts to dampen celebrations for my dad’s birthday. We are grateful.

God is Great!



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  1. Abra Miranda on

    Time for President Aquino to fire Mar Roxas, the most incompetent ingrate cabinet secretary.

  2. Kaportinista on

    If only Mar Roxas could protect policemen the way he protects his presidential bid in 2016, the SAF troopers would not have perished in Maguindanao.

  3. Sen. Poe,through he performance as Chairman of the Mamasapano incident was really remarkable from the start, pero habang nagtatagal napapansin ko talaga na hindi siya ganon kaseryoso para alamain ang katotohan, it is just a show. parang gzto ko tuloy i confirm sa sarili ko na kinain na rin siya ng maling system, dahil noong kasagsagan ng PDAF isa rin siya sa mga pro and defender wala pa mang nagyayaring hearing sa Senado at Congress…

  4. ang fault lang ni aquino dito is trusting an untrusworthy person in purisima. that’s all i can say.

  5. I share your characterization of Sen. Poe. I’m impressed with the way she handled herself through the committee hearings. However, there is something I believe is in need of some scrutiny. The missing 2 hour texts between Pnoy and Purisima.!! The transcript that Purisima read don’t add up.
    It appears the Purisima just reported the successful ‘neutralization’ of Marwan and at the ‘withdrawal’ phase, according to plan ( tactical) . Almost 2 hours past before Pnoy would reply with ” bakit naiwan yong katawan”. Hindi yata ayos ang ‘dialogo’. “CUT’!!! Take 2!!! Ayusin ang script Direk..

  6. I did not vote pnoy as president.I voted dick gordon and bayani fernando bcos gordon and fernando has track records of good governance.I will not vote a politician who has not experienced working for a living.Our problems today emanates from our system of choosing leaders and the low level of discernment of our voters.MAS MAHIRAP=MAS MANGMANG=MAS MADALING MAUTO.Kaya mas gusto ng mga trapo na manatiling mangmang at mahirap ang 70% ng mga Pilipino.EDUKASYON ANG SOLUSYUN

  7. Ruben V. Calip on

    Let’s pray, beg, our Almighty God, to deliver our Republic from the Aquino Regime — and the satanic Smartmatic-PCOS machines — within this month.

  8. Alam na naman nating lahat ang tunay na nangyari sa Mamasapano, yung mga senators Lang at kakampi ni Pnoy ang Hindi dahil iba ang hawak nilang script. Huwag nilang gawing mga tanga ang Filipino.