• Who will mind the store now?



    THE verdict is out: The Commission on Appointments rejected yesterday the appointment of controversial Environment Secretary Gina Lopez. The decision of the CA’s committee on environment and natural resources was reached in an executive session held at the Senate. As a matter of course, the outcome will spark prolonged debates on the sanity of the decision.

    The mining stocks rose sharply after the outcome. In the meantime, it is just right to ask “who will mind the store now?”

    Robredo told the media that she is “ready to be buried in debt” to protect her position as the Vice President of the country. For someone who can afford to run for a national position and spent the most among the vice-presidential candidates with a whooping ₱418,664,130.60, one who can afford extended vacations with family in New York, Myanmar, and Singapore, one who is afflicted with the travel bug going to Portugal and South Africa recently, I refuse to shed a tear for the usual “tsinelas drama” that accompanies her every move.

    When offered an award by the UP, PDU30 was bashed as not deserving to receive it. When he declined, bashers proclaimed his action was an insult. Everytime his body language leans towards China, he is selling the country short. When he asks the military to maintain its presence on the disputed islands, he is placing the country in danger. When he gets invited by Trump and considers accepting, he is showing his true colors as Uncle Sam’s lackey. When he sets the invitation aside, it is a sign of arrogance and that he really worships China. When he figuratively says he can be as atrocious as the terrorists that he can eat their livers raw, he is labeled a cannibal. When he shows compassion for

    Kadamay, he is promoting anarchy. When he warns them not to be abusive of their rights, he is anti-poor. Definitely, being President is a thankless job.

    Some critics want President Digong to be more open-minded towards North Korea. Same critics dislike his closeness with China. My question is which is more dangerous? China, North Korea or the critics?

    Unperturbed, unfazed, downplayed, unsurprised, insignificant are the usual words proclaimed when confronted with negative remarks. I feel extremely amused and bored hearing these lines.

    Real numbers supported by public records as per PDEA, PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation:

    Out of9,432 homicide cases they have recorded from July 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, only 1,847, or 19.6percent, were drug operations-related.

    The number of those that have been confirmed as not related to the drug war was 1,894 while the remaining 5,691 homicide cases were still under investigation.

    If this is true, one will surely wonder where the 7,000 drug-related deaths came from. Please don’t “tie a yellow ribbon on an old oak tree” to figure that out.

    Self-rated hunger down to 11.9 percent in Q1 2017 – SWS poll. My barber says hunger for power is always on an upward trend among politicians. I told him that some are really blessed with insatiable appetites. After that, we both indulged in a feeding-our-face frenzy with steaming hot cup noodles to negotiate lunch time.

    Trump, Putin discuss Syria, North Korea, Middle East in a phone call. Nobody asked who’s wiretapping who. Obama and Hillary denied involvement in recording their conversation.

    Senator Leila de Lima asked the Senate if she can participate in the sessions of the Senate, at least during deliberations on some key issues.

    Madame Senator, we wish that you would devote your time defending yourself against the accusations that caused your detention. Your co-inmates are trying to do the same and were deprived of the privileges that you are now asking.

    Good news that gets buried systematically in the inside pages while politics and crime dominate the front pages:

    Service firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) sees PHL as among world’s top 20 economies by 2050.

    S&P raises PH growth forecast by 0.2 ppt to 6.6 percent.

    Philippine transactions under the generalized system of preference plus (GSP+) rose 71 percent in 2016, an official of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) said.

    Veteran actor and former matinee idol Romeo “Bobby” Vasquez dies at the age of 78.Among the most popular films of Bobby Vasquez: Miss Tilapia (1956); Lydia (1956); Sino Ang Maysala? (1957); Pretty Boy (1957); Bobby (1958); Ako Ang May sala! (1958); Mga Reyna Ng Vicks (1958); Pitong Pagsisisi (1959); Kahapon Lamang (1959); Isinakdal Ko Ang Aking Ama (1960); Amy, Susie & Tessie (1960); Habagat Sa Tag-araw (1961); Suicide Commandoes (1962); Limang Kidlat (1963); Daigdig Ng Matatapang (1964); Isinulat Sa Dugo (1965).

    Congratulations to the country’s new lawyers. Out of 6,344 examinees, 3,747 or 59.06 percent passed, which is the highest passing rate in 16 years. After reading your lawbooks, we wish that you strive to faithfully adhere to legal principles that you learned and interpret it in search for truth and justice. We need those kinds in these trying times.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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