• Will Napoles implicate Aquino?


    (By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis and Commentaries, October 16, 2013)
    You hit (the nail) on the head, as usual! During the Corona trial, the Senate summoned the chief justice of the Supreme Court, a co-equal branch, just like that. What’s the problem with summoning Ma’am Jenny??????
    Ciony Kournikova, giesweat214@yahoo.com

    Edited naman yan eh, di naman katawan yan ni PNoy, hehehe
    Shogun, tiktik@yahoo.com

    Very nice picture, he seems to be playing with shaft and ball bearings hidden from the pockets, :)
    Arturo Sarga, artsarga@yahoo.com

    If she treasures her life, she won’t.
    Samuel Santos, samdelosa_bc@yahoo.com

    Sir, you honestly think that S & P, Moody’s and Fitch were paid by the Philippine government in order to give the Philippines good investment rating? I cannot blame you for believing that everybody’s corrupt because you live in a country where corruption is a way of life. But, the companies you mentioned are established multi-billion dollar companies and the fee that the Phil govt. paid is for the job they did. Just to remind you, sir, a lot of work is done before they release the ratings. I have to admit though, that sometimes they do make mistakes. You also stated that Drilon and Aquino are corrupt. So, in your own world who is not corrupt? Arroyo and Napoles?

    I will agree with you more if you say that everybody in the Philippine government from the top down to the barangay level are CORRUPT. This is true with a lot of people in the media who are under the payroll of corrupt government officials.
    Edong, Edong_1090@yahoo.com


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    1. Bernard P. Tansiongco on

      Mr. Tiglao, the real issue is who receive kickbacks from the NGOs these politicians endorsed as beneficiaries of their PDAFs. I don’t believe PNoy belongs to this league.

      • REALLY! Mr .Tansiongco, or you just pretend you don`t see things. Some body must file plunder to PORK BARREL KING to complete the DAP. Mr. Syjuco has filed plunder case to his 2 sipsp Fat Drilon and Calbo Abad one is missing the guess who no other than the PORK BARREL KING – NOYNOY.