• Will Napoles implicate Aquino?


    (By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis and Commentaries, October 16, 2013)
    Thanks for your straight forward article. Its very educating… Before, I thought that those international rating companies rate a credit rating of a country base on their financial capabilities but now I understand that it also involve large amount of money. Is that mean they will not attend to any country without paying them??? If so then these rating companies can not give a credible rating.

    Pls continue to be straight forward and maybe eventually touch the conscience of those government officials to the highest level and change their ways of being dishonest and corrupt…
    Junx2151, jungago_23@yahoo.com

    Mr. Tiglao, the real issue is who receive kickbacks from the NGOs these politicians endorsed as beneficiaries of their PDAFs. I don’t believe PNoy belongs to this league.
    Bernard P. Tansiongco, bpt0803@yahoo.com

    While it is true that no photo of GMA with JLN can be found out there, her DA Assistant Secretary Catherine Mae “MAM MAYA” C. Santos is a central figure in JLN’s operations way back in GMA’s 9-year term and up to this day were “MAM MAYA” was the reason JLN got mad with her cousin Benhur Luy.

    MAYA SANTOS is a political officer of GMA way back when the latter was still senator in the early 90’s. She was appointed Assistant Secretary at the Department of Agriculture by GMA herself. Maya Santos headed the National Anti-Poverty Commission, an attached agency under the DA where she and her minions planned and executed their plans to plunder our nation’s coffers.
    Miguel Doromal, migs.doromal@yahoo.com


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    1. do not be fooled by their tactics to divert our attention to the real issue and concerns of the country…the government is doing its best to eradicate corruption and put those involved behind bars…

      to Junx2151, jungago_23@yahoo.com – ask for proof from mr tiglao about under the table arrangement with financial rating institutions if he has…i will be with you if he has presented any…

    2. Filipinos are tired of waiting when justice prevailed to those who are dishonest Government official and elected ones that can always get away with it. And again time and time again running, and still winning. When will the Filipino learn to chose, poor and not popular candidates but posses, public service and integrity. Awake nation victim of Pork Scam and. Deadly DAP.

    3. why nobody is filing charges of plunder to PORK BARREL KING yet, are they waiting for some thing big I think I guess so. Mr. Syjuco had file a plunder case against his 2 sip sip Drilon ad Abad one is missing the PORK BARREL KING to complete the (DAP)

    4. here is what I can say. Nobody is perfect. Of all the presidents so far, only Pnoy was able to improve the economy and transparency, His mistakes for the DAP should be given a second look and I say be forgiven for his mistakes, the rest of the politicians chaged though should all go to jail for long period of time.

    5. How about “Will Napoles implicate – Aquino or Arroyo? Bet you can’t even say both (of them). That would be hard for you. Right? Ok. I don’t mind saying Napoles will implicate Aquino. But let me ask, implicate Aquino in what?