• I will not be gagged – Senator de Lima


    DETAINED Senator Leila de Lima on Sunday criticized the move of government prosecutors to silence her by asking a Muntinlupa City Regional Trial Court to prohibit all parties from discussing her drug trafficking cases in public.

    In a hand written note sent to Senate reporters, De Lima said gagging her is a violation of her rights.

    “I refuse to be gagged. I shall continue to speak up on issues that matter,” the senator said in her note.

    The senator, who is detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) custodial center in Camp Crame for charges related to drug trafficking, has not stopped criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte whom she claimed to be behind the complaints filed against her.

    On Sunday, she again hit Duterte and his defenders for their lies specifically in denying that the killings of drug suspects are state-sponsored.

    “Stop insulting our intelligence. Stop fooling our people and the rest of the world,” De lima said.

    She expressed optimism that Duterte and those who blindly enforce his illegal orders to kill, fabricate evidence and concoct lies will be held accountable in due time.

    Salvador Panelo, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel accused De lima’s camp of taking advantage of the absence of a gag order to “besmirch the reputation” of the President.

    Panelo had said a gag order would prevent De Lima from “further destroying Duterte.”

    “Such reinforces my belief that the things being done to me, especially my detention, are primarily aimed at stifling my criticisms against this murderous and vindictive President,” De lima said.


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    1. Josefa Brombach on

      Listen to the language of your president Mr. “Duce”rte and listen to Mr. Dag Hammarskjöld

      “Abusing the word means to despise human beings”

      Full stop

    2. Wake up GMA its now your time to sue De Lima for violating your Human Right when she put you in prison for violating the TRO and other rights due to you.

    3. Bakit di gawin ng gobyerno na tanggalan si de lima ng cell phone at computer internet access tulad ng ginawa nya kay GMA noon para manahimik ang bansa. De Lima keep sending false news around the world. She must be countered.

    4. D5 has been very critical person of DU30 since she chaired the CHR decades past. Not all of us know that she has already established a good connection with the Drug Lords wayback then she’s protecting the people who are into the drug business specially drug lords. If she is really working for Human Rights she should focused both the welfare of the victims, drug dependent and drug pushers. But what we see now she’s only after the welfare of Drug Pushers and Drug Lords but for the drug victims they are not lifting their fingers even to assist them for rehab.

    5. Jose Samilin on

      We watch what will happen to Leila De Lima keeps abusing gag order and or her freedom. Freedom does not give him/her the right to say and do everything, because man’s purpose is not his own earthly satisfaction. Person’s blindness and injustice destroy the cultural conditions needed for freedom. Deviating from the moral law violates person’s own freedom and imprisons him/her within himself.

    6. Wala namang kriminal na umamin na kriminal siya. Dahil xxxxxx tao si de lima, ang gusto niya ituring pa siya na martyr. Hindi naman mangmang ang karamihan sa ating mga Filipino para paniwalaan siya. Isa lang ang kulay niya at ng mga LP senators. Hindi dilaw kundi itim, ang kulay ni …..

    7. The government (Sol-Gen) should file appropriate charges for defaming the President. Delima not only tarnishing the President but the whole country.

      Dapat BITAYIN na Ang HITAD na yan!

    8. Alibi or front lang ng Duterte administration yung Tokhang, pro ang talagang gumagalaw yung mga vigilante groups. Pabor ako dyan sa pagpatay sa mga drug lord at pushers, pro ang problema dto pag vigilante ang pumapatay, pwedeng gayahin ng ibang gang or groups na masama ang pakay.

    9. Marcia Ugnay on

      DeLima knows that in order to avoid being liquidated by her cohorts in the illegal drug business she needs to show that she is still an asset to them and not a liability now that she is in police custody. Once she keeps silent her narco partners will suspect that she has turned court witness against them and they will liquidate her quickly. This is why DeLima keeps making a lot of noise against Duterte.