• Will PNoy bribe Congress all over again?


    Against all odds, President B. S. Aquino 3rd wants to ram through the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, which seeks to create an Islamic political entity for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Some lawmakers, outraged by the Jan. 25, 21015 massacre of 44 Special Action Force police commandos by the MILF and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, have vowed to block the bill’s passage in its original form. But Aquino will not hear of any opposition. These are some of the things he has done:

    First, he called on some members of Cory Aquino’s 1986-87 constitutional commission, especially those related to big business, to endorse the constitutionality of the bill, which its authors prematurely want to call a law, despite its many unconstitutional features. And they were more than eager to do so. Their opinion had no binding value on anybody, but Malacañang seemed to believe that the bill’s opponents could be swayed by what the former constitutional commissioners had to say.

    Second, he created a so-called national peace council composed of a few individuals, with no discernible moral or political distance from Malacañang, to perform the same function as the former constitutional commissioners. They were supposed to convene a “summit” where the Bangsamoro bill would undergo an objective and impartial examination; but we never heard of any summit taking place before the “peace councilors” unveiled their report.

    The first statements coming from former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. and Cardinal Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila sounded like a blind man’s gushing description of the lusty colors of the sunken sun. Davide said the bill “complimented” the Constitution, while the good cardinal, in a statement read for him by the Jesuit president of Ateneo de Davao University Joel Tabora, said the bill was “overwhelmingly acceptable.”

    In a previous piece, I had wondered how the two gentlemen could have arrived at the same conclusion about a bill that seeks to create a purely Islamic territorial entity in a secular nation-state whose Constitution mandates the inviolable separation of Church and State. This is as much a moral as well as a constitutional issue, and in both instances the former Chief Justice and the good Cardinal, I thought, were in serious error. But a friend has since raised an additional question about the good Cardinal’s role. Why did a Jesuit academic from Mindanao have to speak for him, when he could easily have designated an equally capable priest from the Archdiocese of Manila (rather than a religious) to speak for him, if he needed a spokesman to help him discharge a “personal assignment” from the President? Did this have anything to do with the fact that many other Jesuits seem to be fully supportive of the Bangsamoro bill?

    This brings us to our third point. Whether or not Aquino has solicited it or is merely the lucky recipient thereof, the Bangsamoro bill seems to have received the support of Ateneo de Davao University through Fr. Tabora, Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro, which has conferred an honorary doctorate on government negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, and Georgetown University in New York, which has provided the venue for the so-called Hillary Rodham Clinton Award to Ferrer. Malacañang has exploited all this to show that there is some respectable academic opinion in support of the Bangsamoro bill.

    Fourth, amid all the doubts that have been expressed about the trustworthiness of the MILF, following the Mamasapano massacre, we are now being told that the MILF has done the government a signal service by terminating with extreme prejudice the terrorist Abdul Basit Usman, who had earlier escaped his captors during the Mamasapano massacre. No physical evidence has been presented on his alleged death. But Malacañang is determined to convince us he is dead, and that we owe the MILF for it. If this was true, then the MILF has just eliminated the fellow who could have proved or disproved that the rebel organization had been coddling terrorists.

    And we are supposed to be grateful for it?

    I have tried to show you what Aquino has done and is doing to make the passage of the Bangsamoro bill still possible, and acceptable to the public. But no one can guarantee it will work. Unless the bill is drastically cleaned up to conform to the Constitution, and allay all fears that it could become the entry point of the Islamic caliphate, I don’t believe the opposition to it on the ground will change. But since he will not accept defeat, we have to think of other means by which he would want to force its passage.

    At this writing, I am not prepared to listen to the stories coming out of Congress on what Malacañang will do to ensure the bill’s passage. But one story persists, and I wish I did not have to listen to it. It says Malacanang is prepared to do what it has done twice before, and that the operation has allegedly already started. Twice in the history of this country, Malacañang bribed the members of Congress to get what it wanted. First, it paid off the honorable members to pass a foreign-dictated Reproductive Health bill, and then it paid off the same honorable class to impeach and remove a sitting Chief Justice.

    I am assured by my sources that it is about to happen again, and that we won’t be able to do anything about it. I have the courage to believe that if it does happen again, we will move as one people to do something about it.



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      bbl will cause more problems to mindanao……. have the lawmen bothered to ask midanaoans why!!

    2. “Overwhelmingly acceptable” to whom or to whose pocket?!
      The Bribe king and the bribe takers are salivating for passage of the
      Unconstitutional BBL, it means Big
      Bucks as the elections nears, campaign money and bribe are
      essential in getting elected.

    3. One option we do is to pass a signature campaign against all Congressmen and Senators as traitors and violated our constitution. They can be impeach by committing treason. The BBL as explained in the Manila Times is like a trojan horse. We are for peace in Mindanao but not on the terms that Malaysia and MILF wants. They want to be recognized as Bangsa Moro not Filipino. So if BABALA is pass. It will give them bargaining power, recognition and to impose Shariah Law which runs counter to the christian values! May God open the eyes of our congressmen and Senators. God Bless the Philippines and protect our Sovereignty. Make our Nation strong to carry on the image of Righteousness and Justice!

    4. Alejo Rosete on

      Senator Tatad.
      I agree with Samuel Santos.
      Please give us the list of those Congressmen
      and Senators who are for or against the passage of
      BBL in its present form.

      I prefer ARMM but to be amended to reinforce it for the benefit of all Muslims and Non Muslims alike. I am a Christian (Catholic).

    5. Come on Sen. Tatad. He’s a liberal! Liberals think they are always right even if they are wrong; not to mention hypocrites.

    6. BUWANG na ang Pilipino leaders kung ipasa yang BBL na yan ng ganyang lang. Kaawaawa ang sambayanang Pilipino. Baka sila Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Claro M Recto at iba pa bumangon san sa hukay at konsensiyahin ang mga garapal nating leaders politico. Ano na lang mangyari PILIPINAS KONG MAHAL!

    7. sonny dela cruz on

      I happen to see RICHARD J. GORDON FOR PRESIDENT and BAYANI FERNANDO for VICE PRESIDENT team for 2016 Presidential election. I recommended to include 12 Senatorial candidates with MORAL CHARACTER and also to create a new Political Party to be name “REPUBLIKA NG BAYAN PARTY” (Republican Party in the USA), sounds good to me to bring back the lost glory of the Philippines and to uplift the life of many of our poor Filipinos. They don’t need to be a domestic helper abroad. Lets help them, they maybe the answer to the kind of government everyone is looking for.

    8. Samuel Santos on

      Sir Kit, would it be possible for you to do a “head count” of legislators who are (more or less) for or against the passage of the BBL? Would this be requesting too much?

    9. O, mga kababayan at katoto na mga Filipinos, magsipag bayad na kayo nang inyong mga hard earned taxes money sa Govierno ninyo para may maipambayad naman ito sa mga Bayaran’g Kongresman at Senadores na sadya at talaga naman mga hari ng batas kung umasta at animo mga boss ng kani kanilang mga contitiuents na INUUTO AT INU UNGGOY na para’ng mga Mangmang ng mga subjects.

      After all, kayo naman ang nagpa loko at nagpa UTO ng bigtime sa mga Ungas na iyan at nagluklok sa kanilang mga political posts para kayo pagnakawan ng harap harapan, HINDI BA??? LOKOHAN LANG DITO SA BANSA NA ITO, ito’ng bansa na Pilipinas na ito na very proud natin ipinangangalandakan sa buong MUNDO na bastion of Chiristianity kunoh at Catholiscim sa panig ng lupalop ng ASia. Oh di ba? Supalpal tayo sa ating sariling ka hipokritohan at pang mamangmang, PERIOD.

    10. chthonic monster on

      how else would he be able to convince the congress, a lot of them may be corrupt but then a lot of them are also intellectually superior than Pnoy. but then whenever money talks most of them have the same face, “mukhang pera”! to be truthful if Pnoy does not have the power of billions of PhP in his pork barrel he would be just a joke and nobody will ever listen to him at all!

    11. I am afraid that Pnoy is trying to vanish one of the 3 stars in our Philippine flag. For if BBL is approved it will not take long for Mindanao to become a separate country and what will be left of the Philippines will only be Luzvi instead of Luzviminda. Pnoy will be assisted by the shameless members of Congress who will sell their principles for a few pieces of pork barrel.

    12. Helen Ramos on

      For once, make us happy. Go ahead and make your move. Don’t just say it. Please just do it. Enough is enough with this congress and this pretender to the presidency.

      • sonny dela cruz on

        That is why don’t vote for showbiz people, voters must learn that a president too must be matured , a statesman and will do everything to move the country forward and the betterment of the Filipino people. Look, you had RICHARD J. GORDON before but you didn’t pay any attention to him, you voted for a person like B.S. Aquino. After six years, the country is still behind his neighbors and now SWS said more than 50% of Filipinos are poor when the GPA of more than 6% for so many years now. Please don’t look on personality, its not going to give you the government you want. DON’T BE SORRY LATER AGAIN.

      • Helen Ramos on

        This is for you Sonny de la Cruz. You have replied to my comment, hopefully you were not singling me out. You responded to my comment, telling me I had ignored Richard Gordon and that I voted for Benigno. And that I should stop voting for movie personalities. Go to a Disqus site, and look for my comments, on MST. Learn about me and how far from reality and truth your words are regarding me. I hope after you do, that you will understand why I am fuming with your reply to my comment. It applies to the yellow horde and I am not one of them. Neither am I a supporter of any movie personality that runs for office. I specially am very passionate about impeaching Benigno, and scrapping Congress. At 65, I know about all the failures of governments past and present and damning mistakes by those who elected them.

    13. Naturally, PNoy is always using the carrot and stick among his associates. ONly Wendel Bello was able to escape his power on convincing. Windel saw the ugly technic use by PNoy, and he successfully bolted free. He then called PNoy Administration like a FRATERNITY. He has turned the supposedly Independent Legislative Branch of the government, a suppose co-equal, he turned it into his lap dog. Up to the present, PNoy is silent on the $750 million Malaysian government has given to him. No one else knows what he did of it. This PResident is very secretive on his under the table dealings. One of the biggest blunder he did was the back door diplomacy with China during the height of standoff with Chinese Navy in Scarborough Shoal. We lost because of his cowardly trait of always surrendering.

    14. Amnata Pundit on

      You forgot to mention that the BS is doing all of these with the support even encouragement of that superpower. Another way aside from the bribes is to threaten all those legislators with criminal charges for their pork barrel misuse which is non-bailable. I suspect the reason de Lima is no longer pursuing the case against the third batch of legislators – which includes Gringo by the way – has something to do with this.

    15. Ruben V. Calip on

      I wish a case against PNoy for these instances of bribery is filed against him and the bribed lawmakers.

    16. Do please. I-Facebook si Cardinal Tagle. I believe I lost my respect for him I don’t anymore listen to his Sunday scriptural sermon.

    17. If Congress is bribed already, then our only hope is our few good senators Allan Peter Cayetano, Bongbong Marcos, Chiz Escudero, Mirriam Santiago and JV Ejercito to block the passage of this evil law BBL. It was alleged that Malaysia hired top notch lawyers to craft this BBL with ready acceptance from our non-lawyer peace panel. It is not only Aquino who is interested in this peace pact but more interested is the peace broker Malaysia because of their hold on Sabah and the promise of abundant oil and other minerals in the Liguasan Marshes in central Mindanao. US is also interested because it can negotiate easily with the MILF to put up a military base in Mindanao. We Filipinos must fight to end this evil design of Aquino and his friend Najib of Malaysia. Aquino is practically selling central Mindanao to his Malaysian friend Najib by using Rufus Rodriguez, the Peace Council and the bribed Congress. We hope the next President should consider reviving the ARMM with more funds, honest ARMM leaders, bring investors and wipe-out those terrorist rebels to end the kidnappings, bombings and other evil activities, hoping this could be the best solution to a better and peaceful Mindanao. No to our traitor President Abnoy and his BBL!

      • i agree with you but i take reservation on some of the personalities that you hope will continue to block the BaBaLa in the senate – escudero, cayetano??? doubtful in my opinion

      • Tama ka diyan Ren [FUENTES] pero at least these two senators had shown some semblance of opposition to the credibility of MILF and our peace panel being avid fan of Iqbal.

    18. leo_mar111 on

      Mr. Tatad, when we know it that the dirty hands of the animal in malacanang is releasing billions of taxpayers money again for the vultures in congress and senate then, that would already be too late. By then the BBL is already passed in congress with a majority of YES votes. What could be still another option for the people to stop this BBL?In the Senate drilon and all the allies are waiting for their share of the money too, SC? what if this last bastion of our hope are also bribed by malacanang? Oh, my beloved Philippines will be torn into pieces. what a sad end for my land of birth. Im convinced that aKKKino can still do more harm to the country within a year. I wish i could drag him out of malacanang and hang him in Mendiola and burn him alive.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        I still believe that of the so many you mentioned could be bribed, there should be one or two still with consciences to worry about. God bless the Philippines.

    19. Alejo Rosete on

      Kung laban de laban
      Kung war so be it – let us go to war to stop a repeat of
      RH law and Impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

      See what will happen to these Senators and Congressmen – accepting bribes!

    20. P.Akialamiro on

      Unless, the members of the national peace council can rebut or explain their conclusion on the BBL, as stated in this column , I can only assume that they are doing a great disservice to the Filipino people and to the country. Shame on them!

    21. It is grim to figure out the destruction that the mental case fake president in Malacanang can still do to the country. Indeed the forces of evil are at work. Isn’t it time to go to the streets to save the country?