Will Robin Padilla do a Parojinog movie sequel?



In mid-2000, Robin Padilla went location-hunting in the environs of Ozamiz City for a pre-prod of a movie he would headline.

Serendipitously, he found something which changed his mind to do a different project intriguing biography of the deceased Victor “Ongkoy” Parojinog, Sr., the patriarch of the well-known Parojinog family, figured this week in a fatal drug raid in that city.

Upon Padilla’s return to the metro back then, Caveat was one of the few to whom he disclosed how he was swept away by Ongkoy’s life story—a living urban folktale where the latter was regarded in awe as a godfather of sorts among the poor in Northern Mindanao.

Robin could barely wait to transform his discovery into film and portray Ongkoy, whose corpse allegedly did not decompose 20 years after his death.

Like most yarn of this sort, it thus came to pass the dead body of said patriarch became a miraculous source of healing for the sick and hope for the destitute in that city.

This became the curious tapestry against which Robin built his action caper given the fact that the late Ongkoy was credited for having founded the first Kuratong Baleleng group, reportedly sanctioned by the military during the Martial Law to guard against the spread of communism.

The group morphed as defender of the poor until it had established altogether as extortion and robbery group then found to exist in other parts of the country including Manila.

Padilla’s brainchild became the highly fabled action film “Sa Ngalan Ng Ama At Mga Anak” directed by John Villarin.

The cast included almost the whole Padilla clan—Rommel, Daniel with his two stepbrothers, Royette, and the ladies Mariel, Kylie, Bela, Karla with stellar supporting cast like Anne Curtis, Dina Bonnevie, Sylvia Sanchez, Pen Medina and Christopher de Leon.

Understandably co-produced by the Parojinog clan, the film was shortlisted at the 2013 MMFF and consequently distri­buted by Star Cinema.

Padilla as Ongkoy has three prominent sons, one of whom is Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr. played by Rommel Padilla who also acted as the film’s executive producer.

The mayor Reynaldo as reported perished among more than 10 others in the recent shootout with the authorities. He has been mentioned in President Digong Duterte’s master list of 160 narcopoliticians operating in the country.

Just like in the past film, the saga of the next generation of the Parojinog family and their scions continue perhaps for another interesting and insightful film project on the larger-than-lives of narcopoliticians whose offenses have been sampled and exposed in an unprecedented and highly creditable way by the Duterte administration.

Wondering if Robin will do the sequel or if there are any takers at all.


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