Will Senate probe Lascañas? Senators to decide Wednesday


SENATORS are expected to decide on Wednesday whether the Senate will conduct an investigation into the claim of retired police officer Arturo Lascañas that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the killing of criminals in Davao City when he was the mayor there.

Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th on Monday asked that the case be referred to the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs chaired by Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

There was no objection to the proposal but Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto 3rd said that Sen. Richard Gordon should first be informed his committee on justice and human rights already made a report on its investigation on the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

Gordon was supposed to deliver a privilege speech on Tuesday but asked that the session be suspended for them to hold a caucus.

Some senators declined to divulge what happened during the caucus but there were reports that the referral of the Lascana case was the main subject.

Senator Manny Pacquiao, in a chance interview after the session, also refused to give details but said that the senators wanted to “cool their heads first.”

“Before we make any decision, we should first relax,” he added. Jefferson Antiporda


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  1. Placing the Lascana witness under Senate investigation is a waste of time. Another political gimmick to dislodge our DU30. If we recollect events when DU30 was campaigning for the highest post of the land, his signature campaign was the guts to kill and he was hailed by a tremendous vote.When asked whether a rumored 700 deaths were done by him as mayor he corrected it to 1000. Why make a big issue about these killings? The people were informed before he was given an overwhelming vote.