What will it take to stop this mad drive for rotten elections?


This is now the central question.  We are all committed to a functioning constitutional democratic order. Which means, among other things, regular and genuinely free elections.  But the 2010 and 2013 national elections, which produced the criminal syndicate now running the Aquino government, made a complete farce of our electoral process, and an absolute fool of every Filipino voter.

In both instances, the Venezuelan private company Smartmatic, which had no mandate to conduct elections,  conducted the elections on behalf of the Commission on Elections, which alone has the constitutional mandate to conduct elections.  It used the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine, after the Comelec had llegally divested it of all its safety features and accuracy mechanisms. It was a grand electoral swindle. And it was there for all to see and suffer.

But for all sorts of no good reasons, the less than-computer-literate public accepted it as a “real boon” from the PCOS machines.  They were ecstatic that they could have the election results in just a few days, whereas it used to take them months before the shift to automated voting.  The “quick results” barred people from asking whether or not they were, in fact, real.   And they saw nothing  wrong when US Ambassador Harry Thomas and a few other Western ambassadors formally “recognized” B. S. Aquino 3rd  as “president-elect” even before the Congress could complete the official tabulation.

In 2010, some unsung patriots tried to question the conduct and results of the  elections.  A couple of them went through the motions of filing a petition before the Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the entire flawed process.  This was long before the coalition of university-based computer programmers, technicians and scientists took  the 2010 and 2013 elections apart and showed that  no real elections had taken place on either occasion.
But the petition failed to gain the attention it deserved,  even from the social media or any of the small  independent newspapers.

This was more than deeply disturbing.  But I could understand why it failed to gain traction anywhere.  My long education in ethics has taught me that one should be prepared to tolerate evil if  and when the alternative to it could cause a far greater evil.

The Justices were apparently guided by the same principle. One could not imagine what monumental crisis would have ensued had the Court invalidated the entire election, and  B. S.  3rd simply defied the decision.

Yet the regime’s inability to undo the evil it has inflicted upon the nation does not require it to perpetuate the same.  Although our beloved PNoy has until now gotten away with murder, he is not obliged to add to his crime at all.  His duty is to end the evil while he still can, before it completely overwhelms the nation.

Regrettably, he seems determined to rush headlong in the opposite direction.  Instead of excluding Smartmatic from any future election, the Comelec (as implementor of the presidential will) has decided to make its unwanted and venal presence permanent.  It has decided to award a new P1.2 billion-contract to the Venezuelan company to provide the rigged and totally discredited PCOS machines all over again for use in the projected 2016 presidential elections.

This is contemptuous beyond measure.  It shows that what deeply ails the nation does not at all concern our beloved PNoy.   As a people, we are deeply concerned  about our survival as a constitutional democracy and as a God-fearing, spiritually and morally endowed nation. Our beloved PNoy on the other hand seems solely motivated by his staying as the occupying neo-colonial power.  There is no common ground between the one and the other. There is no room for a compromise here. Something has got to give.

The first reaction to the Smartmatic award, similar to the reaction to the insane 50-percent Metro Rail Transit 3 fare increase, has been for some people to go to the Supreme Court in the hope of stopping the evil transaction.  Indeed, this is a distinct possibility, not to say probability, given the courage the High Court recently showed in striking down the pork barrel system, otherwise known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program, as unconstitutional, and in directing the prosecution of all those involved in the grave abuse and manipulation of the same.

But it is no less a distinct possibility that our beloved PNoy will find ways and means of circumventing any adverse Supreme Court ruling.  He holds a Guinness world record in the dark art of circumvention.  On the PDAF and DAP alone, he has circumvented the court ruling  by committing to replace the (supposedly abolished) P70 million of PDAF per congressman per annum with P108 million per congressman for this year; by resurrecting in his P2.6 trillion 2015 budget all the discretionary lump sums (read “presidential pork”), which the court had outlawed in the 2013 budget; by redefining “savings” to allow him to reclassify  any appropriation at any time he pleases; and by simply ignoring the court directive to prosecute all those involved in the grave abuse and manipulation of the pork barrel system.

For this reason, many feel that a mere appeal to the court no longer suffices; that people must now take to the streets and “occupy” certain specific targets like the Comelec,  MRT 3, the Office of the Ombudsman or the Department of Budget and Management, and perhaps eventually Malacañang. For the first time since our beloved PNoy came into office, there is a real possibility of massive public protests spontaneously breaking out against the government.  This turn of events is long overdue, but the protests may have to be reined in temporarily for now, so as  not to disrupt  the apostolic visit of Pope Francis on Jan. 16-19.

This is precisely what the National Transformation Council, particularly the Catholic bishops, Protestant bishops and Muslim ulama, who constitute its moral and spiritual leadership, would like to avoid.  In various assemblies held in Lipa City, Cebu, Butuan, Angeles, Davao, and General Santos since August of last year, the Council has called on our beloved PNoy to step down because of his unpunished constitutional crimes, and his questionable machine-election through the “hocus PCOS.” They are demanding regime and systems change. But their absolute minimum demand is the complete overhaul of the Comelec and the automated voting system as a conditio sine qua non for the holding (if ever) of presidential elections in 2016.

These assemblies have asked the Council to speed up its efforts to compel our beloved PNoy to step down, and to organize an “alternative government.” Despite the increased pressure, the Council has been rather temperate and measured in its response. Now, in deference to the papal visit, which is eagerly awaited by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, it has called on its political clusters to hold off any action until the Pope leaves.  We cannot predict exactly what to expect, but they are serious about their business, and it would be terribly unwise for our beloved PNoy to entertain any illusions about it.

this mad drive for rotten elections?


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  1. PITY the “ignorant” or “unsuspecting” Filipino voters. We were fooled last 2010 & 2013, and now the stage is being set again for 2016, by the same gang — COMELEC+LIBERAL PARTY+PNOY. Time to wake up… and. for more… forceful action. The trouble with us Filipinos… is.. we’re very passive… or have that “don’t care attitude”, as long as we can go on with our present daily lives. We can’t see that the future is being stolen.. by these thieves in COMELEC&GOVT…

  2. Blame all of these to Manong Ernie for keeping his silence about the psychiatric problems of the kumpadre’s son. If only he told the nation of the schizophrenia and the neurosis of the boy scout before the 2010 election, he could have saved the nation from the ignominy of an Aquino Tyrannical Rule. Then, the legal plunder of PP160 Billion could not have happened and no massacre in Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita could have occurred. For just being silent, Manong Ernie is an accessory to all the wholesale crimes that the asshole masquerading as president has inflicted on the nation.

  3. Vicente Penetrante on

    First of all, we must break the ‘sweetheart deal’ between the Comelec and Smartmatic. That is hard to do because they must have pledged ‘undying love’ for each other. And the news is that Malacanang knows and has given ‘blessings’ to the couple.

  4. “What will it take to stop this mad drive for rotten elections?”, only an uprising of the people who are tired and sick of the reigns of the oligarchs.

  5. Leodegardo Pruna on

    A constitutional provision on the qualification required of a presidential candidate has been totally ignored during the 2010 election. This was completed because at that time the nation was emotionally depressed because of the recent passing away of P-Noy’s mother. This was further punctuated with the use of the “hocus-PCOS” machine which in spite of the removed security features was made to count the votes as fast as it could. Now the Filipinos are reaping what they sowed. At the very least, the Filipinos should be aware of the truth behind the “hocus-PCOS” because the future generation would definitely suffer the consequences of the wrongs done in the present. Let us join in prayer that God would bless our country our beloved PHILIPPINES.

  6. the curve ball has been released by the Aquino administration. One is the fare rate increase. Second is the water consumption rate increase but the ultimate home run
    is the ultimate move of the Comelec to tamper with the 2016 elections by awarding
    Smartmatic, to refurbish/repair/buy and use if not all or majority PCOS machines .
    Certainly PNOY does not want to go to jail when he steps down so he will continue
    to throw all diversions to keep different oversiight group busy with different problem.
    “Evil Geniuos” as former Senator Joker Arroyo would say….

  7. “My long education in ethics has taught me that one should be prepared to tolerate evil if and when the alternative to it could cause a far greater evil.

    The Justices were apparently guided by the same principle. One could not imagine what monumental crisis would have ensued had the Court invalidated the entire election, and B. S. 3rd simply defied the decision.”

    Mr. Tatad, I can never agree with your above statements. This is the position of moral cowards and unprincipled weaklings. An ethical position like what you maintained and what guided the Justices you said, will yield exactly what we got. An illegitimate president like the Abnoy in .Malacanang . One should never recoil from the exercise of justice to defeat evil. Evil must always be confronted.

    Look at us now and look at where we are. We would never have the problem we are having now to remove the Abnoy from Malacanang if we simply did not allow him to be proclaimed in the first place after the election cheating by the Hocus PCOS was discovered. Let the Abnoy contest the decision. We would have fought him even then.
    Right now, the criminal syndicate in his administration is having a hey-day. While the poor are getting poorer and hungrier. So much for your moral cowardice and compromises.

  8. sonny dela cruz on

    PNoy will never heed, will never listen to the demand of the NTC. He controls every institution of the government. He can do whatever he wants, to destroy the country, let the filipino die with hunger and no one can stop him. The filipino people does not care, just waiting for their doom. The only way the NTC to succeed is to call the Filipino people to go out of their caves and do what Cardinal sin did, then PNoy will step down and look for a place for asylum. Then establish a junta government, no congress, just head of state and the supreme court to interpret the validity of the junta orders. That’s my take.

  9. Ayokong maging unfair kahit kanino!maging sa taong ang iniisip ko ay nakagawa ng mali!
    Lahat ng bintang natin ay halos closer sa katotohanan,pero..,pero…hindi 100% tama at totoo-.at walang sino man na 100% tama ang hinala nila!emosyonal disturb lang tayo at nag-o over react lang ang damdamin dahil sa sobrang kaiisip ng ginagawa hindi maganda ng gobyerno!
    Nasabi na natin ang lahat ng himotuk sa gobyerno hayaan muna natin mangyari kung totoong masama nga ang gagawin nila,bago umaksyon!
    Kung baga sa tao suspect pala o hindi pa ginagawa, hindi natin pueding hulihin agad at ikulong ngayon di pa nangyayari!-
    Sabi nga mag-ipon ng maraming ibidinsya baka magdemanda!
    Dahil baka tayo ang malagay sa hindi maganda!
    Tamang hinala pala tayo!!