Wines of the world


Wine20131030Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM) and Ralph’s Wines and Spirits launched the “13th Grand Wine Experience Masterclass” at Marriott Hotel Manila, heralding the food-pairing event on November 15. The event will feature over 500 of the world’s most celebrated wines and spirits, and an international buffet assiduously crafted by the gifted chefs of the hotel. Shown in photo are Marriott Manila General Manager Bruce Winton (right) with PWM executives and organizers, and Joseph brothers Ronnie, Raymond and Ralph.


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  1. Wines and Spirits produced in The PHILIPPINES is also highlighted in this event annually. This year, check out the St. Ambrose Organic Bignay Wine. Made from local berries.

  2. Take note that are there millions of dollars that goes out from our country because we import a lot of these wines and spirits. It is about time to support manufacturing of wine and spirits in our country. We grew grapes in our country and with a bit of technology and leadership we should be able to make it happened!! I hope the guys in the photo take note of these. Continuing the importation of these wines and spirits will not help the economy of our country. Look at China they are now producing their own wimes and spirits. Please think!!