• ‘Winged’ choir releases Christmas debut album

    All-male choir, Aleron had a winning year in Europe via concerts and competitions

    All-male choir, Aleron had a winning year in Europe via concerts and competitions

    Featured carols chosen from Aleron’s winning European competitions

    One of the country’s top all-male choirs, Aleron, launched their debut Christmas album Dakilang Hiwaga in time for the holidays, featuring songs from their European concert and competition tour repertoire.

    The group aims to further cement the Filipino’s reputation of having some of the world’s most formidable musicians through this trip, as they are set to compete in the most prestigious choral singing festivals and competitions from May to July of 2017.

    The most important leg of their tour will be at the 11th World Symposium for Choral Music to be held in Barcelona, Spain hosted by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM). Aleron is one of IFCM’s ambassadors for 2017, and the only Filipino group invited to the event featuring the world’s finest choirs and choral leaders.

    Translated from Latin as “the winged one,” Aleron is geared towards exploring the male choral soundscape. The group started in 2006 as the alumni ensemble of the Ateneo De Manila High School Glee Club under the musical direction of Christopher Ong Arceo. Today, Aleron is comprised of male choristers from different backgrounds – mostly from the Ateneo De Manila University and University of the Philippines musical networks.

    The group has performed original works by several established and up-and-coming Filipino composers such as Josefino Chino Toledo, Robin Estrada and Mary Katherine Trangco.


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