• Winwyn Marquez extends stay in Bolivia


    Mark Herras reacts to girlfriend’s win, agrees to postpone marriage
    Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez’s boyfriend Mark Herras celebrated the victory of the beauty queen-actress who was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 on Saturday in Sta Cruz, Bolivia (Sunday morning in Manila).

    Marquez was the first Filipina and Asian delegate to compete and win the Reina Hispanoamericana competition, which was intended for Spanish-speaking countries.

    Herras shared his ecstatic reaction through his Instagram account @angelosantosherras saying, “OMG!!! Salamat lord!!! Ga!! Wala ako masabi! Congrats pangggaa!!! Ikaw na talaga :) I love you!! Wow ga wow!! We are so proud of you!!!”

    Marquez with boyfriend Mark Herras

    The Kapuso actor has been very supportive of Marquez all through her journey—from the early stages of Miss World Philippines, to pre-pageant activities, until the coronation night where she was named Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas. However, Herras did not join Marquez in Bolivia upon the request of the latter.

    “I didn’t want him to fly with me not only because of the fare price but also because I don’t want to get distracted once I get to the competition. Of course, if he is in Bolivia, I won’t be able to refrain myself from checking on him from time to time, like if he already ate or if he’s OK,” Marquez told local media during her sendoff party in Manila.

    Meanwhile, in an interview with entertainment site pep.ph, Herras shared that he was able to talk to her girlfriend before the grand coronation despite the 12-hour time difference.

    Speaking in Filipino, Herras said, “She always tell me that, ‘I hope I win. I hope the Lord whisper to the judges. I hope Mama Mary hold my hand later.’”

    “I responded to her like, ‘Ga, just pray and be positive. The audience and the judges need to see the aura that you showed in the pageant you’ve been in before. Because if you’re stressed and you’re nervous, it will affect you badly.

    Winwyn Marquez is MIss Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 FACEBOOK PHOTO

    “I also said that whatever happens, she’s already a winner. And if God bless her with a win in Bolivia, of course it will be super okay. She’s always nervous,” Herras added.

    The actor also noted that Marquez knew about the comments of some netizens that the language barrier could hinder her from winning the title.

    “She told me that she hoped people would stop commenting that she cannot speak in Spanish that’s why she will not win. I asked her not to mind those people because it’s only time consuming,” he pointed out.

    Indeed, the language barrier did not affect her. In fact, she was asked about the said topic during the Q&A portion of the pageant, which she answered perfectly and led her to the win.

    Extended vacation
    Herras has also shared that they have discussed Marquez’ intent to stay longer in Bolivia.

    “I ask her why would they extend? She said there will be a few days for the celebration and that she might tour around Bolivia. Then she still have to spend five more days in New York that’s why she needed to extend.”

    On the other hand, Herras, in an earlier report by GMA News, said that they are postponing their plans of marriage as this has been Marquez’ childhood dream and he is there to support her all throughout.

    The 30-year-old also said he understands the demand that comes with the crown and that there will be no problems when it comes to sacrificing some of their quality time together.

    Emotional mom
    Just like Marquez, politician-actress Alma Moreno was also in tears when she talked to her daughter shortly after winning Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

    “Winwyn called me, I think two hours [after the coronation]. She was crying, so I cried too because of so much happiness, it was really hard to explain with all of the emotion with us,” Moreno shared on GMA’s “Unang Balita” on Monday.

    She also recalled being nervous when Marquez was included in the top 10 of the competition, nearly crying after her daughter made it to the top five, and screaming when Marquez was chosen as one of the final two.

    Moreno was supposed to be with Marquez in Bolivia but did not push through due to her health. Marquez’s brother and aunt eventually accompanied her.

    “I was supposed to be with her but the doctor did not allow me because the altitude there is high, it will be hard for me to travel for two days,” Moreno explained.

    Nevertheless, her daughter did not miss any chance to update her all the time. Marquez has been calling her mom, who have supported her beauty queen dreams from the very beginning.

    “That’s why I enrolled her in ballet and gymnast classes, all of that I gave her. It’s really her passion ever since she was a kid. That’s all she ever wanted,” recalled Moreno adding it was also her aunt Melanie Marquez—Miss International 1979—who inspired her.

    Meanwhile, when her daughter failed to make it in Binibining Pilipinas 2015, Moreno advised her daughter that there might be bigger contests for her to win in the future.

    “I told her it wasn’t meant for her to win. Maybe God has better plans for her.”

    Moreno then thanked her daughter’s supporters and those people who kept on voting for her through social media.

    Hesitant father
    In a separate report, actor-comedian Joey Marquez admitted that he did not want his daughter Winwyn to become a beauty queen. However, since it was really her dream on joining pageants, he eventually agreed but gave a condition—that she pursues a doctorate degree once she has achieved that goal.

    According to the father, he has always advised all his children to prioritize their education because it is something that they can keep forever. He also admitted that they were hesitant about her joining Reina Hispanoamericana since she is not fluent in Spanish.

    “Yan ang kapalit ng ginagawa mo,” Joey told a radio show in DZMM.

    “Actually we were nervous at first because among all the candidates, she is the only one who is not fluent in speaking in Spanish,” he added.

    But still, Joey is delighted with Winwyn’s success and praised her for all the sacrifices she had to go through.

    “The discipline of Winwyn is very admirable. Actually, sometimes I pity her because she’s always on a diet, she always exercising and praticing. Sometimes I ask her, ‘Is it worth it because you might get sick with what you’re doing,” the veteran actor noted.

    “But she told me that she doesn’t want to be embarrassed and that people might say that they were wrong in choosing her to be the representative in those huge contests,” Joey added.

    Finally, Marquez also said he will make sure that Winwyn keeps her promise to study now that she has won the crown.


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