• Wise and necessary appointment


    (Editorial, December 6, 2013)

    Lacson best choice as rehabilitation czar
    Tingcanga, tingcanga@yahoo.com

    Ping Lacson promises not to waste relief funds.. Thank goodness he’s the rehab czar not Mar Roxas.
    Primestar, primestar57@yahoo.com

    Buti na lang si Lacson napili na rehab czar.. Ibubulsa lang ni Mar Roxas ang pera kapag siya napili.
    Ricalyn Roldan, ricalyn.roldan@yahoo.com

    Senator Lacson is one of only a handful of men left in the political spectrum that will definitely pursue this task with fervor and get the job done. No ifs nor buts. He is a good leader, he is a feared leader and I think that is what will make him successful aside from his no-nonsense manner of managing people. He is only one of two senators who never obtained so-called PDAF why entrust a gargantuan task to any other person. Mayor Duterte could also fill in the same shoes. What we need now is a disciplinarian, one who will not be afraid to step on the feet of the big corrupt contractors or middlemen. He of all people know who these are, wouldn’t he? There are a lot of well intentioned young up and coming Filipinos who want our gov’t to come clean. But without muscle and know-how how do you think these well-intentioned kababayans will fare against the well moneyed, well armed politicos, businessmen and contractors. Give Sen. Lacson a chance. He is just as patriotic if not more of a patriot than most of the senators and congressmen.
    Greg, mondigrrr@hotmail.com

    Please allow me to comment on your editorial today “Wise and necessary.”

    Indeed some who have proved to be decisive and focused on their goals are suspect as to their integrity when it comes to money matters. Conversely many who are seen to be incorruptible are indecisive and even lazy. Panfilo Lacson is a good choice for Rehabilitation Czar. But Etta Rosales and her team at the Human Rights Commission must watch Lacson’s every move. So must the private sector HR watchdogs.
    Juliet A. H. S. Arciwal, juliet.arciwal@hotmail.com


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