Wise move to invite UN probe


It is good and it is right that the Philippine government, through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, has formally asked the United Nations to probe the alleged extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the country, as well as the deaths of policemen in the country’s war on drugs.

By making the request and by agreeing to conduct an inquiry, the Philippines and the UN can end the acrimony that has characterized this vital relationship ever since the international community took notice of the Philippine drug war.

Both sides need a respite from the harsh words that have been said, and would continue to be said, unless a truce is called.

A fact-finding inquiry is vital, not to determine who is wrong and who is right in this controversy, but to establish facts about the drug war, and thence to decide how the country and the UN can best work together in addressing the drug menace in the country.

With the UN conducting the inquiry, it will have the authority and influence of the international community behind the probe. The world will better know and understand what is really happening here in our country.

With the Philippine authorities fully cooperating with the inquiry, the country will have the opportunity to show the world that it has nothing to hide in the drug war, and that it will fully honor its commitments to the family of nations.

The international probe will also provide us a chance to make the case not only for the drug war, but for the many reforms we are now witnessing under the administration of President Duterte.

Secretary Medialdea sent the formal invitation to UN special rapporteur on summary executions, Agnes Callamard, who earlier condemned this Administration’s war on drugs.

It is right that in its invitation, the Philippine government also urged the UN rapporteur to include in her investigation the killings of law enforcers by drug suspects so that she can obtain an accurate perspective of the drug problem in the country.

What has poisoned the conversation on both ends has been the tendency of many to make blanket statements of the situation, either in criticism of what was happening in the country or in defense of our nation‘s sovereignty.

Lecturing our government on what is the right thing to do is offensive, because the Philippines has fully earned a position of respect and honor in the international community. We will not sit for a lecture on rights from anyone.

On the part of the Philippine government leader, responding to criticism with expletives and insults is counter-productive and self-defeating.

Speaking in defense of the work of the United Nations, Eleanor Roosevelt memorably declared: “Talk can have great value; you have to think of it as a bridge. You have to think of the UN as a place where bridges are built between peoples.”

In the same spirit, the UN inquiry should serve as a bridge – not as a tool for human-rights dogmatism, but as a means for international understanding.


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  1. Stupid Duterte on

    What else is new about things made in China. Anything made in China is of the lowest quality. Pet foods made in China are no longer in demand for it showed that these foods produced by China has poisons. Duterte wants to buy arms from China and will distance the Philippines from the West because it was China and the NPAs that financed Duterte’s presidential candidacy.
    When Duterte will be tried in an international court, his children will suffer the most for the court will take all the wealth that the Dutertes corruptly obtained through drugs and smuggling. The Duterte children will soon be like the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy. Let us all pray for this.

  2. OH NO! Here comes trouble that could have been avoided!

    For sure EJK may be explained as defensive return fire by arresting police. But alas, when the UN tour our prison facilities, they will be shocked by the death camps atmosphere. The overcrowding, the disease, terrible sanitation, corruption in daily food rations that are inedible, causing malnutrition and near starvation.

    If a survey is taken, a large segment of the prison population who have already served their minimum sentence and qualify as reformed with no record of recidivism during their imprisonment are still languishing behind bars. These overstaying inmates deserve parole or commutation of sentence to relieve the overcrowding of the prison population. If a criminal has paid his debt to society, to keep him longer than justified is illegal detention. There are lots of cases like that because of bureaucratic red tape. Du30 must order the BUCOR, BPP and DOJ to do their jobs to expedite the release of deserving prisoners so they can return to their families and be reintegrated into society.

    The UN will see the dire conditions of RP prisons and a inhuman penal system comparable to Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” or Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago.”

  3. After the UN are done conducting their PROBE against the so called “extra-judicial killings”, they would also take note (seriously) about the daily deaths of so many PNP & MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY who died in the hands of the DRUG PUSHERS/DRUG USERS while performing their duties in their fight against the PROLIFERATION OF DRUGS in the COUNTRY .

    The UN should also TAKE NOTE that UNLESS A USER IS MONEYED , he/she WOULD EVENTUALLY BECOME A PUSHER , PROSTITUTE and/or KIDNAPPER to FINANCE his/her ADDICTION … the main reason why A LOT of POOR DRUG USERS who BECOME DRUG PUSHERS die when they fight it out with the arresting Officers .

    As far as the so called “Vigilante Killings” are concerned … the PROBABILITY that those involved in the DRUG MENACE are the ones who do the killings among themselves , including the so called “NINJA COPS” to escape being prosecuted.

    I just hope that the International Community would give enough time to our President Rodrigo R. Duterte to solve the problems of CORRUPTION and the PROLIFERATION OF DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY… instead of listening to SOME PUBLIC OFFICIALS who would like to oust our current President , Officials who are thinking of their own PERSONAL INTERESTS
    rather than the benefits of the Filipino people in general.