While soft-spoken and reserved, Landicho reminds his people to live boldly and with integrity. He shares nuggets of wisdom learned on the way to the top.

    • Do things right the first time. By doing so, you don’t waste time and resources.

    • No one does it alone. You need the support of everyone working together to achieve a goal. When I took on my post, I made it clear that I would not be able to do it myself and enlisted my team’s help and support.

    • One of a leader’s biggest challenges is managing people—listening to them and ensuring they’re placed in positions that maximize their skills and efficiencies.

    • Know where to put your money before it’s earned. When I was younger, I followed a rule of thirds. I would divide my salary: 1/3 would go to my parents, 1/3 would go straight to the bank as savings and 1/3 would be allotted for my personal spending.

    • Save, save, save. Saving is a valuable lesson that my parents taught us. They would say that you don’t know when you would need it, so it’s better that you have something for those rainy days.


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