• Wish list for the Duterte admin and Congress

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Many Filipinos have phoned in their wish list for the Duterte Administration and the new
    Congress to act on in several radio programs. Likewise, I have asked people I know who voted for Duterte as President and the same wish list came up. Here are some that I could relate with.

    Limit hours for karaoke and other noise-making activities. I thought that it was only in our neighborhood that aspiring singers vent their frustrations or angst or “hugot” or boredom 24/7. This happens not only in old, inner city communities, but also in exclusive villages.

    Total gun ban for everybody except for law enforcers. Stray bullets kill not only during New Year’s Eve celebration, but when people with guns celebrate whatever while imbibing liquor.

    Fine dog and cat owners when their pets pooh or pee in public places or other people’s property. Reactivate dog catchers and dog pounds and make them do regular rounds.

    Enforce curfew for children, even adults. Only parents could accompany children outside their domicile during curfew hours so that pedophiles, robbers, and drug pushers cannot victimize or use them for illicit activities.

    Total ban on liquor—drinking and selling—at certain hours of the day and night. Trouble ensues when people are under the influence.

    Heighten campaign against illegal drugs. Barangay leaders know the drug pushers and users in their respective turfs but are either coddling or are afraid of them. Barangay leaders should be held responsible for the presence of illegal drugs in their village.

    Remove illegal vendors, structure, and other obstruction along the streets, sidewalks, and other public places. They cause traffic, road accidents, and inconvenience to pedestrians. They also contribute to mountains of garbage in public areas. Also, there should be big waste cans in every street corner. Littering should be higher bigger fines as deterrent.

    In our barangay there is a new 4-5 story structure that stands right smack on the street and sidewalk. That part of Ang Buhay Street is now a narrow alley. Our barangay leaders simply look. Why kaya?

    Fine those who post unsightly posters just about everywhere, especially on electric and telephone poles. Homeowners should report such ugly posters on their fence or property and the barangay should take proper action.

    Remove parked cars; some are even quite old and rusty, along the city, national, and barangay streets. Those without proper parking space should not be allowed to own vehicles.

    Strictly enforce the building code in the light of deadly earthquakes. In our neck of the woods, for example, I observe 3-5 story structures not using the required steel bars and other construction materials. Remember the Ruby Tower tragedy? Also, they do not follow the rule on providing elevators for buildings more than four levels. Right across my house is such a structure and the tenants in the higher floors are having a hard time going up and down their units.

    Provide public schools with PWD ramps. My uncle was unable to vote, together with several other senior citizens, PWDs, and pregnant voters at the Quirino High School. They went to the school early to avoid the mid-day heat but there was nobody to help them vote.

    They were simply told to go up to their polling places in the 3rd or 4th floors if they badly need to exercise their right of suffrage. How could my 83-year old uncle who is wheelchair-bound do that? So they all came home angry and frustrated.

    Stop the “laglag-bala” modus operandi at airports and seaports. It will persist unless all of the people working or roaming around there are the same. Change them all.

    The first time I heard these, I enjoyed a good laugh but come to think of it they might sound so simple and yet they disturb our equanimity and erode our trust and confidence in our leaders and those who are supposed to provide peace, and security in our daily life. This is what ordinary citizens need in their daily life; they don’t need big economic gains to trickle down to their level; they simply want to live peacefully, and securely, especially for their children.

    These are what people want for government to do for them and what they heard Duterte promised to do for them immediately and so they gave him their vote. He used simple, everyday words that many voters could relate with while Roxas, Poe, Binay, and Santiago were using big words and rhetorics to describe what they will do if elected. I went for RoRo.

    I hope Duterte chooses well the people who will lead with him. People around the presidency could make or unmake the President and help or lose the trust and confidence of people.

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    1. Small things mean a lot. People with no parking space make the street their parking space to the inconvenience pf the neighborhood, oftentimes it is being used as a place for drug session or drinking place. It should be etadicated and sometimes it is one of the root cause of infightings between neighborhood.

    2. arthur keefe on

      Lots of good points. The focus will be on big strategies and projects, but it is often the small nuisances described here which spoil everyday life. These are easily fixed if the political will at the local level is there,. Led by examples from the top. The selfishness of so many people needs to suffer a cultural change to one of consideration for your neighbor.