• With Aquino govt the most inept, Marcos regime looks like the ‘golden age’


    Yes, “golden age” was the phrase used by a New York Times article on the EDSA I celebration, with the second paragraph reading, in the man-on-the street-quote style of American journalism: “I think Marcos was our best President,” said a Manila resident who was born two years after the dictator was overthrown. “That was when the Philippines was the leader of Asia. We were respected.”

    Another interviewee was quoted: “Apple 26, an employee of a Manila aluminum siding company, said the fate of Imelda Marcos’ jewels was not a priority for her in the next election. She spends hours each day battling traffic to get to work and is frustrated by the current government. She said she has heard stories of how orderly the country was during the Marcos years.”

    “During the time of martial law, the Philippines was disciplined,” she said as she gestured toward a group of jaywalkers dodging vehicles and blocking traffic. “People don’t even know how to cross the street now.”

    How many Filipinos would have read the New York Times? But it is this bungling, onion-skinned President who drew everyone’s attention to it by reporting such a perception now in his speech at the EDSA celebration, and lamely retorting that it was rather “a golden age only for Marcos.” It is, indeed, strange that after nearly six years in power, and with Marcos having been toppled from power three decades ago, Aquino would dedicate his last EDSA celebration speech as President to portraying how bad the dictatorship was.

    What if it’s Jinggoy?
    The plain fact, though, is that rather than whether the Marcos years were golden or iron, Aquino’s six years in office have been so bad that the strongman is now perceived as one of the best Presidents ever.

    But if it were President Estrada’s son Jinggoy Estrada running and now ahead of the pack – instead of the strongman’s son, Ferdinand (“Bongbong”) 2nd – I’m quite sure Aquino would be devoting much of his speech not on EDSA I, but on EDSA II, and narrating in sordid details the corruption during Erap’s Administration.

    Well, maybe even compared with any other President

    Well, maybe even compared with any other President

    And in that comparison, I’m sure most Filipinos would say that Aquino’s years were so bad, that Estrada’s shortened three years in office were the golden age.

    And why are Aquino’s years so bad? Well, in the first place, only die-hard Coryistas would believe that her intervention from a heaven somewhere could make a good President out of this brat who never really worked a day in his life, and did nothing much in his years as congressman and senator.

    Here are some of the reasons why he’s been so bad, which even if summarized would take longer than five times the length of this column:

    Aquino has not initiated any real program to reform the economy, with the much-ballyhooed gross domestic product (GDP) growth since 2010 due almost entirely to overseas workers’ remittances. In contrast, among others, former President Gloria Arroyo instituted the VAT reform program, which if controversial, stabilized government revenues, undertook the RO-RO infrastructure program, and developed the BPOs sector as a major industry. What has Aquino done?

    Aquino has damaged our institutions to the extent that it would take us years to repair. The Congress was bribed to remove the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, something that has never happened before, and even seemed inconceivable. The Ombudsman and the Commission on Audit have been transformed into weapons against the opposition, and the next Administration, I’m sure, will unravel that other than Aquino, the biggest beneficiaries of this has been the Ombudsman’s staff.

    Aquino would be known in history as the President who utilized the “rule of law” – through the Ombudsman and the plunder law – so well to put his enemies in prison.

    With his pork-barrel and DAP, Aquino had made, and continues to make Congress a den of political prostitutes, that they nearly passed a bill – on the Bangsamoro Basic Law – that would have dismembered our Republic.

    The most corrupt
    This Administration will be known as one of the most corrupt, yet so skilled in hiding it. Who or what group has been getting the lion’s share in jueteng, which has been estimated to amount to P10 billion yearly? Illegal drugs have proliferated so much in the country, which could be explained only by the fact that government and police officials have been their protectors.

    How can we, as a nation, have such a shameful episode as the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency head accusing a Navy official of protecting a drug laboratory with stocks of hundreds of millions of pesos worth of illegal drugs?

    The MRT-3 that has become a ride-in-hell for millions of Filipinos in the metropolis has served as Exhibit A of this Administration’s ineptitude and corruption. It has made a mess of what was before considered as the international showpiece of the Japanese firms that built it. Why or how did that happen? Because rather than focusing on making it efficient, Aquino’s people in the DOTC had been busy plotting the most efficient means of milking it. This is really one of the costs of corruption: Officials have to spend time and brain power away from work to think of creative ways of executing their corrupt deals.

    Smuggling has become so rampant that smuggled goods now don’t even have to be the high-value type of merchandise, as in the past, but for chrissake, even garlic and onions! Trade data indisputably shows that this has gone out of control, and I had estimated the value of smuggled goods in a column I wrote on Aug. 15, 2015: $94.4 billion from 2010 to 2014, or a mammoth P4 trillion, resulting in foregone duties and VAT payment of P760 billion. Has Aquino done anything to stop the drug and smuggling syndicates? Nada.

    His mother Cory in 1986 gave new life to the Moro and communist rebellions after Marcos nearly brought them to their knees, reportedly with 80 percent of the armed forces clashing in battle with these insurgents. She herself went to Sulu to meet with MNLF chairman Nur Misuari, while she sent her brother-in-law, Agapito Aquino, to pay his respects to the MILF, boosting both organizations’ prestige among their ethnic groups to the extent they stirred back to life, after having been practically routed by the Marcos army.

    Her son BS outdid her, however, when he went to a Tokyo airport hotel to meet with the MILF chairman and vice-chairman for peace talks. One can’t imagine how the MILF’s prestige had zoomed up after that, with even Muslim politicians and young would-be mujahideen’s rallying around the MILF flag. Under Aquino, the MILF has expanded, and is even manufacturing now the dreaded Barrett M82 sniper rifle, the weapon used with deadly results by the Islamic insurgents in the Mamasapano massacre.

    And lastly, BS Aquino has been such a divisive President, with his Yellow Cult opening up the deep wounds between those who supported the EDSA revolution and those that did not, mainly from North Luzon.

    And some people want another six years of this?



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    1. Dr. Chrisostomo Phd on

      With Aquino govt the most inept, Marcos regime looks like the ‘golden age,” another completely distorted and biased opinion of Tiglao is hysterical, outrageous, and outright comical. Tiglao uses a photo of a youthful looking Marcos with jet black hair and a photo of a 56 year old middle age man with balding head wearing eyeglasses! Tiglao argues the accomplishments of Marcos regime as the golden age of politics and Philippine government and the failures of the Aquino administration. The only problem I see with Tiglao is why did he use a photo of a previous alive, youthful looking Marcos, when in fact that is Not the true photo of Marcos right now in 2016? Does Tiglao not know what Marcos looks like right now? Tiglao should go to Ilocos Norte and pay President Marcos a visit. Tiglao should have used facial photo of a dead and embalmed Marcos lying in repose in his glass ataul in Batac, Ilocos Norte. Aquino’s photo is not exactly handsome and attractive too! At least you, Tiglao can accurately portray the two Presidents side by side, one who has been dead for 26 years ago and the middle aged, bald head sitting President!

      • Benjamin Franklin on

        Huh? Duh? Maximo, you did Not complete your famous idiom! Who are the AQUNOS?? Do you mean Aquino? Aquino (not AQUNOS) call Bongbong a “dictator” is like calling the pot BLACK. It is an incomplete analogy. This is how the idiom is written, the pot calling the kettle black. Your idiom makes you look like an idiot!

    2. maximo p fabella on

      The AQUINOs mother and son are not Angels. Their grandfather, is a collaborator\
      during the Japanese occupatioln. Nick Joaquin’s THE AQUINOS OF TARLAC not
      withstanding. Benigno Sr. pledged his oath of allegiance, and yet served the

    3. Pnoy is envious of Marcos Sr. and Jr. The Marcoses have healthy hair and loaded brains. Pnoy is mediocare- medyo may hair and medyo may brain, pero kulang talaga!, hahaha!

    4. After the Marcos era everybody was free to be corrupt not just one family. Yes I agree that Macoy did bury us and left us in debt but The Aquino administration and others that followed didn’t really get us out of the hole but instead dug a deeper hole kaya tayo ganito ngayon. That’s why we can’t say one is good and one is bad like how the aquino supporters tell it or how the marcos loyalist tell their side, it’s really not just black and white if you think about it parepareho lang sila iba lang style how they fu##ed us up because obviously they can’t repeat what the previous scumbag did obvious naman nun.. Ang choices natin for public officials kasi kung hindi corrupt e tanga kung di naman barumbado masyado. Nakaka frustrate yung state ng politics and government service sa pinas we can’t seem to find someone na balanse ang pamamalakad…

    5. Do not blame Pinoy. This guy is not equip and smart enough to be the president. Marcos is very intelligent ,bar topnotcher and excellent leader. Corazon, Ninoy, Pinoy is no match with Ferdinand Marcos. The only problem with Marcos was he do not love this country. That is why our country was almost bankrupt when he left. He let his wife take over while he was so sick like Imelda pushing Bongbong to run.

      • Why, with everything that was said and done, you think the Aquinos really love our country? I think if there was love at all, corruption would have been dramatically diminished, first and foremost because that is what a patriot would guard against. But, what did Cory give us? The likes of Binay who is a Marcos copycat. And she never did anything to correct him and all those she installed as caretakers… Most of whom just enriched themselves. Noynoy is no different, allowing his KKK to rummage the coffers, or do illegal things, use our money for bribery, etc. kahit huli na, they still get his full trust. Is that love for country?

    6. Can’t wait to see this incompetent president “kuno” behind bars for all the evil things he has done in our country…
      Anybody who put him in power along with his mother,who done nothing but greed…are so blinded by their lies…..

    7. Another twist…please keep it on, this is what we don’t learn inside the classroom

      • You should really study of what really happened during those days. If you’re equip with enough information then you can comment what really edsa revolution did for the filipinos.

    8. this president cannot even command his family to abide by the comprehensive agrarian law.
      this president talks too much. its a sign of no accomplishments for this past 6 yrs. of presidency

    9. Marami rin naman mga natdem at mga aktibista nuon na sobra na rin ang kayamanan sa ngayon. I am sure na di pa rin nawawala ang idealism to make this country a better place to live in. Bakit di na lang kaya sila magkaisa, just take over the MRT, design the coaches, beautify the stations, construct additional routes and market the project – with or without the approval of government or benigno’s imprimatur? I will be very happy if one day, bigla na lang darating mga manggagawa at pinapaganda mga toilet, inaayos ang elevator, nilalagyan ng mga upuan para sa elderly at inaayos ang ticketing system and all are private initiatives even without the approval of DOTC. Pag pumalag pa ang DOTC, I hope bigla na lang silang raratratin ng mga NPA.

    10. for this coming election, Miriam Defensor Santiago have only the majorities above 18th youth support, the only president w/ Bong Bong, I see our future! but, we have a totally WRONG educational systems (commission or field Trips, teachers sell goods to students, teachers asking TIKOYs etc.) sorry to said, my beloved Miriam will surely lost, but then, I will vote for HER! very few of my countrymen are as smart and as educated as me! ho ho hoo!

    11. I agree that Marcos’ years are the country’s ‘golden age’ in terms of plunder, thievery and extra judicial killings of political enemies of Ferdinand Marcos.

    12. do not forget, majority of us Filipinos voted for P-Noy, except smart ass like me. I love it this way! at my age, no regular tour groups, just enjoy life. since for tourism, I started during the golden era of our GREAT Marco days, then follow by the silver era of RAMOS and GMA days. for inbound tourism, do not believe at press release, but just ask sidewalk vendors at Rizal Park, Manila Cathedral and Cebu Santo Niyo, and learn the TRUTH!

    13. Well said Sir. PNoy has no decency left in himself for maligning the Marcoses when he himslef has not done any good for our country other than making the 1% elite richer and making our poorest of the poor, poorer. Ah, I should say that indeed he is the worst President prostituting our legislative, judiciary bodies, etc. In short, he ruined this nation!

    14. Danny Cascolan on

      Marcos years became saintly golden and pales of evil compared to aquino regime. .
      Thats how I described it many years ago in fb.

    15. The only thing that’s Bad about Martial Law, is that Some of the police Constabulary are so Brutal against Student that are Align w/ the Communist.. but Over all.. Its Orderly peaceful, Because of curfew.. and all UTILITY services are all government owned, it is for the welfare of the people..Water, Electricity, Mass-transport, and even the Telecommunication.. but now it is controlled by the Private corporation, not for the welfare, but for profit.. EDSA 86 is a big Mistake.. from TIGER in ASIA to SICKMAN(Slave,Domestic helpers) in ASIA..

    16. The yellow army said that Bongbong Marcos will be the same as his father did. What can you say if Ninoy Aquino was the same as what Nonoy Aguino have done?

      • I believe that too. The fruit cannot be far from the tree. Kung ano puno, siyang bunga… At sa mga kaibigan, nakita naman natin. May nakapagpaunlad ba ng bayan o puro sarili nilang bulsa? “show me your friends, and i’ll know who you are”. Goodbye, Ninoy magic! That’s what you are, an illusion! A very bad illusion!

    17. Guillermo Hernandez on

      And all throughout these six unbearable years , the Filipinos kept silent ! ! !

      What a pitiful country…….and what a pitiful , ignorant people !

    18. Migs Doromal on

      I was 18 when EDSA 1 happened. The euphoria was fun for awhile until the reality was evident: that the new occupant in the Palace by the river were no different than the previous tenant.

      FILIPINOS are divisive and tribal by nature. Being CORRUPT comes second nature.

      During the MACOY dictatorship, he was aided by his notoriously corrupt cronies. NOW, EVERYBODY IS CORRUPT!

      I never believed in EDSA. A BLOODLESS REVOLUTION??? HAHAHA, kiss my f#@$ arse!


      National Reconciliation??? That was Cory’s buzzword for BUSINESS AS USUAL.

      Yes, sir! This BANANA REPUBLIC OF 105 MILLION SOULS is a milking cow for unprincipled businessmen and the scoundrel politicians in their pockets!

      MARCOS years was no golden age. But, what came after him were far worse!

      There is hope, however. A suicide bomb belt on the next SONA.

    19. Amnata Pundit on

      God said to BS when He spotted him in the assembly line of people up there: ” I will give you a twisted mind, and the face to go along with it.” The pictures say it all.

    20. A-men! Let me just say, i used to be anti-Marcos and pro-Aquino. But one day, i woke up from being a fool. From then til now, it’s been nothing but downhill. Please let me say, “Bwisit kayong mga Aquino!” Salot sa Bayan! Bwisit!

    21. If you’ll study the Marcos era from the newspapers, it could be a ‘golden era’ because there was media censorship then. If you had been at Malacanang immediately after the Marcoses left, you would have seen how papers which could implicate them were burnt.

    22. The Marcos regime was certainly a golden age, if you were a member of the marcos family, one of their lickspittles, or other goons. It wasn’t if you were opposed to martial law, or if you happened to be the Philippines.

      • Daniel B. Laurente on

        It was realy a golden years because dicipline was instituted among the citizens and a lot of infra are still grandly standing as a Pilipino Pride that we’re once a great developing country.

    23. Mar was quick to brand VP Binay’s alleged overpricing of the Makati Parking Building as pagnanakaw. At least pang-uumit lang iyon kung totoo man and spread over a period of time during his term as Makati hizzoner at nagyon ay pinakikinabangan na ng mga taga-Makati at no more cost at their expense.

      E iyong sa MRT, e bilyong bilyon piso na ang nagagastos at nawawaldas for virtually nothing since day one of his and Aberya’s administration at DOTC. Worse, the commuting public are suffering in escalating manner day by day, the threats of breakdowns or accidents hounding them daily. And worst, the Filipino taxpayers have to pay not only for the costs of corruption and inefficiency but satiate the greed for profit of the so-called private partners benefiting immensely from onerous so-called concession agreements!

      Which pagnanakaw is worst?

      Mar/Leni and Grace Poe even want to continue this? F…K!

      • Penoy Okey-No on

        We are being robbed everyday. They rob the daily fare of the riding public. And we pay them their monthly salaries, honorariums and bonuses to rob us. Within the top of the political system is a bunch of robbers. What a disincentive to become nationalistic!

    24. Hernan Gomeri on

      This report is maligned it is not true that the marcos regime is better than today i know coz i have lived through it i was born a year before martial law was imposed so i lived through it if there are people complaining about traffic each day its beacause of democracy and free trade and the prosperity it brought that makes it so easy for families to own a car,There were no traffic in the marcos years simply because cars were so expensive then that only the rich can afford them if the they claim that there were low crime rates it simply because people were most of these crimes were unreported due to media censorship not to mention the fact that there were many many incidence of abuse in the part of the law enforcers then.their brutality is at its worst nobody even mentioned the fact that communist insurgency were at its highest during the marcos years the number of NPA rebels were at its peak during these times coz many of our countrymen were oppressed by the dictatorial regime that prompted them to take to the mountains and join the NPA so if you think things are bad now then your twisted belief is getting the better of you,coz you dont know what bad means

      • I also lived throughout the Martial Law years, and experienced none of your balony stuff. Heck my granddad would scream expletives against Marcos but wasn’t jailed and our house is quite near Malacanang palace and a haven of cops and metrocom boys alike. Those Martial Law years was the one of the best if not the best years of Philippine nationhood. Heck at 20 pesos, my mom could fill an entire cart with groceries, more than enough for an entire week. Fare is less than 65c. You pathetic yellow tards are just in panic mode now, because finally history is starting to vindicate the Marcoses and judging the Aquino’s. Ya’all been fooled in supporting the cancerous family of a fake martyr and an even fake saint.

      • herman, ang kotse nung panahon ni makoy sr ay napakamura. nagtaas lang nung mag patupad sya ng so called floating rate na halos dumoble ang presyo. ako na sumesweldo ng P500 a month ay nakapaghulog sa isang volkswagen na nagkakahalaga ng P23,000. ngayon kahit P 50,000 ang kita mo buwanan, baka isang altis lang mabili mo.
        hindi sa pinagtatangol ko si tiglao. am sure he can defend himself from what you are asserting. mukhang mali ka ng estima kay tiglao, si tiglao ay isang komunista nung panahon ng martial rule kaya yung sinasabi mo ay wala sa karanasan nya. sya ay nabiktima din ng torture kasi isa syang armadong partisan ng mga komunista. just saying.

      • You were born a year before Martial Law? And that in your younger years,you have seen in your genius mind the horror and brutality of of the Martial law era? C’mon,give me a break! How can a 10 year old kid ably know the good and bad of a very sensitive moment in our country’s history? Plus,you doe’snt seem to know practically what you are saying. Your comment.again,is another bad example of a twisted tale of our nations history…Sorry,but you have to research more and try to study the truth about how life was during the Marcos years…Dig for more facts my man!…

      • Regino John Valdez on

        Mr. Herman Gomeri, you said you were born a year before Martial Law was implemented but you are telling that you lived thru it….how is a young boy back then knows everything about traffic, about media censorship, about communist insurgencies…please tell data according to your own knowledge not those that you read thru twisted media….

      • Penoy Okey-No on

        I weathered the first quarter storm while rallying at Mendiola for so many times. After EDSA, and during the Cory regime, the farmers rallied once at Mendiola and got killed.
        We fought Marcos on the street while the NPA and MNLF fought him on the hills. Dante Buscayno and the NDF top hierarchy were jailed by Marcos. When Marcos got toppled, Cory freed them. Now in Pinoy’s watch, the Muslim insurgents were given a shot in the arm with the BBL. Implementing the BBL means, salarymen and businessmen from Luzon and the Visayas and from the rest of the non-Muslim provinces, would have to pay their taxes and VAT so billions would be siphoned to Mindanao to bankroll the BBL. Imagine, aalis sila sa pakikialam ng Philippine government pero ang gastos nila galling sa non-Muslim taxpayers? Tapos ang mga SSS pensioners, ayaw bigyan ng dagdag na benepisyo eh hindi naman pera ng government ang pondo ng SSS. Note that the SSS fund is the accumulated contributions of the private employees. Only in the Philippines. Cory na Pinoy pa!!!

      • Like you, I was too young to properly experienced the Marcos years. But many times I have discussed this with those living and working during the Marcos Martial law years. Most say it was a time of economic stability and most government offices provided high quality service to the community. School rebuilding was pronounced and many families for the first time ever had children attending school. Crime was extremely rare and not tolerated. Jobs were plentiful, and majority of the expressway system was extended and rebuilding was common. I will admit the highways were being extended and rebuilding only to move military equipment and men more quickly where needed, and funded almost entirely by the United States. But the impact today is a much better highway system.

    25. Communist, leftist kasi ang mga family na yan eh! Simple! Tatanga tanga pa sa administration ng government natin. See why ex vice pres Laurel resigned from Cory Aquino’s cabinet….

    26. My memory of sanata cory is the ” hour after hour” brownouts and the Mendiola massacre. Similar to abnoy’s, we still have the regular power interruptions with the world’s most expensive electricity cost and we also have the Hacienda Luisita and the Mamasapano massacres.

    27. The 6 yrs of pnoy admin is nothing compared to the first 6 yrs of fmarcos admin performance wise but pnoy does better if compared to th last 6 yrs of martial rule in term of graft and corruption, cronysm, anomalous transaction involving cabinets members, smuggling, despotic control of the 2 houses of chambers and judiciary and a harder life to the common masses.

    28. Ferdinand E Marcos’ regime was indeed the “golden age” of corruption of the 20th century and it is easy to understand why. The book “Marcos Dynasty” written by top investigative author Sterling Seagrave detailed how Marcos skillfully conned the Filipino people with his claim of war exploits, heroism and fake medals but was exposed by the US military claiming Marcos was never a combat personnel.

      Soon as Marcos was elected president, he and his minions had been busy locating and digging the buried “Yamashita treasures” which by the way was the primary reason why Marcos imposed martial law to gain full control of the media and shut down any voice from the opposition. Martial law was never about the fight against communism, it was never about Marcos’ claim of improving the country’s economy nor was it about the fight that Ninoy Aquino waged against Marcos’ corruption. It was about the full recovery of the Yamashita treasures and the trillions of dollars worth of
      gold bars that Marcos recovered and successfully shipped out of the country. The daily electrical power brownouts during martial law were the times when Marcos’ trusted military were shipping out the recovered treasures out of the country.

      Imelda Marcos wants Bongbong president for one reason alone, that is to have the power to regain those trillions of dollars, gold bars and other treasures.

      • If that is true, then Marcos wealth is not ill gotten after all.
        Thank you for this very valuable information.

      • LA702, maybe you dont read Mr. Tiglao, narration of his actual encounter with Martial Law years. you just have hate in your heart and without getting to the bottom of what really transpired on that Martial years.
        For me I was then a student but I feel before was safer than today. before Government Hospital was free , School has free food for the children, Private school and university was very much affordable not profitable, food was very cheap, people are discipline, many big business was here. electricity and water bills was very cheap. ordinary people can easily afford to buy better home at a lot cheaper price. compare today life is very hard everything so expensive and hardly many masses can afford quality living.

      • He is reading the book written by the yellow pr of cory bastardizing the true story of the country. Give the filipinos a break. LA, please read more from the writers of manila times.

      • I didn’t say there is no corruption then likewise I know that there is no corruption today either . I just comparing the economic life before and today migz

      • Haha… Tell me you don’t really believe everything written. And indeed, if It was WW2 buried treasure, then his wealth was not stolen…. But discovered wealth.

    29. Impiyerno na talag kung bibigyan pa ng anim na taon ang isang mapaghiganti, mapanuhol(CJ Corona),nagpapamasaker(SAF44),pabaya(yolanda.luneta fiasco) at kawa;lang malasakit sa masa.Lahi kasi ng mga traydor(lolo makapili noon panahon ng mga hapon) at balasubas(ninuno niya niloko ang bayan sa pagkakakuha ngLluisita noon).Mula pa noon ay inutil na si ABNOY sa kanyang hinawakang tungkulin sa gobyerno,kaya nagletse-letse ang bayan ngayon.

    30. …Pnoy inherited good economy during PGMA administration (in fairness to her for she is a good economist…she us great, not some of her allies and esp. Her husband)… this administration is so weak and blame-gamer.. no originality and disgraceful to the Filipino people…Dami kapalpakan, karahasan, kasinungalingan, abuso, manhid, walang pakiaalam…makasarili, bulag! Malapit na rin silang magwakas… we look forward for another set of good leaders whose aim is for unity, real peace among the Filipinos, patriotic, selfless, improve our economy and welfare…

      • Our economy remains afloat only because of the economic policies laid down by President Arroyo. The next president (hopefully not any of the administration’s candidiate) will surely have a hard time fixing the problems created by this inept president and his cohorts.

    31. Watch the youtube “EDSA People Power – 30 Years After.” Enrile revealed that the Mindanao insurgents were already subdued during the Marcos administration, but troubles occurred again when Cory became president and brought Nur Misuari back from Saudi, against the objection of Cory’s cabinet secretaries.

      Just look how naive and matigas ang ulo Cory was. Her cabinet secretaries advised her not to go to Sulu to meet Misuari, as she was the Philippine president. If she wanted to meet Misuari, the latter should have gone to Malacanang instead of the other way around.

      Sina Nene Pimentel, Butz Aquino at Norberto Gonzales pa pala ang nag-insist kay Cory na pumunta at makipagkita kay Nur Misuari sa Sulu.

      That when Cory Aquino went to Sulu, she was made to wait by Nur Misuari. How humiliating and embarrassing. This is what we get when we have a naive and inexperienced president.

      I remember that there was another anecdote by Bono Adaza, if i’m not mistaken, that when Cory Aquino and her Cabinet secretaries went to Sulu, the cabinet secretaries were frisked by the bodyguards of Nur Misuari.

      Aaaarrgghhhh, so many blunders by Cory Aquino. Nanghihina ako na parang nauupos na kandila, sa mga another revelations na ito.

      and her son, now Philippine Pres. Noynoy Aquino, committed the same blunders by meeting Murad and other MILF officials in Japan. What’s worse, Noynoy gave MILF P5 million and wanted Congress to pass the BBL that would dismember some provinces of Mindanao from the Philippines.

      Sumasakit ang ulo ko sa mga nababasa kong kapalpakan nitong mga Aquino.

      • Cory was inexperienced and not too great as a President. However, she restored democracy However, would we have been better off if President Marcos was not toppled and continued his martial law rule as a dictator.

        Cory was our unanimous choice to lead our country from a dictatorship to democracy. She has her faults, but so what?

      • Watch the youtube “EDSA People Power – 30 Years After.” at time 36:35 of the video, Enrile revealed that Pres. Cory Aquino went to Sulu and she was made to wait by Nur Misuari.

        Nene Pimentel, Butz Aquino, et al insisted for Cory to go to Sulu, for the two men wanted media mileage, against the advice of military advisers of Cory.