• With DAP money, Aquino was a Marcos


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd acted like the dictator Marcos in handling his P149 billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) money, allocating billions of pesos in taxpayers’ money to whatever use he decided solely on his own, according to documents as well as sources from the Budget department.

    Just as Marcos flooded his Ilocos Norte province with infrastructure funds in the 1970s, Aquino allocated P2 billion for “arterial and secondary roads” to his Tarlac home province, an area considered to have had the most developed road network, especially those around his clan’s Hacienda Luisita.

    Budget Secretary Florencio Abad’s memorandum dated June 25, 2012 to Aquino showed that the initial plan was just for P1 billion, but this was doubled to P2 billion “after DPWH reviewed and adjusted the costing.”

    The biggest source of corruption in pork barrel and infrastructure funds have been through politicians’ ability to direct such expenditures to their home provinces. This is because the actual road-building projects would be undertaken by local contractors, who would rig the bidding procedures, and give a kickback to the politician responsible for the budget allocation to the area.

    Another big source of corruption is bribe money, as any businessman who has dealt with government knows, for the release of funds by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), for obligations already incurred by an agency.

    Abad’s memo, with Aquino’s approval. P2 billion for his home province Tarlac

    Abad’s memo, with Aquino’s approval. P2 billion for his home province Tarlac

    It is obviously a bigger source of corruption if only a single individual determines or two determine where and how government money will be used, disregarding the budget law Congress painstakingly formulates for nearly a whole year. In the case of DAP only Abad and Aquino controlled the P149 billion fund. No accountability whatsoever – perhaps except to each other. (This P149 billion amount is based on the evidence packet Aquino’s officials submitted to the Supreme Court.)

    That Aquino acted as a dictator with absolute control of people’s money was obvious in the DAP’s P1 billion allocation for “agrarian reform beneficiaries,” to be managed by the Land Bank.

    How did this item emerge in Abad’s June 25, 2012 memorandum? Less than two weeks before that on June 14, 2012, Aquino had committed to it in a meeting with “farmer-marchers.”

    Supreme Court Justice Arturo Brion certainly wasn’t exaggerating when he pointed out in his concurring opinion:

    Biggest scandal
    “The present DAP case, for its part, involves circumstances that are similar to the PDAF and much more: it involves funds amounting to almost P150 Billion or almost 15 times the PDAF case . . . personalities at the very highest level in both the Executive and the Legislative Departments of government; and demonstrated lack of respect for public funds, institutions, and the Constitution. This case, in my view, is the biggest (scandal) since I came to the Court in terms of these factors alone.”

    Based on Abad’s memorandum and accounts from DBM officials, the following had been the process for the DAP allocations:

    Abad would meet with Aquino to decide on a list of agencies and projects they would fund through the DAP. Abad the next day would send a memorandum to Aquino that would authorize the use of the funds and its use, with the President mostly ticking off the “check-box” in the document approving it.

    Abad and Aquino’s claims that the DAP was designed to stimulate the economy was a total lie, a smokescreen for the P35 billion the president needed as slush money for his pet projects. (See details in my column last Friday, “DAP: A tale of bribery, greed, and Hacienda Luisita”)

    No study of any kind was made to find out if a particular project that Abad and Aquino decided to fund with DAP money would have the effect of stimulating the economy.

    Several of the big allocations involved transfer of funds among government agencies and the freezing of billions of money in institutions’ vaults, due to accountant-Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima’s intense lobbying, and therefore had no impact on economic activity.

    Among these: P20 billion as additional capital of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; the payment by the Bureau of Customs of its P2.8 billion debts to the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp.; payment by the education department of its P4.1 billion debts to the Government Service Insurance System; and the P2.2 billion repurchase from the Home Guarantee Corp. of the “air” or vertical rights of Philippine National Railways’ tracks.

    How on earth could these expenditures have stimulated the economy?

    Abad practically kept the DAP allocations approved by the President a top secret.

    Except for one particular memorandum, Abad did not course his DAP requests through Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa. This is contrary to established Malacañang protocol under which the Executive Secretary signs with the notation “noted” all official documents issued or approved by the President. This is, in part, to assure that these were actually signed by the President.

    “We were all shocked that Abad would issue SAROs involving billions of pesos for projects that were not in the budget law, invoking an approval by the President,” a veteran DBM official said. “They were handling the P149 billion DAP money as if it were their own personal kitty to distribute at their whim,” the official added. (SAROs are the Special Allotment Release Order from DBM, a document that triggers the release of funds.)

    The only memorandum Abad coursed through Ochoa was dated December 28, 2013 — which recommended the DAP’s termination. This was after Senator Jinggoy Estrada indirectly exposed the existence of the DAP in September, and several people and organizations filed cases the following month at the Supreme Court asking it to declare the scheme unconstitutional.

    The President rather stupidly – or intentionally – didn’t even get the advice of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel (CPLC) who normally has to clear all documents to be signed by the President to make sure these conform to law.

    Sources say that Malacañng has been in a panic mode after the Supreme Court issued its decision July 1, as if Aquino’s house was being torn asunder by the crisis.

    Ochoa and his allies according to sources, have been lobbying Aquino to fire Abad and make him the scapegoat for the DAP mess. Ochoa has been mad with Abad as early as last year for deliberately concealing from him the setting up of the DAP, and for not even conferring with him if he needs to be given allocations for his own pet projects.

    On the other side, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas and the so-called Hyatt 10 conspirators, mainly secretaries Corazon Soliman and peace adviser Teresita Deles have been begging Aquino to retain Abad.

    Billions of pesos
    Their support actually is not just because of loyalty to Abad, but because he gave them funds. In fact, they got billions of pesos in allocations for their departments, which they couldn’t get Congress to approve since 2011:

    • P13.3 billion to Roxas’ DILG: P6.5 billion as “LGU Support Fund”; P6.5 billion “various other local projects”; and an additional P250 million for his “Performance Challenge Fund” – all of which he distributes to cities, provinces and towns at his whim, to build up local support for his bid to run for president in 2016;

    • P2.6 billion disbursed directly to Deles’ office, so she could bribe insurgent groups to keep quiet, at least during Aquino’s term, and P8.6 billion to local government officials of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao, for them to acquiesce in Aquino’s pact with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that would give them their own Bangsamoro sub-state; and

    • P1.5 billion to Soliman’s department for its “expanded internship program” and other projects.

    Obviously as part of the Aquino’s government’s plot to further demonize former President Gloria Arroyo and opposition senators intending to run for high office in 2016 the Commission on Audit in October 2011 rushed to audit P900 million allegedly disbursed from the Malampaya funds to the agrarian reform department.

    Has COA chair Grace Pulido-Tan, since the scandal of P149 billion DAP funds broke out eight months ago, issued an order to audit these use of taxpayers’ money?

    Or is Tan, as I will discuss in succeeding columns, a conspirator in Aquino’s DAP scheme?

    FB: Rigoberto Tiglao


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    1. Isabelita I. Viray on

      Correction, Mr. JT, good! You admit you’re an OFW. So, you were not able to see and hear the exposes of Ben Hur Luy regarding the
      P10B scam of Janet Napoles, who, on her affidavit pointed at Sec. Flirencio “Butch” Abad as her tutor in the uncovered scam and no mention was even made of former PGMA as part of the list. Senator Jinggoy Estrada exposed inhis privilege speech last year before the Senate that they were bribed by no less than Pres. Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino, III to render a judgment of conviction to Ex CJ Renato Corona when the latter was impeached. None of the Senators accused Sen. Jinggoy a liar.

      What then are you talking about the people caught in the pork barrel scam and former PGMA & camp got back on them? BS Aquino was exposed by fellow opposition then Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. Why are allies of Pres. BS Aquino so quiet now? Why? Executive Department and Congress colluded with one another forgetting their constitutional duties and obligations sworn under oath as they enrich themselves with the people’s money. Ang sarap-sarap nga naman, milyun-milyon na salapi, bilyun-bilyon na kwarta, mga malalaking bahay, mga mansion, malalawak na lupain, magagarang sasakyan, malalaking business ang mga pag-aari nila at may hawak pang kapangyarihan sa pamahalaan. Opisyales pa ang mga anak na dati-rati, eh, hindi pa naipapanganak o napakapaslit pa ng nakaupo ang ama sa pamahalaan. At ang buong pamilya ay nagpapasasa sa kasaganahan at karangyaan.

      Kawawang Juan Pasangcrus na inuulol ng mga ulol!

    2. People should not make haste judgement unless there is a proof beyond reasonable doubt of the anomalies. There should be no name calling and let’s be professional when making criticism otherwise people won’t listen or read to your story. I believe what happened during the time of Marcos should not be compared with PNoy’s time. We have to course the issue of DAP and its usage to the investigation committee. Personally and as OFW, I see the President being attacked here by people who were caught in the pork barrel scam, ex-President Arroyo Camp, etc. and would like to get back at PNoy and allies. Do you all want to see what happened to Thailand? Let’s be calm and have an indepth study of the issues. Mr. Tiglao is definitely against the administration and everybody see. Is he right on his so called expose. As they say, there is always a second story to all of these. The truth will come out!! The same way the pork barrel scam came to light.

      • The Supreme Court already ruled out that DAP is unconstitutional so what PNoy did here is illegal and considered a corruption.

    3. teresa mallari on

      Browsing through the comments, I noticed that it is Abad who seemingly masterminded this whole DAP scheme and that BS Aquino just merely checked a box for his approval. It never even crossed our minds to consider that perhaps he was the one who orchestrated this whole thing as if he lacks the capability to think or he is even regarded as negligent or worst ignorant and that is the worst regard we could ever give to a sitting President–that he is a mere instrument of his cabinet officials. Such a fate.

      • I beg to disagree, obviously PNoy is the architect of all this. Would you think that Abad will put a budget for Tarlac worth P2B? It is PNoy’s baluarte so he is the one who orchestrated this.

    4. Dodi Martin on

      Let them answer to all these juggling of funds and making use of the people’s money as their own! Wagas namang makagamit ng mga pondo itong 2 ito! Dapat siguro mabulok sa kulungan para huwag nang pamarisan!

    5. …manila times with its effort to support the truth and let the people know it, is doing a big service to the whole country…MABUHAY PO KAYO…

      • Sa congressional hearing,pinaniniwalaan ang multo o spirito as a witness
        parang small lady por favor ke abnoy

    6. Thank you for your expose Mr. Tiglao, I am not an expert in accounting or finance but my calculated mind kept bugging me that not all the accusations they made to GMA were true. I am not really a fan of GMA, but I still stand in the dignity and justice that should have been accorded to her. Ha,ha the more they lied, the more the truth comes out in the light of PDAP & DAP. I am making a copy of all your expose, to act now seems a little vague since they are still in power. Anyway I have enough materials to convince friends, relatives, associates, workers, my comrades in church, etc. for the next election.
      I hope others will do the same.

    7. What a harsh reality we have. A president who always thinks he’s right. An arrogant elite who has no heart at all. What can we do? It pains me to think that the only chance we have is the coming election in 2016.

    8. There is no doubt in my mind, and I said this before, that based on the facts that are coming out, pulido-tan was promised something for the supposed “expose” that “rocked” the country. That was the gimmick to give her credit but at the same time covering up the president’s booboo. Always, always, things are not the way they seem. There are always deeper intentions behind a smiling face. Who can we trust now? I also said this before, pnoy was lambasting the marcoses, a thief hates another thief.

    9. I will have Marcos back anytime, than this phlegm-yellow moron…

      I really hope Bongbong and Miriam do run in 2016! NO one remotely yellow, so that Pnoy and his cohorts will be jailed in 2016…

    10. Lord Chimera on

      Ouch, being compared to the guy who persecuted his father must hurt his ego and do I care if it hurts him? No.

    11. It’s quite pathetic that some readers/observers can only see the plain corruption campaign of this administration, as exemplified by the arrest of the three senators which, of itself, shows bias. What happened to the others who belong to the party of the president? How about the illegal accumulation, manipulation and expenditure of the DAP money and the ‘evil’ of using it as a ‘bribe’ to unseat a member of another co-equal department of the government? While the impeachment might have been justified, the means adopted is no justification at all.The use of the term “rape of congress” has its worst implications than plain corruption. Assuming that this administration is serious about ridding corruption in the government (walang mahirap kung walang kurap), there are more serious problems and possible consequences caused by the ‘missteps’, deliberate or otherwise, of the current government. In essence, the corruption campaign appears to be more of a ‘charade’ which serves as a ‘smokescreen’ to the other anomalies. Finally, the best of intentions with erroneous convictions can only bring illusion and confusion.

    12. my oh my…I know Aquino is up to no good, but not on this scale! tsk,tsk…the Filipino people are F%&#$ED.

    13. These crminal acts will not go unpunished, Abnoy may be able to esccape the impeachment during his term because he was able to bribed the upper and lower houses but after his term and hopefully an honest and God fearing president will be elected then there is no way but jail to all the players of these evil things. Abnoy is so arrogant thinking that he is above the law but there is always time for everything and your time Abnoy and company is just few ticks away from jail and he will be remembered as the WORST president the country has ever head, the very first insane president of Pinas, what a shame….

      • Do not forget, the marcoses were all for god! they built churches, and most if not all of their houses had chapels built in. Being godly is the front of most corrupt people and of all dictators. Imelda said, god can smite me if I am lying. she was emboldened to say that because she knows there is no god who will smite her and burn her with lightning. Religion is always the veil that these corrupt people wear.

    14. There are clamors to know where the DAP funds went to / how it was used. That’s good.

      Perhaps it would also be interesting to know where the funds came from – the detailed list of which items in the approved budget were cancelled or discontinued in favor of getting it transfers to the DAP.

    15. Yes, I think comprehensive audit of all the hold DAP funds should be done by an independent body or auditors. Several favored LGUs were recepients of the LGU support funds and performance challenge funds and were used in the last local elections 2013 to buy and influenced voters.

    16. Alejo Rosete on

      Tan hindik hindik – mga “Buwaya” sa lipunan.
      Kayo ang “Boss ko”. Ang Presidente ninyo ay masahul pa kay Marcos. Si Marcos ay pinatalsik ninyo. Ano pa ang hinihintay ninyo, mga “Boss”.

      Mahirap patalsikin ang Presidente ninyo – dahil, buhay pa pala si Gen. Ver, I mean ang Secretary ng DAP.

      According to story and/or joke I heard, when Marcos got mad at General Ver, in his anger, the President ordered General Ver to jump out of the window. And the General respond to the President – “What Floor Sir”? Then General Ver turn 180 degrees and walk away murmuring the word “lateg mo”. Excuse me of this Ilocano word – fundly used to close relatives to described their indispensability to one another – which means nothing serious of what was said.

      Is Secretary Abad – the General Ver of President BS Aquino? All communications before it reached the table of President (Marcos) is screen first by General Ver.

      How come that these transactions did not bear the “as noted” from Secretary Ochoa?
      I am just asking?

    17. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy will get away with this Dap because we are all coward. The poor can not last a day of rally against pnoy because of hunger.

    18. Why are we having these sort of problems ? The reason is simple : it is because of the stupidity and ignorance of the PHILIPPINE ELECTORATE who elected these government
      officials. LOOK NO FURTHER. These problems will persist until such time we have a more
      INTELIGENT ELECTORATE …….maybe towards the end of time.

    19. We who want honesty and integrity in governance, do we need a much better evidence than what Mr. R. Tiglao provides us in his above article? All I can say is, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” The truth hurts, but it is liberating, if we are only humble enough to heed it.

    20. Agree… Aquino was a Marcos! Marcos brought the country number in Asia. Aquino is doing the same. Only on Marcos the country was destabilized by corrupt officials like Enrile et al for their greediness. Pilipino sa pilipino nagpatayan dahil lang sa kanilang kasakiman. That’s why He declared martial law to take control. But still they won because they used NPA to make Marcos more evil! They are still doing it now like using rebels in the siege in Zamboanga.

      What is more evil DAP or PDAF? How many decades this PDAF existed… How many rallies and protests in the street we shouted to abolish the PDAF? Did GMA, Erap, Ramos and Cory listened to our woes??? Big no… Only Pnoy!!!

      My question is… Who will be accountable on PDAF issue? They are both declared unconstitutional. Who are those people signed the PDAF? Di ba mas nakakaloko ang PDAF dahil pinag usapan pa sa kongreso at senado tapos pirmado pa ng presidente.. Unconstitutional din pala. Ilang billion o trillion ang nawala sa atin? Kung ikulong si Pnoy dapat ikulong din ang mga nasa likod ng PDAF. Dagdagan din ang kaso ng Big 3 senators.

      Baka nakaligtaan nyo ang komento ng isang hukom. DAP was used to accelerate disbursement of funds with positive result! Eh yong PDAF may maganda bang nangyari? Wala… Ginagamit lang ang PDAF ng mga buwayang politiko para ipambili ng boto sa susunod na eleksiyon. May mga iskolar nga sila kaso tatanungin ka naman kung butante ka sa lugar. Meron nga naman silang proyekto pero naglalakihan namang karatula nakalagay ang pangalan nila. Ito ang numero unong dahilan kaya mahirap pa rin tayo. Nang suspindihin ang PDAF, meron pa ba kayong nakikitang naglalakihang karatula “Through the effort of congressman”?

      Huwag po tayong padalos dalos. Timbangin po muna natin ang sitwasyon. Wag po tayong padadala agad sa matatamis na salita ng media!

      • there was no positive results for the dap. the funds that went to the improvement of aquinos homeland were tripled or maybe quadrupled in amount to they can get 3/4 that amount to put into their pockets. Besides, the amount involved in the dap is astonishingly high. For one person to use such huge amount, where did it go?
        Another things, it was not enrile and ramos who came up with the idea of the NPA problem. the 3 of them to include the brains of the brains and maybe to include ver, came up with this idea. REmember, marcos was very smart, and really intelligent. Sad, he used it to control his country so he can be president forever. Enrile and ramos just staged the npa problems so that marcos can declare martial law.

      • …masakit isipin na may mga taong kayang bigyang ng rason ang aksyon n ginawa gaya ng sa DAP…135 -150 bilion pesos sa loob ng 2years…may repOrt po ba na nagsabi na naubos ito sa magandang proyekto, di po ba kau nagtataka kung bakit di ma-audit ni maam tan ang mga pera na to…sana po imulat natin ang ating mga mata at sabay sabay nating sabihin na MALI YAN….para magkaroon tayo ng iisang boses para sabihing MALI ANG MALI…

      • Dahil sa kagaguhan pati delihensya ng mga sentong at tongressmsn nabulgar. It is a honest mistake made by Abnoy ,now! no more delihensya. Abnoy still had DAP to continue bribing the buwayas (In good faith) .Abnoy cannot dictate the senate by seying” de demonized ko kayong lahat na magnanakaw dito sa congress.Hawak namin ni Kris ang ABS CBN at GMA kaya matakot kayo. Resback ng senate “gusto mong impeached..Abnoy replied NO sige aken suhol na lang sa inyo.

    21. How much of our money was diverted by DAP brains Butch Abad to fund his interests and advocacies and what were they? After all, he has this President and his yellow administration wrapped around his dirty finger.

    22. Nakakasuka itong expose mo Mr. Tiglao!! Thank you for bringing this out.

      I think Aquino should be impeached for these anomalies and Abad be charged for the appropriate crimes – plunder, malversation of funds!

      If it were up to me, those involved in the plunder of the peoples’ money – PDAF and DAP- should face the firing squad.

    23. Let COA through its Chairperson account also the 143.7 million pesos of DAP fund allocated to that agency. This may be the reason on the slow moving audit on DAP.

    24. Mr. Tiglao, thanks for the well documented information. With no fear you exposed the hidden demonic character of this president similar to the dictator decades ago. Please continue to write for the interests of the public who were doped with the misleading mantra of transparency and good governance. How could we forgived aquino for misusing hundreds of billions of taxpayers money for bribing senate and congress when there are more pressing needs to be funded for more food production and more infrastructures in the countryside. After four years had passed this callous president showed his true color. So frustrating to know.

    25. Mr. R. Tiglao in this column has portrayed a massive illegal juggling and diversions of public money thru DAP to various inter agencies of the Executive branch, without any visible effects on “stimulating the economy”! How could DAP funds allocated to DILG, DSW, Adele’s -Bangsang Moro group, and other agencies, help stimulate the economy? These were not high-impact projects that can contribute to GNP. It appears these funds were given to help the head of the agency, like Mar Roxas , to endear himself with local government officials (governors, mayors and barrio captains) as an early campaign showers for his planned presidential bid in 2016. In other words, DAP funds are a pooled of artificial forced savings of other non-prioritized or discontinued or intentionally abandoned project of a non-complaining agency, which are premiditatedly for use on projects of personal interest and whims of Aquino! Fortunately and in the Nick of time, DAP was ruled illegal and unconstitutional!
      Jun Adan
      New York City

    26. Mr. Rogoberto Tiglao have been exposing countless fraudulent acts of the King of Pork, DAP and Fraud but the Malakanyan mouthpieces have not replied and rebutted what this excellent columnists have been writing about. Mr. Tigloa’s articles are painfully biting to this administration but nary a comment was and is heard from the communicators of PNoy. No wonder the Philippine Daily Inquirer let go of Mr. Tiglao because they may fall out of grace from the Aqiomp administration who they rabidly supported from the Cory regime up to the present Malakanyang corruptor-in chief.

    27. TIGLAO,you are expert on corruption,you use to work for madam CORRUPT ex PRESIDENT GLORIA ARROYO,show evidence,the way you write your column its confusing and doesnt make sense.enrile,estrada &revilla are in jail because there are evidence of plunder and other charges.if you are a real journalist why dont you write about these tres bandidos.eye for an eye Mr President,dont let this piece of dirt grind you down.MABUHAY PRESIDENT AQUINO. 6 more years,so have more time to put the crooks away and make philippines the best nation in asia.then the world.

      • think deeper and read very closely. if you don’t see the evidence I don’t know what will. you are blinded because of your avid support for pinoy. that is the problem. people who keep believing even if the facts contradict everything. We should keep an open mind, read both sides of the story and make a reasonable conclusion. do not just say oh, I love Aquino, he cannot do this, these opposition are crazy. crazy? think twice! the facts are all around you! Be wiser, do not be blind.

      • Daang Matuwid on

        to mei:
        mahirap talaga pag nagbulag bulagan hehehe. baka nga si pNoy yan eh.


      This DAP iunder this administration is yet the biggest scandal ever. Unless these
      crooks and crocodiles like Aquino, Abad and company are punished this country
      will not be going anywhere. Marcos did not use the DAP to bribe these crocodiles
      in congress to impeach a sitting chief justice. Marcos had a lot of infrastructures
      and accomplishments during his term. Peace and order was far better, The
      Philippines was self-sufficient in rice. The Philippines was then in the forefront.
      Thailand who used to send their students to Los Banos to study rice production is
      now a major exporter of rice. This Aquino, what has he accomplished in his 4 years
      in office? His accomplishments so far are notably, going after his enemies(vindictive)
      impeaching Corona, arrogance, invent the DAP even knowing it as against the law,
      master of double standard(as senator, he introduced senate bill 3121 prohibiting
      the impounding of unobligated funds, as senator he filed a bill limiting the number
      of time that a bypassed appointee can be re-appointed) However, when he became
      president together with ABAD, they invented the DAP, as president, he reappointed
      De Lima, Soliman, etc four (4) times. Another known accomplishment of this abnoy
      is nepotism. If the Filipino people does not yet know, there are 11 Abads in the
      government. Is this not nepotisim. These acts are all contrary to law and of course
      contrary to what he has be saying when he was not a president yet. But time changed
      and so with what he does. Marcos can never be compared with this abnoy who
      is incompetent, mentally disturbed, inept, corrupt and vindictive. Filipino people
      think about it. Are we better off today or before? Today, the Supreme Court
      have declared that the DAP & PDAP are unconstitutional. Meaning what this
      abnoy and abad did are against the law. A clear and blatant disregard of the
      constitution. As a Filipino, I love my country and so that’s the reason why these
      corrupt abnoy and abad be made liable if only to restore the thrust and respect
      of the people in their government.