Without Congress’ approval, Aquino set up own P72-B pork barrel fund


We need another people power aimed at replacing all politicians and abolishing pork barrels. DAP, etc. and prosecute and jail these idiots and teach everybody a lesson. Lastly, every Filipino common tao should also reform himself by not giving bribes from the lowest to the highest crook and report any of these. and for goverrment workers, is not to accept bribe and report it to authorities whoever is bribing them and be arrested. too much of peoples monies have been stolen already for 2 decades. are we these stupid to let this pass by?
Tom De Leon, northwest98@gmail.com


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  1. joebert banderas on

    sino ang ipapalit mo si binay,swerte tayo kay Pnoy dahil nalalaman natin ang matagal ng katiwalian sa ating bansa.sa lahat ng nagdaan na president walang nangunguna sa pagsugpo ng katiwalian