• Without pork, Aquino is a lame duck


    he will never be a lame duck, because if we the people put marcos out, we the people have always stood for each of us, then we the people should and always will be standing beside our president if he abolish pdaf. no more forecasting of what will happen but more on what the people want and the people will surely follow… ang tanong susunod ba kayo… baka naman sa halagang limangdaan ay magmartsa na rin kayo sa edsa at patalsikin si pinoy, pasensya na katotohanan lang po… :)
    Romel Pineda, romelpineda@hotmail.com

    Why not seek the participation of the barangays to submit their basic needs in the grassroots level then submit to the Local Chief Executives for funding in order for them to scrutinize what they can do in the local level out of their local funds. Anything in excess shall be considered out of the PDAFs of the congressmen in their respective localities and anything in excess thereafter, if any shall be funded by the DBM in the budgets of the departments who shall implement the project. Proper coordination and monitoring should be done by the barangays and report actions taken blow by blow to their constituents for purposes of transparency.
    Mercedes DC Catiil, merce_catiil@yahoo.com


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    1. Nothing will happen! it will be back to the norm of corruption and deceit, knowing our NINGAS KUGOON mentality. After yesterdays palabas of the yellow brigade. The Balsy scandal and all Noynoys shortcomings will be forgotten, back to the kurakot business. What a joke!!!! Did you notice the much vaunted massa? It would have made a lot of difference if they were there. The organizers made sure they were not.60.000 mostly from the yellow brigade.