Without pork, Aquino is a lame duck


Nothing will happen! it will be back to the norm of corruption and deceit, knowing our NINGAS KUGOON mentality. After yesterdays palabas of the yellow brigade. The Balsy scandal and all Noynoys shortcomings will be forgotten, back to the kurakot business. What a joke!!!! Did you notice the much vaunted massa? It would have made a lot of difference if they were there. The organizers made sure they were not.60.000 mostly from the yellow brigade.

I believe that Pork barrel might be needed, but to prevent pocketing or maybe lessen it, it has to be subject to auditing and anything that goes against the ruling should be prosecuted…. Also, maybe the pork barrel has to be lessen because I have noticed since the pork barrel has been increased. government workers in hazardous areas like hospitals and etc.. have prob with benefits to be specific – Hazard pay. Not until Noynoy stepped up in office our Hazard pays have been wisely manipulated. That’s just an observance…
Christopher, cjcngosiok@gmail.com


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