• Wives, mistresses face-off in ‘D’ Originals’


    Filipinos love to watch stories with plenty of twists, confrontations and melodramatic scenes.

    As such, one topic that often keeps viewers glued to the television and gets them watching movies is infidelity. While this storyline goes against the family-centric Filipino culture, it is a reality that has made No Other Woman, A Secret Affair, The Mistress, The Legal Wife, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real, My Neighbor’s Wife, and My Husband’s Lover audience-drawers.

    With the beginning of a new season on TV, GMA Network offers a different spin on the sensitive subject with wives getting even with philandering husbands via sexy drama-comedy series D’Originals.

    The ‘original wives’ in the series portrayed by (from left) Kim Domingo, Jaclyn Jose, and LJ Reyes

    Premiering this afternoon, the show is top-billed by 2016 Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose, featuring LJ Reyes, Kim Domingo, Katrina Halili, Jestoni Alarcon, Mark Herras, Meg Imperial, Archie Alemania, and Lovely Abella.

    According to series director Adolf Alix Jr., D’Originals sets itself apart by showing audiences every side of the characters involved in the story of infidelity, and without turning to heavy drama scenes to show the reality. Humor takes over the scenes, but in a way that will supposedly empower women as well.

    “The stereotype is that if one is a mistress, she’s already a bad person. But we want to let people see what they go through when they find themselves entangled in such situations. That’s the twist that we hope will help people to understand both sides so that the show is not just about the fighting and confrontations,” Alix detailed at the show’s press conference before the Holy Week break.

    Cast of characters
    Jose plays a domestic diva whose prowess in the kitchen is matched only by her rival, Halili. Alarcon plays the role of a once loyal husband who strays when faced with the excitement of an affair at mid-life.

    Reyes is an entrepreneur who is forced to be the family’s breadwinner when husband Herras chooses to sit it out at home while waiting for his dream job. When his wife becomes too busy for his amorous advances, he finds more than enough comfort in the company of his sister-in-law, Abella.

    Domingo, on the other hand, plays a sexy Zumba instructor who has become a veteran in dealing with her husband Alemania’s numerous affairs. However, his latest mistress Imperial is proving to be more destructive than usual.

    Afternoon dramedy
    Jose said she believes D’Originals will be a hit what with its lighter take on marriage woes.

    “It is an experimental dramedy (drama comedy) in the afternoon. This is about women who have husbands, and husbands who have other women. This is an unfortunate reality that happens in the lives of many Filipino people so it needs to be told,” Jose said.

    She admitted that she has encountered many mistresses of her past partners in real life.

    Recalling one of them, she related, “I waited for my guy and his mistress outside a building, then I saw him put his arms around her shoulders. So I got out of my car and barged towards them, shouting at them to face me. Shamed, the father of my kids decided to leave both his mistress and me! So I got more mad at the girl and really embarrassed her,” she related in blind item style.

    “There was this other time when I attended a party and they hid the girl in a room. Someone told me about her so I went to see her. She was watching television and I told her, ‘Oh, I’ve seen that before, it’s about infidelity,’ then I moved beside her and pushed her against the wall. I locked the door and asked if she did something with my guy that I didn’t know. The girl said they just kissed. I didn’t believe her so I kicked her in the face,” she cackled.

    “That’s probably why I don’t have a partner right now!” Jose added jokingly.

    Joining the rest of the cast of D’Originals are Mikoy Morales, Arny Ross, Elyson De Dios, and Chlaui Malayao. The show premieres today at 4:15 p.m. on GMA Afternoon Prime.


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