• Wolfgang music comes alive

    Wolfgang frontman Basti Artadi serves some rock-n-roll classics with Electro Voice’s X1 speakers

    Wolfgang frontman Basti Artadi serves some rock-n-roll classics with Electro Voice’s X1 speakers

    Consistent and excellent sound quality executed from one venue to another is what makes live performances great. Also essential are loud, crisp and clear speakers that capture the intricacies of one’s musicality and voice tonality.

    That’s exactly what audiophiles got for a treat when Wolfgang frontman Basti Artadi captivated his audience at the launch of Electro-Voice’s (EV) newest array of loudspeakers called X-Line Advance.

    Featured at his performance staged at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City was the X1-212/90, which represents a dynamic step forward in line-array loudspeaker system design achieved after rigorous R&D.

    “The top Electro-Voice engineers developed an entirely new technology called Mid-Band Hydra [MBH] that enabled us to successfully produce the performance of a double line of four-way, three-inch point sources in a 12-inch, two-way format,” said Tony Sawyer, Applications Specialist for Electro-Voice Global.

    Designed from the ground up, the new loudspeakers offer a range of new features and advanced audio technologies that work together to surpass the performance of other line arrays available today—and all preserving mid-frequency sound and clarity in a significantly more compact cabinet.

    Serving some rock-n-roll classics on the plate, Artadi and his crew comfortably shredded the stage rigged with EV’s X1 Installation Line Speakers.

    “Playing in a room with a good-sounding environment is a motivation for us musicians to put on a good show,” said Artadi. “The X1 Line Array really pushed the envelope for us. The mixing levels of our instruments were clear without overlapping one sound to another. This configuration renders very well with our dynamic musical necessities when on tour or on a one-night act.”

    The X1-212/90 is a compact 12-inch vertical line-array loudspeaker system that is ideal for small- and mid-sized applications including houses of worship, local/regional rental companies, corporate events, clubs, and entertainment venues.

    Though it is approximately a third smaller in size than systems typically used in these environments, the X1 is designed to deliver superior audio performance and higher output—meaning fewer units are required to achieve desired results—while also making system design, transit, and setup/teardown more efficient and cost-effective.

    Electro Voice is Bosch’s leading audio brand. It has set the standard in line array speakers after launching its first product in the ‘90s.


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