Woman receives rare intestine transplant from sister


A 27-year-old woman received a rare living-donor intestine transplant from her little sister at a Northwest China hospital.

Cheng Fei and her sister Tian are both recovering well following the 8-hour, robot-assisted procedure in January at Xi’an’s Xijing Hospital.

Surgeons successfully removed 1.8 meters of small intestines from 20-year-old Cheng Tian (both pseudonyms) to transplant into her sister.

The average length of the organ is 6 meters -Tian donated around 25 percent of her small intestines to her sister.

Fei said she was diagnosed at 18 years old with intestinal atresias, or genetic malformations that result in narrow or disconnected segments in the gastrointestinal tract.

But in July, a pregnant Fei was taken to hospital for acute abdominal pain.

Doctors had found her small intestines were dying and removed them.

She lost the 3-month-old fetus in the operation.

The operation also left Fei with four centimeters of small intestine. Fortunately, Tian was a match for a transplant. GLOBAL TIMES


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