• Woman selling fake Mighty cigarettes arrested


    Cavite policemen in coordination with Mighty Corporation representatives have arrested a woman selling fake Mighty cigarettes, other tobacco brands and household items in Coastal Anabu, Imus.

    Imus Police Chief Supt. Red Maranan said in his report to OIC Cavite Police Director Sr. Supt. Mafelino Bazar, the woman was nabbed while selling fake Mighty Menthol 100s and other tobacco brands.

    The police withheld her name pending the result of a follow up operation.

    Also seized from the suspect were various kinds of soap and vetsin she initially admitted as counterfeit household items.

    The woman in her mid-40s is detained at the Imus police station after a Mighty Corp. representative confirmed that the cigarettes she was selling are bogus. She was then charged with violating Republic Act 8293 or the Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Law.

    Her arrest came after San Jose City policemen have detained a suspect for supplying fake cigarettes to sari-sari stores in a city in Nueva Ecija.

    San Jose City police station chief supt. Nolie Azuncion said his team responded to complaints from some wholesale stores that a vendor was selling fake Mighty and Marvels cigarettes.

    He added that the police team collared the suspect on board a tricycle while in possession of the fake cigarettes. Mighty Corp. representatives confirmed that the cigarettes were indeed counterfeit.


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    1. Sirs:

      about article the (Woman selling fake Mighty cigarettes arrested) The Cavite Provincial Director Senior Supt. Eliseo Cruz is the OIC as Police Director and not Police Senior Supt.Mafelino Bazar (Who?) Imus City Police Supt.Red Maranan is not a a Police Chief Superitendent he has not promoted in the position as mentioned by unknow writer of this story.Parang Bayad na ads.Get your facts at Cam Crame or at cavite provincial police headquarters not in a hearsay and not with paid anonymous writer.

    2. Enric Tolentino on

      Shouldn’t the high officials of The Manila Times take immediate action regarding some scandals or controversies triggered by certain news items?

      As an example, let’s use the news item entitled “Woman selling fake Mighty cigarettes arrested” (posted on Oct. 13). It has glaring mistakes and serious implications. It offends not only many Caviteños but also those serving the government.

      The name of our present Cavite Provincial Police Director is Eliseo Cruz. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? Where did you get the name Mafelino Bazar? Who is this lucky person whom you appointed and promoted instantly? So, how many readers become victims of your disinformation, sabotage, or intrigue? Do you have the balls, decency, or professionalism to send apologies to both Eliseo Cruz and Mafelino Bazar? Do you publish or call police officers by their nicknames or aliases? Is “Red” the real first of Colonel Maranan of Imus City? Just asking.

      Also, this kind of news (mentioned above) appears to be one of the products of a Mafia inside The Manila Times establishment. The practice of “payola” is obvious here because the full name of the corporation and two brand names of its products are openly mentioned. This is a form of advertising. Somebody gets paid. But is it legitimate or a hidden agenda? On TV or films, if you show bottles of San Miguel beer (in front of the camera) being consumed by your characters, the assumption or suspicion is that the film makers get paid for advertising. This practice is immoral. It is not part of the script or “flow” of the story.

      By the way, who is the author of the news item I mentioned above? Did you forget, or intentionally erase it?

      We Caviteños, feel cheated or ignored by The Manila Times. There are lots of events or news taking place in our province everyday. But seldom does your newspaper publish them. They get published by other newspapers. If you (rarely) publish an article about Cavite, it has factual errors, like the one above. Are you anti-Cavite? Is The Manila Times a corrupt media entity? Just asking.

    3. Heythereit'sbueno on

      With the increase in excise taxes, more and more people switch to cheaper brands. This further encourages the entry of contraband and counterfeir products, which is dangerous for the business.

    4. This is good news for the cigarette industry. At least the sellers of these counterfeit cigarettes will relaize the repercussions of their actions.