Women also manage traffic in Sagada


SAGADA, Mountain Province: The once heavy traffic along the narrow streets of  Sagada during the Lenten break became a thing of the past with the help of women traffic aides.

Four women traffic aides deployed at Dagdag Poblacion managed traffic along the narrow streets of the town. They were hired to manage traffic in the town, where most of the houses along the street also function as inns, souvenir shops and restaurants.

However, one of the traffic aides said a major problem were drivers who go beyond the allowable 10-minute unloading time.

“We have to repeatedly remind them until they leave the road,” a woman traffic aide, who did not want to be identified, said.

Visitors with cars and are also reminded by police stationed at the Kiltepan junction to drop off their companions at the inns or restaurants, and then proceed to designated parking spaces at the Tangeb softball grounds.

Most inns and restaurants  in the area don’t have parking spaces.

Cars are also directed to stay at the parking spaces for the whole duration of its drivers’ and passengers’ stay in the walk town of Sagada. Also, some local vans are available for hire by visitors who do not want to walk to the caves and other attractions of the town.
At least 5,000 tourists visi- ted Sagada during the recent Lenten season.


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