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    Kim Domingo

    Kim Domingo

    Even as the year winds down with last two months of 2016 upon us, it is ne­ver too late to begin a new and pro­mising endeavor. No less than a senator, a primetime star, and a rising celebrity believe this to be true, with their latest undertakings catching the bright lights of the biz.

    Before Loren Legarda became a Senator, she was the country’s leading broadcast journalist, at the same time hosted shows on television. After a long absence on TV due to her position in government, she returns to the platform where she was first known, bringing along her advocacy on protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples (Ips) through the weekly documentary, Dayaw.

    GMA Artist Center talent Glaiza De Castro believes in the mantra of paying forward. Early October, she organized a 10K Marathon for the benefit of SPED students in Valenzuela. On October 22, she initiated a charity showcase for the benefit of the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Ward amassing support from fellow showbiz denizens.

    2017 Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl Kim Domingo started her showbiz career when she entered “Little Miss Philippines” on Eat Bulaga. As she grew up, she joined several other talent contests and modelled on the side. She rose to fame with her viral videos lip-synching “Twerk It Like Miley” and doing the “Trumpets” challenge. She is an epitome of GSM’s theme, “Ganado sa Buhay.”

    Loren Legarda

    Loren Legarda

    Loren returns to TV
    After a long absence from television, broadcaster-turned-senator Loren Legarda is set to face the camera again as she brings her cultural advocacy to ANC beginning November 3. Titled Dayaw, the show is a partnership between the ABS-CBN News Channel and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and will unfold as a six-part, 30-minute weekly documentary on the preservation of Philippine heritage.

    Legarda has always been considered as one of the most respected broadcast journalists before she became a public servant. She started her TV career at age 18, and reaped awards for her work until she shifted to government. To recall, Legarda was executive producer and anchor of PEP Talk, the first “telemagazine” show of ABS-CBN in the post-EDSA era, and which won more than 30 awards including the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Hall of Fame. She was also executive producer and anchor of The Inside Story, and newscaster of The World Tonight with the late Angelo Castro Jr. before she left ABS-CBN to run for the Senate in 1998.

    A three-term legislator, Legarda has always championed the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the preservation of traditional culture. As such she hopes to showcase through Dayaw her knowledge and appreciation of indigenous traditions and how these can help define what it is to be a Filipino, while strengthening love for country.

    “My interest in indigenous peoples’ culture goes back three decades and they never fail to amaze me. Whenever I talk to IPs or visit indigenous communities, I always discover marvelous things about our culture and heritage. Doing the Dayaw TV series is an enriching experience for me because I continuously learn about our indigenous culture with every episode. We have a very rich culture that we must all try to learn about and I hope that through Dayaw, Filipinos will be inspired and encouraged to discover their indigenous roots. To me, it is not just another television show but a legacy for the Filipino people,” she said during the program’s official announcement at ABS-CBN’s headquarters.

    Each episode of Dayaw promises a rich treasure trove of images, insights, traditions and beliefs from various groups, juxtaposing differences and similarities, creating a synthesis of culture.

    On the series premiere, the documentary zeroes in on the ways Filipinos preserve, prepare and present food—from the salt-making tradition of the North, to the Halal of the South.

    The second episode tackles how the environment shapes traditional homes, such as the Ivatan home, the Ifugao Bale, the T’boli longhouse, the Bahay Kubo, and the Bahay na Bato.

    In the third episode, the Legarda will highlight the different rituals that employ music, chant, and dance, such as the Subli of Batangas, the Tudbulul chant of the T’Boli, and the Bulul ritual of the Ifugao.

    Episode four will take on an even more spiritual route, as it surveys the rich spiritual traditions of the Agusanon Babaylan, the Mambobolo and Mananambal of Siquijor, and the Baglan of Abra.

    Finally, the last two episodeswill focus on traditional adornments on the body, from the Kalinga batok tattoos of Whang Od, and the traditional jewelry of the Ivatan, to the heirloom beads of the Kalinga and the Gaddang, to the modern jewelry of Bulacan.

    Dayaw will air every Thursday, 6 p.m. on ANC.

     Glaiza de Castro

    Glaiza de Castro

    The compassionate Sang’re
    Pirena may be the fiercest Sang’re among the four princesses of Encantadia, but in real life, actress Glaiza De Castro has a most compassionate heart. As her star continues to rise, she never forgets to pay it forward as she shares her blessings with those less fortunate. For de Castro, to give back is not just a choice but a commitment.

    Despite her busy schedule, the actress successfully organized a 10K marathon for the benefit of the SPED [Special Education] students in Valenzuela City in early October. She invited her Encantadia co-stars and some friends from the industry to support her cause, and also had the help of her fans to raise funds through the fun-filled physical activity.

    She initiated another charity event on October 22 at UP Cine Adarna to raise funds for the patients of the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Ward.

    “Nakakatuwa na maraming gustong sumuporta sa mga ganitong pagtulong, kaya naman nakakagana ring ulit-ulitin [It’s heartening to learn that so many people are eager to support causes that help the less fortunate]. I am overwhelmed with all the blessings that continue to come my way, and I simply want to share them with the people who need it most,” said the GMA Network star.

    Kim sizzles as GSM calendar girl
    Kim Domingo is officially the new “Pantasya ng Bayan” with her launch as Ginebra San Miguel’s (GSM) 2017 Calendar Girl at a grand reveal at the Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City.

    The up-and-coming French-Pinay actress now joins the ranks of top female celebrities who have graced the collectible calendar through the years, including Ellen Adarna (2015), Marian Rivera (2009 and 2014), Georgina Wilson (2013), Solenn Heusaff (2012), Anne Curtis (2011), and her predecessor Arci Muñoz (2016).

    Domingo, who has always dreamt of being an actress, feels very fortunate to have been chosen for the plum project, positive it will open more doors for her to succeed in show business.

    “I hope that more and more people will become familiar with me through this campaign,” she told The Manila Times in a brief interview after the launch. “I don’t mind that I’ve started out with a sexy image with Bubble Gang and then Juan Happy Love Story, and now this,” she enumerated her most significant projects so far, “but I also hope that eventually, I’ll be able to show everyone that I can do more as a versatile actress.”

    According to GSM brand manager Paolo Tupaz, besides Domingo’s good looks and perfect physique, it is also the mestiza’s inspiring story, which led them to choose her for the calendar.

    “Kim definitely personifies our marketing campaign, ‘Ganado Sa Buhay’. She worked her way up to become one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry today. Her story is an inspiration to every hardworking Filipino,” he said.

    “Even when I was younger, I already had specific goals in life; I knew what I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish. Being an only child, I also learned to be strong and independent early on. I’m very grateful that my hard work and perseverance are starting to bear fruit now. So for our ka-barangays, I just want to send a message that if we remain strong, focused and ‘Ganado sa Buhay’, we will be able to achieve our goals and dreams,” the actress conveyed.

    Domingo first set foot in showbiz as a contestant on Eat Bulaga’s “Little Miss Philippines.” In the following year, she would join several other talent reality competitions and get into modeling.

    She rose to fame with her viral videos on YouTube, lip-syncing “Twerk It Like Miley” and dancing to the “Trumpets” challenge, which got almost two million views.

    More than just a pretty face, the fast-rising star is also a girl of many talents. Besides hosting, dancing, and throwing punch lines in Bubble Gang, she is also a recording artist, having just released her debut single “Know Me” under GMA Records.


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