• Wong Chu King Foundation to fund chapel construction for Xavier School


    THE Wong Chu King Foundation (WCKF), a non-government organization that supports education in its projects and programs, is funding the construction of the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School Building for Xavier School in San Juan City.

    The chapel will be dedicated “in loving memory of the friendship” of Wong Chu King, patriarch of the family that formed WCKF, and Jesuit priests Jean Desautels and Ismael Zuloaga.

    According to WCKF Vice President Caesar Wongchuking, the Sacred Heart Chapel of Xavier School’s senior high school building is being built “in line with the cause and passion for education of my father, our family patriarch.”

    Wong Chu King was one of the school’s founding donors. Fr. Desautels, a French-Canadian Jesuit, was one of the school’s founders and its first president and director. Fr. Zuloaga was the school’s longest-serving president and director at 19 years, from 1966 to 1985. The school is named after St. Francis Xavier, one of the first leaders of Jesuit missions in China.

    “Fr. Desautels went door-to-door in Manila for donations to buy the land needed to set up the school,” the WCKF vice president recalled. “At 3:30 p.m. on December 15, 1955, Fr. Desautels closed the deal and purchased the land barely an hour and a half before the 5 p.m. deadline agreed on with the seller of the land on which the school was eventually built.”

    “All of us, my siblings and I, graduated from Xavier School and imbibed the Jesuit’s God, education and service-centered mission,” he added.

    “This project is our way of honoring our father’s friendship with the Jesuit community and paying forward for the excellent education we received from the school,” said Alexander Wongchuking, WCKF executive director and Caesar’s elder brother.

    Signing the deed of donation are Marietta Wongchuking-Co Chien, WCKF Director; Johnip Cua, Xavier School chairman of the board of trustees; and Fr. Aristotle Dy, school president and director.

    The foundation is also financing the schooling of hundreds of poor but deserving students all over the country.


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