• Wong surrenders additional P38M to AMLC


    AMLC, Bangladesh ambassador receive the money from Wong’s lawyer

    CASINO junket operator Kam Sin Wong, also known as Kim Wong, on Monday surrendered an additional P38.28 million to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), his lawyer said.

    This is on top of the initially surrendered $4.63 million, part of the $81 million stolen by hackers from the Bangladesh Bank.

    Wong, represented by his legal counsel Victor Fernandez, turned over the money to AMLC member and Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc, Executive Director Julia Abad and Bangladesh Ambassador to the Philippines John Gomes. MAYVELIN CARABALLO


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    1. violeta agwayas on

      Nasan ang mga hackers na contact ng Wong dapat silang mahuli at makuhanan ng pera rin para maisuli at kailangan nila panagutan sa batas ang mga ginawa nila.

    2. By my calculations Wong is still ahead by 362 million pesos.
      He got 300 million pesos on day another 100 million pesos on another and 4.6 million dollars.

      He returned the 4.6 million dollars and now another 38 million pesos.

      Apparently crime pays in the Philippines, return some and keep the rest.