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GUESS WHO? 70-plus singer worked to the bone due to children; jealous network star’s power tripping ways

Ai-Ai de las Alas should know better next time when it comes to “spreading peace and goodwill” on behalf of a fellow actress.

Whether on her own volition or upon a friend’s matter-of-life-and-death request, the comedienne sent a string of text messages to a female colleague for exposing in her tabloid column the never-before-reported face-off between Andrea Torres and the wife of Dingdong Dantes. [Take note that Vignettes’ will be consistent not to mention the latter’s name for the rest of this column].

Said tabloid report contained specific details surrounding the very personal encounter between the two actresses, which took place at a Quezon City restaurant several months back.

On the pretext that she was to meet up with Triple A management office boss Tony Tuviera, Andrea excused herself from the taping of GMA Network’s “Bubble Gang” only to be “cornered” and later humiliated by an irrepressibly irate Mrs. Dantes.

Going back to Ai-Ai, she initially inquired about our fellow writer’s availability within the week following the publication of the face-off story. The comedienne’s succeeding text messages, however, gave her agenda away.

Apparently coming to Mrs. Dantes’ defense, Ai-Ai wanted to prove that her “twin sister” (she always refers to Dingdong’s wife as her kambal) has no mean bone in her body.

Ai-Ai further said that Mrs. Dantes had simply taken offense at Andrea’s straightforward answer at a presscon as to how excited she was over her love scenes with her husband in the latter’s prime time series, “Alyas Robinhood.”

To this whole brouhaha, Vignettes only has two words to offer: common sense. For had Andrea said otherwise, then holding a press con to promote the show would have been pointless. Worse, GMA’s management would have surely reprimanded Andrea for being “unenthusiastic.”

Save for her expensive wedding gown, which Mrs. Dantes is giving Ai-Ai for her wedding to Gerald Sibayan in December, the comedienne—despite her good intentions—should keep a mile-long distance off an issue which does not involve her at all.

Word of advice to Ai-Ai: MYOB.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Well-meaning friends expressed genuine concern toward a septuagenarian singer and part-time actress (SSPA) who, at her age, still has to work her butt off.

SSPA has been seriously contemplating moving out of her large house since she lives separately from her kids who both have their own families already.

“She’s eyeing a condo unit somewhere in New Manila, Quezon City for practical reasons. Sadly, her kids keep her working even if she’s already old and not as physically able as she used to be,” our source reveals.

Poor SSPA. Wonder if she’s still supporting her jobless children who are both separated from their respective spouses.

* * *

A TV network had called the attention of one of its top male artists (TMA) asking him to explain why he clicked “Like” on a social media post by a netizen bashing his leading lady (LL) in a series.

TMA’s actress-wife (AW) and LL are reportedly at loggerheads spawned by the former’s fits of unreasonable jealousy. TMA, however, flatly denied it was he who liked the basher’s comment.

Does it mean that someone else—other than him—has access to his social media account? AW perhaps?

Meanwhile, LL is consistently tight-lipped on her much-ballyhooed rift with TMA’s spouse. Vignettes, however, gathered that at an emergency meeting set by their former common handler at a resto in Quezon City, TMA’s AW allegedly threatened to lobby for LL’s removal from the series if she won’t refrain from “misbehaving.”

With a network-conferred title on her head, is TMA’s AW too powerful she can actually make it happen? Power-tripping, that is.


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