• World Bank backtracks on DAP


    The Aquino administration is not above lying through its teeth, but one of its biggest fabrications is its claim that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was beneficial to the Philippines economy.

    It was President Aquino who first tried to fool us with this lie when in his prime time televised speech in October, he said: “DAP also played an important role in our economic resurgence. According to the World Bank, DAP contributed 1.3 percentage points to our GDP [gross domestic product growth in the fourth quarter of 2011.”

    But Aquino’s claim was based on the World Bank’s "Philippine Quarterly Update March 2012,” which even the Supreme Court believed.

    Subsequent reports of the World Bank realized that its economists were fooled. Its July 2012 update pointed out that in the first place, the DAP meant only "mere realignment of funds” and secondly, that the DAP’s amounts were "miniscule (at less than 0.01 percentage points) relative to the size of the economy.” Succeeding WB reports, especially its annual updates on the Philippine economy, didn’t even mention DAP.

    Instead, the World Bank would attribute growth in the past years to usual steady stream of OFW remittances and, to some extent to the fact that government changed its attitude that infrastructure projects must be evaluated with a fine-tooth comb to be sure it’s not ridden with corrupt intentions even with delays costly to the economy.

    To realize the stupidity of Aquino’s claim that the DAP stimulated the economy, consider this: DAP’s P136 billion (as per the latest figure) released from 2011 to 2013 is smaller than the P169 billion sales revenue of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. in one year. San Miguel Corp’s in 2012 is five times the total DAP, at P700 billion. (However, DAP money certainly would be gargantuan as bribes to members of Congress.)

    Abad seems to be citing a different Constitution.

    Abad seems to be citing a different Constitution.

    The fact is that Budget Secretary Florencio Abad clumsily tried to present DAP as his version of President Gloria Arroyo’s P330 billion Economic Resiliency Plan (ERP), which Aquino’s chief economic planner Arsenio Balisacan in several academic papers praised as having mitigated the impact of the 2009 global financial crisis. Was it Balisacan who advised Abad to cloak DAP as a stimulus fund?

    But the difference is that Arroyo’s ERP was a real stimulus program to counteract the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, considered the worst since the 1920s US Depression. The P330 billion in stimulus funds were released in a very short period of time, over eight months in 2009 during the financial crisis. Compare this with Aquino’s P136 billion released over two years.

    More importantly, most of the funds released by Arroyo were used for infrastructure. This resulted in an immediate economic stimulus effect.

    Another difference between the two: Arroyo’s fund release was constitutional and approved by the legislature, unlike Aquino’s secret and unconstitutional DAP.

    As the World Bank also pointed out, the DAP merely realigned the budget to Abad and Aquino’s pet projects. This is in sharp contrast to the former president’s stimulus program that added P200 billion to the 2009 budget, even risking a bigger fiscal deficit.

    P6.5 billion as additional pork barrel
    Aquino meanwhile withdrew and put into his DAP kitty P6.5 billion of the budgets approved by the 2011 and 2012 Appropriations Laws for the public works, agriculture and transportation departments. This money could have gone into repairing roads, bridges, drainage systems, and other public works to help stimulate the economy, not to mention ease the burden of Filipino commuters.

    What did Aquino do with the P6.5 billion that should have gone to infrastructure? He gave them to legislators as additional pork barrel. This is in addition to the P44 billion they already allocated to themselves through the appropriations laws.

    Many of the DAP allocations didn’t involve releasing funds to the local economy, as in the case of P20 billion for the central bank’s additional capital and the P5 billion payment by the education department of its unpaid insurance premiums to the GSIS.

    I tallied P34 billion, out of the P144 billion (or P136 billion, depending on the date Abad reported how much it was) DAP kitty as indisputably turned into bribe money for Congress to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012 and to build up political support for the 2016 elections.

    This administration keeps saying that DAP was undertaken in good faith. How can Filipinos believe this when they tampered the Philippine Constitution?

    For example, Abad “amended” the Constitution in his memorandum to Aquino December 12, 2011 to justify the DAP, which the Solicitor General stupidly presented in the hearings before the Supreme Court.

    Abad claimed in his memo that the DAP is “pursuant to Section 25 (5) of Article 5 of the 1987 Constitution—The President may by law be authorized to augment any item in the general appropriations law from savings in other items of appropriations.”

    But what does that section of the Constitution actually say?

    “No law shall be passed authorizing any transfer of appropriations; however, the President, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the heads of Constitutional Commissions may, by law, be authorized to augment any item in the general appropriations law for their respective offices from savings in other items of their respective appropriations.” (Emphasis added.)

    Different PH Constitution
    Abad deleted that crucial phrase “to augment any item for their respective offices.” Didn’t it cross Abad’s mind that the Supreme Court justices will check the actual text of that provision in the Constitution?

    This is the first time really I’ve heard of a high-ranking official argue something by invoking a provision in the Constitution that he deliberately changed. What does that say of Abad’s true character or his motives in proposing the DAP?

    Professional liar Edwin Lacierda keeps saying that all the hullabaloo over DAP is a difference of opinion between this administration and the Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitution. He lies again: Aquino and Abad appear to have a different Constitution, one they made up.

    An account in Justice Antonio Carpio’s concurring opinion of how the Solicitor General (most probably because of Abad’s insistence) thought they could fool the Supreme Court even borders on the comic.

    According to the provisions of nearly all budget laws, the “Unprogrammed Funds” that Abad and Aquino hijacked and put in their DAP kitty, could be used only if government revenues exceeded the revenue targets submitted by the President to Congress.

    It was Justice Carpio who asked for proof that the government revenues for 2011, 2012, and 2013 had exceeded its targets.

    Aquino’s officials submitted certifications by finance department officials, four of them covering those years. But what they presented were data for government-owned corporations, whose dividend incomes did exceed targets.

    In Carpio’s concurring opinion, you could almost hear him saying, as you read between the lines, “Ginagago niyo ba kami?” Dividend incomes of state firms are just a small component of total government revenues, which are mainly from taxes and duties.

    The reason of course why Aquino’s officials tried to mislead the Court by submitting certifications on state firm’s dividends is that total government revenues for each of the three years fell below the targets, which meant that it violated the budget laws for Aquino and Abad to use these “Unprogrammed Funds.” (That actually is a misnomer. These funds are allocated for priority projects, such as important infrastructure and government employees’ benefits, but can be used only if revenues exceed targets.)

    Carpio also pointed out another illegality there: Except for very few firms, part of whose income are earmarked for purposes set by their charters, dividends of state firms by law go to the General Fund, the uses for which are determined by the budget laws for each year. Aquino therefore could not use those dividends at his whim.

    Isn’t their in “good faith” claim, when they were—knowingly—telling utter lies, the kind only hardened criminals and con artists make?

    FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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    1. Michael sanchez on

      Dear Mr Tiglao
      Thank you for writing the truth and for safeguarding our remittances to the philippines which made our economy afloat. So sad kinurakott lang ng mga walang hiyang makakapal na politicians na yan our hard earned remittances.
      I would personally campaign you here abroad if you decide to run for President.
      Keep up Mr Tiglao. You are my true idol.
      God bless you.

    2. A sin can never be a good sin even if you look at it in different angles.

      Like Robinhood, he stole just to give it to the poor, but that doesn’t mean he is a saint. He committed a grave sin (one of the ten commandments) and in the eyes of God and men he will always be a sinner.

      Good job Mr. Tiglao.

    3. Roger Lagarde on

      Eto ba sana yung palusot na tinutukoy nila sa 1987 Constitution? May lumabas kasi na balita na may lusot pa raw si Noynoy sa 1987 Constituition na administrative code ata yun…

    4. Reading from the post it pains me a lot why as a Filipino we often ignored the main point being stated here.

      That DAP is not and has never been a stimuli for economic growth since it is only a realignment of funds appropriated from budgets of different agencies. Plain and simple… To stimulate an economy you have to put in a large amount of cash at a very short time to boost the government expenditure hindi yung uunti untiin mo sa loob ng mahabang panahon. Para rin yang pagpapakulo ng tubig gamit ang kahoy. ang kahoy ang budget mo ang tubig ang economy mo. pag dinamihan mo ang kahoyat binuhusan ng gasolina sa umpisa para mapapabilis ang pagkulo ng tubig mo ito ang ERP ang DAP naman ay nagsiga ka ng apoy at pa-isa isa mong dinadagdagan ng kahoy yung apoy mo para tuloy tuloy ang apoy hanggang kumulo. It both ways we achieved growth although in economist view it would be better if we achieve it the faster way.

      PDAF and DAP are both unconstitutional.. Yes they are but the point here is that Mr. Tiglao never defended PDAF in this article since I suppose DAP is being projected as an economic stimulus of which the counterpart in the past administration is the ERP which the legality was never questioned. (correct me if I am wrong) History wise every time that the president allocated money for the legislative assembly for their own discretionary use, that is, and will always be tainted, as a form of bribery.

      Ambassador Tiglao opinion is worth reading. It gave us a glimpse of how the present administration interprets the constitution for their own gain. These also show how Pnoy legal team and adviser are ignorant of the law. EO1! and now this?! Let’s hope and pray that the Bangsamoro Basic Law and EDCA will not be questioned

      • It would be wise to point out that Mr. Tiglao served first as Presidential Spokesperson with Cabinet rank, then Press Secretary and later Presidential Chief of Staff under former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He has consistently written articles that are distinctly anti-Aquino. Even this article has a distinct slant against the pres. Alhough he makes a good argument, I fear that he is unhappy with GMA’s current situation and he has an axe to grind against the current asdministration. I say let the evidence be presented and let the law decide.

    5. Mr. Andy: Thanks for arguing…

      In reply to your comment:

      1. I’m not saying Pnoy is innocent because of unconstitutionality of DAP! But I would say Pnoy is not the only President who sinned against the constitution. Previous president also know PDAF is unconstitutional. I’ve seen many rallies on the street to abolish PDAF. Were the previous president haven’t informed about the unconstitutionality of PDAF? Or they are just deaf to the cry of the people for their own gain. Worst is the PDAF issue took 25 years before it was declared unconstitutional under SC chief justice Sereno – a Pnoy appointee! Can’t you see where are we now after 25 years???? What PDAF brought progress to our economy in 25 years? Debt and Corruption! Where this corrupt politicians get their money to buy votes??? From their hard earned money? Pnoy has only 4 years as President. But I’ve seen a lot of changes for progress compared to all past presidents. Don’t you see the logic? If Pnoy pocketed all this money.. maybe now we die for hunger and sold to China!

      2. Pnoy wouldn’t admit he is corrupt because He is not! He may violated the constitution in “good faith”… To fast track our progress. Where did you get your judgement that He is corrupt… Did you see He pocketed the money. Did you heard He used Napoles NGO? Did He was involve in any anomalous transaction as the previous president does? So where you based your judgement that Pnoy possibly pocketed DAP money? Did Pnoy was able to buy mansions and houses in U.S.? Did Pnoy have mysterious bank accounts? If you want to accuse Pnoy guilty of corruption… why don’t send somebody to show evidence and file it in court other than talking non sense.

      3. Yes everybody sinned against constitution because of DAP and PDAF. No exemption. But those senators who were in jail were accused of pocketing the peoples money. That is the difference of Pnoy from them!

      In conclusion… All politicians with no exemption including Pnoy violated the constitution in the issue of PDAF and DAP according to SC ruling! But not all politicians pocketed the money as same deeds of 3 senators, et al and 2 more senators in line!

      Pnoy have the guts to throw stone to them because He is not corrupt! His intention is to improve Filipino lives through His “Tuwid na Daan”. Kung walang corrupt… walang mahirap! If all this accused of corruption will vanish… 101% prosperity is within reach.

      • I agree with you Juliet. “Accusation is not synonymous with guilt. Let them prove the charge of Plunder. Laws are prospective in nature and has no retroactive effect, except if the law provides and it is favorable to the accused.” The DAP was declared unconstitutional ( partly) last July 1, 2014, thus prior to this date, it enjoys the legality of the law. The SC Decision declaring DAP as partly unconstitutional, did not specifically state, that the DAP decision has retroactive application. Also, the SC Decision applied the Doctrine of Operative Fact, that all ” executive acts”, which were done in ” good faith”, can no,longer be undone.” Comment by Manuel Teoxon, which I agree with and support.

      • So, let us then talk of the performance of this administration.

        To me, the performance of this administration can be measured, among other things, on the mantras that the president himself stated, as follows:

        1. “Kayo ang boss ko”

        2. “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”

        “Kayo ang boss ko”: What happened to his bosses who were the victims of the Yolanda super-typhoon and the Zamboanga siege by the MNLF. To this date, these bosses have not been uplifted from their miseries. What about the continuing rising food prices? Had this administration listened to the bosses on the their plight against rising food prices?

        “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”: Corruption is very much present in this administration. Even third party organization the world over are mentioning that corruption is still very much rampant in this administration. Incidence of poverty has dramatically grown, as mentioned even by the survey firms who are the most ardent supporters of this administration

        To me then, the very clear conclusion is that this administration is non-performing.

    6. Mr. Tiglao can you also please explain why under Chief Justice Corona, SC declared PDAF constitutional… Why under Chief Justice Sereno, SC declared PDAF unconstitutional! More intriguing because PDAF costs trillions. If you talk about accountability and fairness… All politicians must be liable because they also benefited from PDAF for 25 years.

      That’s why if you’re saying Pnoy and Abad violated the mandate of constitution through DAP.. It is the same I would say PGMA, ERAP, Ramos and Cory also violated the constitution through PDAF. So what’s the big issue?

      Anyone who have not sinned be the first to throw the stone.

      Why I still support Pnoy.. because of His performance. Only Him was able to jail one of the highest position in the government.. the 3 senators for the alleged PDAF corruption. In revenge everybody is throwing stone to Him.

      • Juliet,

        Your argument is based on
        (1) Pnoy was brave to put corrupt people in jail
        (2) All are against him now in revenge
        (3) Pnoy should be protected as No one should throw stone at him except the one who has never sinned.

        Look at what you have said in (3). You admitted that he has sinned but he should not be punished unless some exist who has never sinned.

        (1) If he had capacity to know when a corrupt act takes place then same capacity will be telling him when he himself engages in corruption. Right? Then what is the need to throw stone? Why he won’t walk himself to jail.
        (2) Let me ask you, will a corrupt admit and say that he is corrupt or most likely he will proclaim that he is innocent? Will a corrupt have a consciousness to ask himself to jail himself or it takes others to convict and send him to jail?
        (3) If you imply that no one should throw stone at PNoy unless the thrower has never sinned, are you saying that when PNoy sent others to jail, he was justified because he had never sinned?

        Saints don’t bribe or misuse the money of others.
        Don’t forget that mere existence of first wrong will never justify the continuation of 2nd wrong.


      • One more thing… If Pnoy is corrupt… Do you think He have guts to punish the kurakots?

      • arlyn pagaran on

        Your comment has more sense than the long article of Tiglao. Tiglao still belives in his twisted mind that Gloria is a saint

    7. Maxtar Tudtud on

      MR. Tiglao, we owe so much to you for your revelation on BS Aquino’s DAP. I hope other journalist will be like you. Thank You.

    8. I hope the Supreme Court disbar LIECIERDA for aiding and abetting A BAD secretary.

    9. HAYOP KA NOYNOY!!! Ginagago mo kaming mga tinatawag mong “Bossing” kuno. Ikaw, si A-bad Boy, Mar Roxas (isama muna si Korina), Drilon, Neil Tupas (ang tatay nito eh me pending na graft case sa pagkakaalam ko ayon sa mga nabasa ko sa diyaryo, correct me if I am wrong or my apologies if I am wrong) pero I’m certain na totoo ito, Sonny Belmonte (number 1 na balimbing). Bakit di mo tinanggap ang resignation ni A-bad? kasi natatakot ka na balikan ka ng gagong Hyatt 10 member na yan. Traydor yan, dahil tiniraydor si GMA nuon. kasi baka ini-offer niya din kay GMA ang DAP na ito nuong panahon na yun at hindi pumayag si GMA dahil nga MALI at ILLEGAL. kaya ayan nagwalk-out kuno sila nila Soliman, Teves, atbp. dI kasi sila makakapagnakaw. PURO TRAYDOR ANG HYATT 10 na yan.

    10. Who would be a brave investigative journalist that would call Lacierda, Coloma and Abad, with Ambassador Tiglao and Sec Tatad of MST to a debate on DAP. Lets see if these two Charlatans Lacierda and Coloma will take the chalenge, and for that matter Valte.. It certainly will be a sight to see. When I see Lamierda, Locoma and Balde expounding their lies, I feel like vomiting. Paraphrasing his Honor Justice Carpios thoughts,”parang ginagago nyo kami.. Nakakahiya!

    11. Sir Tiglao, excellent revelation again. At first it did not occur to my mind that such a malicious deception of abad is possible. All of these “kahindik hindik” crimes committed by abad and aquino is unacceptable. They should be punished as soon as possible.

    12. If it is really true that Abad “truncated” (cut) a portion of Section 25 (5), Article VI of the constitution in his (Abad;s memo) as shown above, then by this time, Ochoa ( lawyer and kept out of the loop of DAP) and other Malacanang lawyers would have told Aquino of the “crime” of Abad. If Aquino already knows this violation of Abad today, it would be bad faith on the side of Aquino to reject the resignation of Abad. On the contrary, as the chief implementor and defender of the Constitution, Aquino should have Abad investigated for if this deletion of Sectio 25 (5) is true and for that violation, Abad should be fired.
      There goes the defense of “good faith” of Abad and Aquino.
      The filers of plunder case vs Abad (Rep. Ridon et.al,) should get copies of this memo from the Supreme Court and use this as evidence against Abad, not for plunder, but for technical malversation, economic sabotage, and graft.
      It is a blessing that Mr. Tiglao made this document available to the public since this documents shows that the sources of funds for DAP (which was declared rightly by SC as unconstitutional) is patently illegal and in bad faith. It would be ridiculous if Abad claims “typo error” on the memo. All Malacanang people have done in press releases is to justify that the DAP USES were beneficial, spent properly (91% lang) and done in good faith. NO ONE FROM MALACANANG TOUCHES ON THE ILLEGALITY OF THE SOURCES OF THE DAP FUNDS.
      Thank you Mr. Tiglao for bringing it up.

    13. Wow!!! That is the smoking gun and corpus delecti right there.

      Can’t see how BS Aquino the III, Abad and court jester Lacierda can claim innocence. They can claim ignorance but it wouldn’t be in their defense. At best, they can plead no-contest and save the country from failed-state status.

    14. Penoy, Abad, Coloma and Lacierda, sa mga corporasyon/kumpaniya o kahit
      sa ano mang gobyerno meroon tinatawag na spot audit. Ipinag uutos ito
      ng mga boss o direktor ng kumpaniya. Itoy hindi binabaliwala, at ito’y
      ipinatutupad agad agad at di hinahayaang maduktor ang ano mang
      record tungkol sa Pera, accountability o ano paman. Mr Penoy
      Sinabi mo sa iyong Talumpati ang Taong Bayan ang Boss mo, ito bay’
      isa sa iyong mga kasinungalingan para kuhanin lang ang simpatiya
      at paghangga ng Tao sa iyo.
      Ngayon mo patunayan na ang Taong Bayan ang Boss mo, Buong
      Bansa na ang humihiling sa gobyerno mo ng spot audit, bakit mo
      binabaliwala at isinasan-tabi, at pina-paikot nila Lacierda ang
      Kahilingan ng Taong Bayan. Ilabas mo ang listahan na kung
      sino sino ang tumangap ng DAP, kung magaling na manager si
      Abad at dahil na rin sa makabagong panahon ng computerization
      imposibleng wala siyang DATA BASE ng BILYONG BILYONG SARO
      na pina-walan niya na aprobado mo Penoy, gamit ang DAP at
      hayaan mong taong bayan ang magsabi kung matino o natuloy
      ang mga proyekto sinabi mo na nakatulong “na napakalaking
      KASINUNGALINGAN’ sa ekonomiya ng BANSA.
      MALINAW NA MALINAW na LUMABAG ka sa probisyon ng
      Constitution, iba ito sa nakawang nangyari sa Pondo ng Bayan
      gamit ang DAP. Ang paglabag sa Constitution ng isang Pangulo
      ng Bansa na sumumpa ipapairal at propretektahan ito ay
      kailangang managot sa impeachment. At kung sa Korea, China,
      Japan, U.S.A., o ano mang bansa sa Europa, mag reresign ito
      dahil sa Kahihiyan, sa Asia baka tumalon pa sa banggin.
      Yung pagamit ng DAP para ipansuhol ay krimen naman na dapat
      ding panagutan.
      Malinaw sa desisyon ng SC na unanimous na Labag sa Constitution
      ang pagkakaimbento ng DAP, Kaya nga may chek and balance Penoy
      hayaan mo sa SC ang trabaho nila. Yan din naman ang paniwala mo
      nung magpasok ka ng bill sa senado para dagdagan ang ngipin
      para hindi magawa ang DAP ng isang salaula o ABNORMAL na

    15. Thank you for helping us see the truth. In one of my past comments, I said that this present administration is an abomination inasmuch as it is founded on LIE. You know, Mr. Tiglao, the Italians have two wise sayings about lie: 1) “La bugia ha le gambe corte”, meaning, “Lie’s legs are short”; 2) Se la bugia fosse pane, nessuno morirebbe di fame”, that is, “If lie were bread, nobody would die of hunger”. Palibhasa’y maiikli ang mga binti ng sinungaling siya’y madali abutan ng humahabol. At sa di-mabilang na kasinungalingang pinagsasabi sa bayan ni Pnoy, ni Abad at ng kanynag mga taga-pagsalita, kung peperahin natin ang mga kasinunglingan nilang hinihibla at niluluto, disi’y walang gutom tayong madarama, lalo na ‘yong mga naghihikahos nating mga kababayan. Ano po ang say n’yo, Mr. Saludo?

    16. Lemuel t. Fernandez on

      The Liberal Party distributed financial assistance to elementary, high school and college students in Iloilo during the 2013 elections. The assistnace was from P500 to P2,500 for each student. LP also downloaded up to P200,000 to individual barangay captains in Iloilo province in the same elections just to defeat UNA gubernatorial bet Dr. Ferj Biron who earned the ire of Mar Roxas, then senator, over the cheaper medicines law. Did the money come from DAP? Sources at the regional DBM say, Yes.

    17. I have wondered what goes on in their minds when pnoy and his cabal meet to concoct schemes like DAP and its uses which do not take very complicated analysis to know that it is at the very least irregular. I wonder if in their minds they are thinking themselves to be either too popular or very powerful that they can do as they please and no one can or will dare question their acts or motives. Lacierda says they did it “in good faith” and that’s it no need to say anything further. Everyone of the entire populace should now shut up. It must take little time and thinking for this cabal to come up with strategies to counter criticisms I can just imagine Ochoa tell Lacierda with a shrug “sabihin mo good faith tayo tapos!” and pnoy and Abad would nod slightly and on with whatever other schemes and plans they are concocting with Abad putting his final point “OK lang wala naman magagawa mga critic’s very popular tayo diba?” These people are so pompous I savor the thought that their come-upance will someday happen and I can gloat no end. Then again it could be otherwise, I.e., they know that they are doing wrong but they need to make hay before the end of pnoy’s term which is nearing and fast approaching. “Bahala na si batman” as this idiot president is wont to say, let’s ensure that we have plenty to ensure our candidate’s victory or we become so rich in any case. As Joker says this pnoy is an “evil genius”. My mind can’t help but wonder these days but who knows it might be telling me something.

    18. Congratulations, Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao for your researches and commentary. It keep us informed and see all sides of the different issues. All the best and Godbless!

    19. Walang kalokohan kung walang nanloloko at nagpapaloko. DAP ang kalokohan; Nanloloko si aBAD; ang nagpapaloko si aquiNO!

    20. It’s really mind-bugling to think of all these rampant corruptions involving the DAP-PDAF. The ‘cancer’ is paralyzing the government because it is not easy for some because of the involvement of close friends, relatives and loyal party mates. As such, there seems to be a division of “us” (the government officials) and “them” (majority the Filipino people) or, between the rich and the poor, as always. The sad thing about all these is the fact that many of the high government officials take it lightly, giving all the justifications or even pointing their fingers to others and politics as usual.

      Thanks for the intelligent exposes of Mr. Tiglao. We need more fiscalizers of the government; lest we might end up wondering: “Why did it happen”, when the inevitable happens.

    21. mans avelino on

      These truths should be translated, disseminated to our rural citizens devoid of internet and tv. They are the majority who voted our present leaders.

    22. But you should read Raissa Robles on how Abad and Aquino will prove that what they did was legal and constitutional because of Marcos Law that Cory sustained!

      • Victor Curpoz on

        Raisa RObles is an Aquino lapdog. How can she be fair in dealing with such issues..is she is one of his KA KKKK.

      • Do you know who Riassa Robles is and who she works for? Their outfit is financed by the Ayala,.s oligarch of the Aquino’s and she was VP of ABS-CBN network of the Lopez family, another oligarch of the Aquino’s. Raissa Robles is not a lawyer, therefore she better not defend so much of an administrative order because the Constitution of the Land will always prevail and superior to any administrative or executive orders.

      • Raissa Robles has personality issues that extend to her writing style. It was evident during the Corona trial. As a journalist she fails in the “truth and verification” department. As a fiction novelist where the lines of fact and fiction may be blurred, she just might make it.

      • rosendo bagtas on

        so tiglao is now perceived by you as an ‘Arroyo attack do’? what does that make of you? Aren’t among those in conspiracy to cover the foul odor caused by the intentional malfeasance and misfeasance in public service displayed by PNoy and his DBM Sec. Abad d ‘magician’? shame on you. . . . .

      • Mr Tiglao made very good points that are damning to the administration. Can you prove them wrong instead of attacking the writer’s character?

    23. This government is a government of lies, Almost if not all cabinet members of PNOY are program to lie just to prioritized their personal gains.


    25. Noy P. Salaula on

      Remember Aquino’s first televised speech upon taking office? “sinimot po nang pinalitan nating administrasyon ang kaban nang bayan; bankrapto po ito”… pakulo lang pala yon… Pweh!!!! SALAULA!


      The more this administration open their mouth, the angrier the people would
      become. Where in the world can you hear a line of reasoning that if you violate
      the law as in the case of DAP, their defense is they did so in good faith. These
      in the administration like this liar ngoyngoy and abad should be punished
      and incarcerated for stealing the peoples money. It is clear what the Supreme
      Court said that good faith will not apply to these authors, proponents and
      implementor as in the case of ngoyngoy and abad.

    27. Abad and PNoy have CRIMINAL MINDS so their consciences are seared with
      a hot iron when they concoct evil schemes and lies. Only people with criminal
      minds can concoct the illegal DAP. As proof that PNoy and Abad have criminal
      minds along with Mar Roxas – is that, while they already knew that the DAP is illegal and unconstitutional – they still concocted with their devious minds the BUB which is
      another form of DAP with another name. They never stop in their wicked schemes and plans. Their minds are crooked so their paths are crooked too .Even their tag line that they are the DAANG MATUWID is a big fat LIE. They will reap what they are sowing big time!

    28. Thanks for your good information Mr. Tiglao, for letting us know the truth of what’s going inside the secretive administration..

    29. Aquino and abad never dreamed that their secret piggy bank would be exposed. If not for the vengeful acts of pinoy, none of these corruption could have been exposed. you expose someone for your benefit only, and only if, this person has no knowledge of your own corruption. I knew all the while, and even posted on facebook that, these 3-enrile/Estrada/revilla, will fight back and expose the corruption of the other side. After all, whose fingers are not tainted with blood anyway? It only depends on how much blood is in one’s hands, compared to the other. And, by tainting your hands with blood, did you share part of that stolen money to your people? Yes, it is the lesser of 2 evils. Just like gigi reyes, now she has lots of medical conditions? No excuse in my opinion because while she was enjoying the fruits of their corrupt practices, condoning the abhorable, did she at one moment in her life, ever give money to the homeless on the streets? did she by any chance, had a feeling of remorse or shame that she gladly doled out help/relief to the people who are suffering? All of these corrupt people from the president down to the municipality level should be closely monitored and accounted by the people without fear of retribution. if there is fear, there is nothing we can do. martial law lasted because of fear. May the military this time not act as puppets for the government, Every soldier has his rights, every man his principle. May mistakes of the past never happen again!

    30. This excellent narrative is plain and simply a painful rebuke of King PNoy and Prince Abad. After all this is to confirm that both men are frauds in the first order. Not only are they hypocrites, shameless but also big liars. Now is the time for the yellow diehards to read Mr. Tiglao’s comparison between Mrs. Arroyo and Mr. PNoy’s manner of governance. Well we cannot expect a good comparison. If I were to say, basing of mental aptitude, leadership and personality alone, Mrs. Arroyo is caviar while Mr. PNoy is peanuts.

      • armando flores on

        i disagree. pls note that gma and aquino belong to the same yellow and evil society groups. aquino’s hyatt ten attempted a coup of gma in 2005 as an offshoot of the garci tape scandal. before that they were in league with one another in plundering public funds. aral si aquino kay gma. and they have the same color and appetite in misusing public funds.


      If I may suggest to you, what my 2cents worth of understanding is of the quotation of Constitution you have highlighted in your article.

      You have quoted, ” No law shall be passed authorizing any transfer of appropriations; however, the President, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the heads of Constitutional Commissions may, by law, be authorized to augment any item in the general appropriations law for their respective offices from savings in other items of their respective appropriations.”

      Salient points:
      (1) Constitution allows amendments as augments in the appropriation passed (by legislative branch).
      (2) The offices that are empowered to make such amendments are named.
      (2) The augments cannot be “transfers”
      (3) The augments are only within your agency
      (4) The augments cannot exceed the savings accrued within your agency from other items for your agency. Savings means unspent money already obligated and authorized. The time line for savings cannot include forward obligations, which of course can not be spent before time.
      (5) Here is the most important part missed: “by Law”.
      (6) nothing in such augments can include unlawful (acts, motives, errors, means, memos, distributions, or anything that is contrary to Law that already exists)

      Please take a note and continue good work for benefit of people of Philippines.


    32. Alejo Rosete on

      Are we government of Laws of government of Men?
      Making your own Constitution? To justify the DAP spending?
      Abad tampered the Constitution – why? Honest and faithful spending?
      What else?
      I am tired reading this lies.

      Thank you Ambassador Tiglao.
      Thank you Manila Times for having these fearless Journalist.
      Thank you for letting us know all these.

      Hoping and praying the President will answer these issues in his SONA.

    33. mikhail hieronymus on

      Mr. Roberto Tiglao, it looks like you have a better research team than mr. abad and mr. Aquino. mr. lacieda is just a mouth piece that will utter whatever his master will tell him to say. He is beyond stupid, a moron being a lawyer.

      All the statements herein are all above my understanding, but your article make sense because it is clear and precise with supporting datas. Thank you, sir.

    34. We are proud of you Sir Rigoberto Tiglao and fervently praying for your safety for doing a patriotic task.