• World Bank to provide $750,000 grants to Philippine schools


    The World Bank (WB) provided a total of $750,000 in grants to Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) to “improve education services” of schools in the country through WB’s project Check My School (CMS).

    In a statement, the WB said that the CMS would enable 46,000 public schools to upgrade learning materials through the use of technology such as computers, social media and mobile phones to promote transparency and social accountability.

    Students can access information vital to their studies, and in turn can have feedback “about the educational services they receive” to address problems and strengthen partnership between students, parents and in between national and local governments, the WB said.

    “With the GPSA (Global Partnership for Social Accountability) grant, we can now establish CMS as a long-term program. We hope to benefit from the knowledge and learning exchanges and capacity building opportunities that GPSA offers to achieve self-sustainability for Checkmyschool,” said Dondon Parafina, ANSA executive director.

    “For almost three years, CheckMySchool has proved its effectiveness not only in raising and resolving school issues, but also in strengthening citizens’ stakes in these issues,” he added.

    The WB said grants from civil society organizations from 11 countries reached up to 13 projects in the Philippines on October 2.

    The $750,000 will be sourced from OSF as the foundation committed a total of $3-million investment parallel to GPSA projects.

    “Our partnership will encourage citizens and civil society organizations around the world to play an active role in improving government accountability. Our joint effort with the World Bank has the potential to improve the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people and help strengthen justice, rights and governance,” said Chris Stone, OSF president.

    “Generous support [of OSF to GPSA projects]will significantly broaden the reach of the partnership and help CheckMySchool carry on its important work in the Philippines to support schools and families particularly after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan,” said Sanjay Pradhan, WB vice president for Change, Knowledge and Learning.




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