• World champions predict Pacquiao win

    Manny Pacquiao in rigid training for his upcoming fight against undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 (May 3 in Manila) in Las Vegas, Nevada. FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao in rigid training for his upcoming fight against undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 (May 3 in Manila) in Las Vegas, Nevada. FILE PHOTO

    Current world boxing champions Donnie “Ahas” Nietes and Randy Petalcorin firmly believe that fellow world champion Manny Pacquiao would win against undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, USA.

    Nietes, 32, who defeated Mexican Gilberto Parra on March 28 via ninth round technical knockout to keep his World Boxing Organization light flyweight champion, said Pacquiao’s speed and power-packed punches would key to his knockout win.

    “Manny (Pacquiao) will win by knockout. I don’t know what round but he needs to knockout Floyd to assure a convincing win,” Nietes, who holds a 35-1-4 win-loss-draw record with 21 knockouts, told The Manila Times on Saturday.

    “If the fight goes the distance, it will be tough for Manny to win by unanimous decision but I’m not counting out the possibility,” he added. “Manny has a killer hand speed and power. I predict that Mayweather won’t engage that’s why Manny should chase him.”

    Donnie “Ahas” Nietes FILE PHOTO

    Donnie “Ahas” Nietes FILE PHOTO

    The Bacolod native also said that Pacquiao should pressure Mayweather every round with crisp combinations.

    Petalcorin, 23, who has 23-1-1 record with 18 knockouts, predicted that the 36-year-old Pacquiao would win by close decision, but he needs to be careful of Mayweather’s dirty tactics inside the ring. The boxer from General Santos also emphasized that Pacquiao should move in different angle to win.

    “Pacquiao should do a lot of angle movements to confuse Floyd and throw him out of his game,” said the defending interim World Boxing Association (WBA) light flyweight champion Petalcorin in a separate interview.

    “Pacquiao’s speed is absolutely a huge advantage against Floyd. Accurate landing of punches are also needed.”

    Nietes and Petalcorin are the other remaining three Filipino world champions beside Pacquiao (57-5-2 record with 38 knockouts).


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    1. King Solomon on

      Two key strategies that Mayweather always win: Dodging backward and quick reflex in counter punch to gain points. There are only 3 ways Pacquiao can defeat Mayweather: 1) Play weak, let Mayweather come to him, then lunge at him with combinations. 2) Punch Mayweather at the same time as he punches while doging Mayweather’s punch 3) Never chase Mayweather without a punch meaning chase him with a combination punches. Many boxers lost to Mayweather because they chase Mayweahter without punching, so with a quick reflex and timing, Mayweather lunge at them with a surprise hit on their face and gain points slowly.

      I believe Pacquiao will win because he has been implementing number 2 and 3 strategies almost all of his fights. So, now he is expert on number 2 and 3 tactics. Now, he needs the tactic #1 to lure Mayweather in.

    2. george batislaon on

      As David won d fight against Goliath, Manny will Win against Floyd. Floyd said ” God is not involve to him who wins the boxing,” Manny said, ” GOD put Floyd in my hands therefore, I will Win.” Surely Manny will give glory to God who helps Him.

    3. for me, mayweather will win. even with the great speed, handspeed and power of pacquiao are not enough to close mayweather. as per statistics, pacuiao’s skills are good only for punching bags boxers. but with mayweather’s skills mahirap talaga. madali lang tingnan yung boxing sa point of view ng audience, pero halos lahat ng nakalaban ni mayweather ang laging sabi ay mahirap. and it’s true 1 dimensional lang talaga si pacquiao. kaya lang, masyadong overhyped yung laban at si paquiao coz i suspect para tumaas pa ang pusta at kumpyansa ng maka-pacquiao. pero sana, makatsamba si manny, sana. pero si mayweather ay isang businessman-boxer kaya mahirap.

      • I love it when you said “it’s true 1 dimensional lang talaga si pacquiao”. you have given me a task what to call those whom he defeated.

      • Pacquiao has a big chance of beating Floyd because he is a fast left hander. Floyd has not fought a boxer like Manny. He has proven that he can beat slick boxer like Bradley. Pacquiao only one solid punch to change the complexion of the game. Floyd doesn’t want to get hit. Once, he gets it, he will resort to his old defensive style, and less aggression. I believe Manny will win

      • correct, mayweather is difficult opponent… he has an edge over pacman by 5 inches reach advantage + a height… so if he backs his head when cornered, pacman would have difficulty reaching ang hitting him with significant blows. floyd also could counter while retreating to a corner… so if if pacman lounges.. floyd could move backward utilizing height and reach advantage then counters with 1 punch. floyd is very intelligent fighter, these advantages +speedy jab would make it difficult for pacman. floyd could also employ infighting..something that pacman doesnt use in his fights.. these dirty tricks using infighting/roughousing is mastered by floyd. mayweather could win easily on points..floyd is a VERY accurate counter puncher.. his precision is high level .. if he has enough power, he may try to 1hit ko pacman just like marquez did..he would do this while pacman is lounging.. pacman will have to lounge multiple times in this fight given the reach and height advantage of mayweather. if pacman should win, he needs to 1 not lounge, or at the very least conceal these lounging attacks, avoid mayweather predicting it as much as possible (which is very difficult) 2.use his superior foot speed to gain laverage laterally and make combination punches.. which is of course may be nullified if floyd just step back..forcing pack to lounge…this is indeed difficult pacman win if it goes to the scorecards.

    4. Barry Gil Pilar on

      I think there are are just two imminent results regarding this fight. Its either Floyd will teach Manny a Boxing Clinic with his superb defense and accurate counter-punching or Manny himself will send Floyd to a literal Medical Clinic with his explosive powers coupled with blistering handspeed and footspeed.
      I choose the second possibility.
      Manny will win by knockout on round 6!

    5. matthew k dudoit on

      This is my take on the fight,manny will catch floyd and will knock him out,both will be in excellent condition,so stamina wont be a problem,mannys foot speed will be a key factor along with his devastating power from both hands,floyd deffence is 2nd to none but the volume of punches and velocity power punches will take its toll on floyd,but floyd will have his moments too,but at thee end mannys foot speed hand speed and timely power will hit its mark and hurt floyd,but most of all mannys will to win,that will be his deciding factor,and his faith in god to carry him to victory.