World-class aprons by Hogsmith


Their aprons are so cool that even if you don’t need one, you’d look for a reason to put them on.

If you scroll through their Instagram account, you’ll find the most distinguished names in the culinary industry sporting the Hogsmith logo.

“We started out as pure curator/retailer, we offered cook’s tools such as knives and cutting boards,” Chef Joey Herrera related the beginnings of Hogsmith Enterprises which he co-owns with his wife, Amor. “We did word association and Hogsmith was the name we came up with to connote craft, skill, and artisanship. At the same time, it reflects the earthbound humility of a pig. Also literally, the name gives a sense of expertise in the craft of cooking and butchery,” he continued. For the logo, they worked with David and Myke Reyes.

Chefs wearing Hogsmith aprons.

The absence of premium but accessible implements for cooks was the motivation for putting up the business. “Everything was either overpriced, overhyped, or cheap and disposable,” he observed. “Then people asked if we imported quality aprons. We made a few ourselves just to test the market and the feedback was encouraging so we made more. Now our product mix consists mostly of handmade aprons and towels, with some knives and tools on the side.” He also mentioned offering a certain signature sauce which is intriguingly-labelled “marvellously mild, delicately delicious”.

Chef Joey is currently an instructor at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. He has several accomplishments under his toque, including a gold medal from the 2008 Food and Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge in Singapore. He describes their aprons as world class. And indeed, the rest of the globe is starting to take notice of their products as they have recently begun distribution in the Northern USA/Canada area. Soon they will be available in the West Coast USA, as well as Australia and New Zealand. They’re also looking at opening a channel in Singapore in the near future.

Their aprons boast of quality and style with details incorporated into each piece.

“My method of selling is a bit old-fashioned, make the best product and pray it creates return customers. We use traditional cutting and sewing techniques to produce lasting products that are original and functional. You wont believe how beautiful a denim apron gets after years of daily use”.

Through the years Hogsmith has come up with several designs. “Some are extinct because of the rarity of the fabric used while some we retain as our flagship designs. Our three or four main designs are available most of the time, but the limited aprons are true to their description”.

Customized designs require a minimum order of 10 pieces. “We begin the process by asking for photos or a description of the client’s shop or place of business. Then we work with them on the design, we make sure they are involved. We send swatches and digital mock-ups to help with the process,” chef Joey shared. Usually, you can get your aprons after 12 to 15 working days.

Hogsmith’s logo is the result of a collaboration between David and Myke Reyes.

Retail price of the aprons starts at P900. “Some of the leather-strapped ones that we collaborated on with Lago Handmade cost P1,450, those sell like hotcakes,” he said.

Hogsmith is in Taguig. To know more about Hogsmith, send your inquiries to (0927) 7530398. Or follow @hogsmithph on Instagram.


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