A world without love is a total eclipse of the heart



IT’s a gloomier world we live in. Deaths are taken for granted as if we don’t care anymore. Some will even justify the killings to fortify the reasons akin to a greater cause. I’m both sad and scared as we just exchange condemnations, prayers and contempt when we see violence and death. Vans or trucks are now weapons of destruction ramming busy streets. Collateral damage is now universally accepted. Criminals and heroes get the same level of accolades.

We are too lazy to visit hospitals or wakes and think that a “get well soon” or “condolences” will suffice. We spend hours in traffic and kill time between stoplights by playing games instead of saying the Rosary. Why, we are even thrilled to try ‘killsoft’ automatic weapons to practice simulated combat and see targets maimed. We can relate to the top 20 movies of 2016 but have a hard time identifying the 12 apostles of the Last Supper.

We spend hours in malls while restless inside a church with 30-minute homilies. We easily forget good deeds while nursing bad memories longer. We carelessly discard old friends in favor of friendships of strangers. We photograph and devour food-laden tables without even saying grace. We easily find fault but a miser in giving praise. We prefer making threats over encouragement.

We abhor lack of knowledge but never learn from past mistakes. We fear each other more as we let skepticism and doubt take over. The difference between truth and lies is not as distinct as before. We always pray for guidance but are always stubborn to follow. We constantly search for answers that we rarely accept.

That is why our world now is gloomy as we let clouds prevail over sunshine. And we just wait for the night to fall… and very much willing to let it stay permanently. A sad ending for a once wonderful world.

There are reasons why I dislike the words die-hard, purist, fanatic, warrior, reformist or crusader. Assumption of these roles is when trouble starts. Hate and callousness eventually take turns.

* * *

Let us be clear on the Kian delos Santos issue. It is not about approval or disapproval of the war on illegal drugs. I would assume that everybody wants a drug-free Philippines. It is not even about being innocent, a runner or a mule. It is about the circumstances and methodology by which he was killed by 4 PNP operatives. Were they really threatened with bodily harm or placed in a life-threatening situation to justify the killing of the lone target? This is where all investigations should focus as NCRPO Chief Oscar Albayalde said. And we agree with him.

I just wonder why some friends regularly post quotes (on a daily basis) from the Holy Scriptures yet justify violence and abusive killings around them. I decided to lose them and I am proud of what I did knowing firmly that my decision is the right thing to do. Hope not to see you in another dimension.

A law is not an assurance of justice. Law is just a guideline or tool to be able to achieve the latter. Its interpretation varies and the time the law was applied are all measurable by the effects on the parties involved. As somebody said, a court of law is not always the hall of justice.

To the “Doubting Thomases,” here are the glaring facts that happened in the past few days. These are not conclusive yet but there is a pattern circling around the shooting of Kian delos Santos.

• Public Attorney’s Office (PAO): Kian Lloyd delos Santos died of three fatal gunshot wounds “that were meant to kill”. One bullet wound was in Kian’s back, while two other hits were to his left ear. The autopsy conducted by the Public Attorney’s Office’s (PAO) forensic consultant Dr. Erwin Erfe indicated that the shooter was standing over De los Santos.

• Kian Loyd’s family willing to undergo drug test. Relatives of the victim belied the account of a self-proclaimed drug-user-witness, saying the teenage boy has never been involved in anything illegal.

• Saldy Delos Santos, father of the slain teen, said their neighbors have been receiving threats to scare the witnesses of his son’s death.

• IAS: Cops admit Kian the one being dragged in CCTV video

• Senators push for probe of “worrisome” spate of drug kills. Inquiry starts on August 24.

• Aguirre orders NBI to probe killing of Kian delos Santos

• DepEd condemns killing of Kian delos Santos

• NDP Chief himself: Kian not on drug watch list.

The Chief of the Northern Police District Senior Superintendent Chito Bersaluna blamed his administrative relief on the “heightened, politicized, and sensationalized” killing of Kian delos Santos, whom he continued to describe as a “drug pusher.”

–A senior police officer citing criminal wrongdoing as “heightened, politicized, and sensationalized” should be described as clueless as to what his organization is mandated to do and that is “To serve and protect.”

Already under restrictive custody are the three police officers who were last seen with Delos Santos: Police Officer 4 ArnelOares, PO1 Jeremias Pereda, and PO1 Jerwin Cruz. Chief Inspector Amor Cerilo, the precinct commander, has also been relieved from his post.

–Restrictive custody or being relieved from a post clearly demonstrates that they are in a better situation than the victim–that they are very much alive.

US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim expressed the hope Tuesday that those who killed 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos in an anti-drug police operation would be held fully accountable. I wish he could tell his Big Boss to be accountable as well in solving the hate rallies gripping his nation that led to killings as well.

* * *

“Roxas ex-pol operator Marlo dela Cruz supplies fake parts to MRT.”

As alleged by Rep. Jericho Nograles, it turned out that Dela Cruz, who is one of former Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas’s long time political organizers and one of the three individuals accused by Czech Ambassador Josef Rychtar of extorting $30 million from Czech train maker Inekon, is also the owner of Diamond Pearl Development Corp., a dubious construction supply firm which also supplies Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI) with spare parts for MRT 3.

–Connecting the dots is not as hard as connecting the rails. What we desperately need is an effective mass transport system, not mass corruption.

* * *

Religious wars are not caused by the fact that there is more than one religion, but by the spirit of intolerance. – Charles de Secondat

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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