World’s worst airport, world’s busiest maternity ward


(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, November 4, 2013)

Well Maria, what should we do today? I have no job because our society is so corrupt that no one wants to invest here, unlike Korea where outside investments have provided jobs for millions of Koreans, and I have no money for Tanduay….so let’s just lay in bed and screw all day.

And that is why there are too many unwanted pregnancies! When you have nothing better to do….you screw.

Jason Bourne,

Its about time something is really done to control our population. Catholic church maybe against abortion, but aren’t the child born to big and poor families suffer more and become a burden to our society? Look around you, almost every corner you turn have some rugby-sniffing group of kids hanging around, malnourished, unschooled, what will ever happen to them? Will the church take in these needy children as they are so against any form of birth control? With so many children being born every minute, can this country afford to feed, cloth and school them? can our fast depleting natural resources be able to provide for them? Its truly a sad state.

Pinoys angry, frustrated with Aquino – Diokno

(By Joel Sy Egco, Headline, November 4, 2013)

Naniniwala naman kayo sa mga corrupt na tao, lalo na yang si Diokno.


Pinoys are angry with PNoy? Really huh? or just you?


‘People’s initiative’ appears to be rallying point of Diokno since direct democracy under this scheme is better than a representative democracy. It always sounds good. However, is he ready to back with evidence that in the terms, the word, ‘people’ he might be referring to are actually the majority of the Filipino people? Short of that, it is nothing but motherhood statement – a mere conceptual dogmatism. Well, dogmas are hard of explanation.

If PI is what Diokno and his reformist group wants, why didn’t they coincide it with the last concluded barangay elections? A plebiscite or referendum of that vital importance ought to have been experimented on early. With the help of a former chief justice, am sure a ‘scheme of things’ could have been put in place precisely to know whether the Filipino people really want to get rid of DAP or PDAF.

It escapes comprehension why now a former budget secretary has everything against a constitutional order where the president disburses public funds for public use in a way that makes it appear as if there is no longer a true separation of powers, check and balance and the tripartite constitutional order. Why that?

Just an unsettling thought.

Primer Pagunuran,

Enough is enough, a level II people power is needed to unseat or remove all crooks in the government and prosecute them. If these idiots and thieves do not want to vacate their posts then the use of people’s force should be applied.

Tom De Leon,


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