Worldwide bayanihan spirit


Dear Editor,
With the way everyone is doing for typhoon Yolanda victims, the arrival of big US ships and a Chinese hospital ship, United Nations’ call to help Philippines, there is no other road but full recovery for Tacloban City and other ravaged provinces.

And more help will be expected from overseas as the enormous catastrophe may again happen in other countries.  The bayanihan spirit, although alien in its true meaning to foreigners, is very much alive.  It seems what happened to us is uniting not only Filipinos but the world as well.  A worldwide bayanihan is unfolding in our eyes.

The never-ending “thank you’s” from the victims also warm the hearts of those who give aid.  The victims appreciate what other people are doing for them, and that is why they are blessed, as more individuals, groups and organizations are willing to help and give them a new life after Yolanda.

Dulce U. Madrid
Capas, Tarlac


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