‘Worst airport’ officials can keep their jobs


The Palace won’t call for the resignation of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) officials despite the recent blog that tagged the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-1 as the worst airport in the world for the second straight year.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte made the statement in light of the call of Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela for the resignation of MIAA officials for the worst airport tag and the Commission on Audit’s revelation that NAIA-1 has a P1 billion project for its rehabilitation but which was never used.

“We defer to the persons being asked to resign to answer that, but we know they are trying to institute reforms. This is not any easy or perfect process. We will only disrupt the reforms that they are trying to execute if we would resort to calling for their resignation every time there are hiccups along the way,” Valte pointed out in a radio interview in Radyo ng Bayan.

Valte was referring to the recent fiasco in NAIA-1 wherein passengers endured delayed and cancelled flights due to NAIA-1’s upgrading of its radar system.

“The officials are trying their best to initiate reforms for the safety of those who use our airport. We appeal for understanding from the public because the delays are part of the process in improving our airport,” Valte added.

Gatchalian earlier said that there is no excuse for inefficiency and for screwing up efforts to improve the image of the Philippines, considering that NAIA-1 has a P1 billion funding for its rehabilitation and almost 80 percent of international carriers are still housed in the NAIA-1 complex.

“Resignation would be an acceptable gesture of remorse. The country could have been spared from further embarrassment if the management was judicious enough in using up its funds,” Gatchalian said in a statement.

“The primary aim of any terminal is customer satisfaction. Is that too difficult of a challenge?” Gatchalian added.


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  1. RE: Worst airpot officials can keep their jobs. How can President Aquino assemble the beast team of cabinet members or adminsitrators for the mission, or for his goal of good governance: to get the job done & surpass the expectations of the public. The success of President Aquino’s administration will be determined by his wisdom to assemble good public servants to execute exemptional goals in the field of public administration. Everyone has a goal to achieve, a duty to peform, & a difficult pubic policy to endure when no one has dared to confront the hardest challenge. The Filipino people must demonstrate that they will be well-educated & well-informed voters to avoid the election of political beasts. Moreover,the Filipino voters must be willing to risk their misplaced, or blind obedience to political loyalty, which robbed them of the chance to reduce injustice in the world. As a scholar once said: “the essence of Democracy can’t be seen in terms just of ballots & elections because many dictators in the world have achieve gigantic electoral victories without even overt coercion in the process of voting, mainly through suppressing public discussion…”

  2. The Filipino voters must understand that policy making & policy execution may be considered as distinct activities, for example, legislatures are policy makers, whereas appointed administrators should confined themseves to policy execution. But the ‘top-down’ public policy managerial approach has limitation. It doesn’t enhance commitment & motivation in tapping managers knowledge & fostering adminstrators engenuity. The fact remains, there is aways a chasm between performance & accountability. How can you reconcile performance, accountability & delegation of public authority? How can you improve public management in a corrupt democratic country like the Philippines? What are the demons to be destroyed in order to achieve efficiency, accountability & transparentcy in public administration. There are variety of concepts that would help public servants (which are not similar to a corrupt & rigid form of political governance or leadership) such as innovation, quality customer service, efficiency, flexibility, organizational competitiveness, empowerment, and so on. Moreover, the Filipino voters must remember that “practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are generally the slaves of some defunct economist, or slaves of obsolete ideas.”

  3. RE: Worst airport officials can keep their jobs. I do believe that the Filipino people will continue to be enslave by defunct micro-macro policy makers (who consider themselves as well-educated products of elitist educational institutions like Ateneo University, La Salle, UST, etc.), but the fact of the matter is: most Filipino public policy makers are “enslaves of obsolete ideas.” What is the cure for the widespread managerial incompetence being displayed by President Aquino administration? Why do think that incompetent cabinet members of President Aquino are still in the position of public office, or power? I think A. Valte’s comment is a manifestation of an “old mental set, or paradigm.” A scholar once said that the only way “to dethrone an old metanl set, or paradigm is by replacing it.”

  4. How can change of leadership affect the operation an institution? The US military (not PH) changes leadership all the time and never a hiccup in operation. One huge problem in the Philippines is the leadership always bring in “their own people,” thus, when they leave, the same folks leave with the administration, too. DOTC, CAAP, etc must be allowed to bring in from the outside just two deep in management, but career personnel must always be in place from deputy position down. So, when leadership leaves, good riddance in some cases, operation never suffers and continuity of work will endure.

    Now, how can the “CAPTAIN” of the ship called NAIA keep his job? No way in hell his staff, too, can keep theirs as well. Walang personalan, but failure in leadership is the MORTAL sin of any commander, and the airport manager is the commander of NAIA!

    I agree 100% with Rep Gatchalian. This should also mark the end of incompetent leadership given too many chances to redeem themselves. Enough. NAIA earned the WORST airport title and deservingly so.

  5. Obviously, a lot of incompetent cartoon characters in PNoy’s frontline agencies need to be replaced, but for some strange reason, pecuniary or otherwise, Malacañang choose to look the other way!

    If Gatchalian is furious about the NAIA, he’ll be having a heart attack if he learns how the CAAP itself, with the blessings of the DOTC of course, put the lives of every air passenger in jeopardy every time they take to the skies!

    We now have overconfident yet quite incompetent air traffic controllers manning our airways, using an antiquated technology which has seen its better days, and has, quite literally, outlived its shelf life.

    This, in spite of the fact that they have a replacement system on standby, which, because of the DOTC’s penchant to put value on hearsay over cold hard facts, has been languishing in cold storage for almost four years already!

    What we have today in the DOTC, CAAP, NAIA and other four/three-letter government acronyms out there are corrupt, incompetent morons who should all be in jail right now, if not for the same corrupt and incompetent morons in Malacañang!

  6. mang kario busero on

    Whatever happened to the 1 billion budget for the rehabilitation of the airport is already on it’s way to the pocket’s, therefore better talk to the hands for further improvements to avoid embarrassment.