Worst may not be over for Binay


The worst may not be over for Vice President Jejomar Binay even if recent surveys by two pollsters showed that he is likely to succeed President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

Navotas City (Metro Manila) Rep. Tobias Tiangco, the interim president of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), on Tuesday said Binay’s camp is bracing for more vicious attacks despite the results of the surveys conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia showing that Binay remains the top choice of Filipinos among several presidential candidates in 2016.

“I can’t tell if the worst is over. Of course, the goal of the other side is to bring the Vice President down, so we expect their attacks to be more vicious,” Tiangco told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

He said they expect Binay’s critics to come out with more allegations when the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee resumes its investigation on January 22, 2015.

“You can expect them to peddle more lies there in the hearing, just like in the previous 12 hearings where they have failed to prove anything. The sad part here is that they are supposed to be after the truth, but they even encourage the witnesses to lie,” the lawmaker said.

Former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado had accused Binay of benefiting from the construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2 when the Vice President was the then-Makati mayor.

On Monday, the SWS said their survey held from November 27 to December 1 showed that the Vice President was the top choice among the possible candidates for President in 2016, with 37 percent saying he is the best leader to succeed Aquino.

Sen. Grace Poe, the second placer, got 21 percent while Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd got 19 percent.

A survey conducted by Pulse Asia also showed similar results.

Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian said Binay’s comfortable lead in the surveys is a vindication that the Vice President did not do anything wrong.

“Filipinos are convinced that the allegations against the Vice President are devoid of truth and politically motivated,” Gatchalian, a stalwart of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, said.

But Binay said his survey ratings would be higher if not for the political attacks against him.

“You know one of the reasons [why our ratings went down although]we still maintained the leadership was the perception that was created by our opponents. It came to a point [that the people realized that the accusations against me]are all lies and are politically motivated, so [the numbers came back to us],” the Vice President explained.

Still, Binay admitted that the attacks against him are not over.

He, however, said he will not confront his accusers but will instead find ways to explain the truth to the people.


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  1. still I dont like the vp binay to be as president of philippines.he is not good to that position in malacanang palace.

  2. The problem with Binay is, he is mum on all scandals committed by the Admin, he doesn’t make a stand or conviction, he’s just playing it safe at the expense of the nation’s and citizen’s welfare…

  3. Binay and his camp are really worry that worst is yet to come. Human da kayo PAGDATING ng Jan 22, marami pa ANG lalabas na accusation kay Binay with all the evidence, and next survey will not only nose dive but prostrating that he might commit crime or suicide. So be ready for your self achieve downfall.

  4. It seems that 100% lies ang mga sinasabi nina mercado, etal. Is Binay more than a saint not have done even one of what is being thrown against him? Just asking.

  5. If Binay is the prsident, the Philippines will become “Be – nay” or “be nothing” and most corrupt country. Jail Binay before he plunders MORE the Philippines coffer.

  6. I want to see him in jail than in Malacanan. No to dynasty politician, no to liar, no to coward, no to corrupt official like Binay.

  7. I want to see him in jail than in Malacanan. No to dynasty politician, no to liar, no coward, no to corrupt official like Binay.

  8. The survey says binay is still ahead. SWS & pulse Asia hahaha published by the Manila times news paper. What a deception. This news paper is not a pro admin. They seldom published the good side instead “atake sa almusal, pananghalian, meryinda sa hapon at haponan”.

    Haha………. Lots of fun in phils. Politics

  9. these binay camp must really be insulting the intellect of people..sandamakmak evidence against vp binay..NO to corrupt and liar binay!

  10. The best defense of the opposition is to match or answer the allegations thrown to the Vice President. Just like matching type of examination, let the people decide to know the documents and witnesses of both sides.

  11. Tama si Tobi Tiangco at mali si Gatchalian na ” the worst is not yet over for Binay and the survey is a vindication that VP Binay did nothing wrong “. Mas lalo sila mag worry kung compare ni Tobi at William ang UNA at HULI survey kung paano nagging ZERO o NEGATIVE ang TRUST RATING NG UNAno Candidate at mula 3% ang buboto kay Mar Roxas ay nagging 19% o tumaas ng 16%. Di ba ito nakakatakot kay VP Binay?
    Tandaan nila Tobi, Junvic, JV at Joey na malayo pa ang election at 63% ng tao ay naniniwalang may graft andf corruption sa Makati ng Mayor pa si VP Binay at mukha hindi boboto kay VP Binay gaya ng pinapakita ng SWS survey. Di Ba Bayan?

  12. I recently met a Malaysian tourist in the United States. We talked about the Philippines was the Pearl of the Orient many, many years ago – it was the place to go in South East Asia. Sadly, today the Philippines lags so far behind that it would take a decade just to catch-up with the economy of Thailand. Its corruption that is sucking the life out of the Philippines. Just how is it that the Philippines, a country of 90%+ catholics became probably the most corrupt country in Asia; compare this with Malaysia a countrry of 90%+ muslims is very progressive?

    Fellow countrymen, elect Binay for President corruption will continue and we will get what we deserve – most corrupt status and a raped nation.

    • Not only Pinas is the number 1 corrupt in Asia, we are also the most stupid country in the world for putting an OTJ trainee senator.

    • Even if Binay is elected President, The records will become evidence in the impeachment that he deposited lots of money by the millions at HSBC Hongkong with his signature affixed in the deposit slip and these were not declared in his SALN. Unless the UNA under the leadership of Changco, Remulla, and company will steal all those evidence by force,Binay will end up a dud president. Remember Corona ?