• Wrong Cong resigned; PNoy answers to history


    My bilas, Justice Juanito Bernad, is now in a wake in the City of Dipolog he loved wisely and well. He had wed Patria, the eldest sister of my Dulce. Names taken from Rizal’s Last Farewell. Their father is in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Decency was his middle name.

    Jaime Opinion and I differed in the Marcos years. But, when I got out of the hospital in 2007, following our unsayable family tragedy, he arranged to see me at home, a gesture I won’t forget, as I picked up the pieces of my shattered life.

    Cuya Juanits and Jimmy, TY and farewell. When a loved one is taken back by the Lord, we have to resign to God’s will. I accept.

    Art. 238 of the Revised Penal Code says a resignation must be accepted; else, it might comprise the crime of abandonment by a good thinking toiling Congressman—which Walden Bello is. As a Senator I filed a Resolution and a Senate Bill on the procedure on resignations but the idea never saw the light of day. What Walden uniquely contributes no one can duplicate with ease. The wrong Congressman has resigned.

    If Manny Pacquiao resigns, cheers! A Do-Nothing-Great-Pretender-Top Absentee Congressman. Art. 238 would not be breached. He can focus on the Manly Art of Modified Murder, where he is gifted, but not the PBA, where he is not. But, his billions, which Sen. Koko Pimentel would not want taxed, make him a Man of Respect in our materialistic society. The PBA, where he inflicted himself, lowered the bar. For shame.

    Manny can do what he wants in a fight I won’t watch on May 2, but, to leave the House and the PBA alone. The hard blows he may get as winner or loser, may further impair his judgment. He may shoot for the Senate—where I once toiled—in 2016 and the presidency in 2022. Susmaryosep! But, if he cannot be dissuaded, then run for Sarangani Guv in 2016.

    In his absence, Vice Guv Jinkee can take over. Another dynasty. A quick study indeed.

    If Manny had Muslim expertise, as a Mindanaoanon all his life, could Pinoy have used him in Mamasapano? Could PNoy have used a Dirty Dozen from Munti, life-termers, on a promise of clemency? I believe in the plenitude of his powers. What chain of command? chains the Prez? None that I know of.

    In the book of Nick Joaquin on Jimmy—“Jaime Ongpin the Enigma, A Profile of the Filipino as Manager,” we see: “This second conference occurred on August 1, 1985. Practically the same group of RAM officers [including Gregorio Pio Catapang—incumbent Chief of Staff]present at the July [10] confab attended this next encounter.” Katapang even then.

    I have no idea how many he has killed in battle. But the Star reported last Tuesday another death in the Manly Art of Modified Murder. A Pinoy killed an Aussie boxer Down Under. No, on May 2, I will show that I am not chained to the call of the wild.

    I can see a chain-of-command for the commander-in-chief. But, for the Prez? Let’s say PNoy assumed I have expertise in Mindanao and he had asked me to go to Mamapasano. What would he have violated? Suppose he asked for life-termer volunteers from Muntinlupa to form a Dirty Dozen with a promise of pardon for survivors? No chain I see to hamper his choice.
    The Prez “is not a Gulliver immobilized by ten thousand tiny cords, nor even a Prometheus chained to a rock of frustration. He is, rather, a kind of magnificent lion who can roam widely and do great deeds so long as he does not try to break loose from his broad reservation. Our pluralistic system of restraints is designed to keep him from going out of bounds, not to paralyze him in the field that has been reserved for his use. He will feel few checks upon his power if he uses that power as he should. This may well be the final definition of the strong and successful President: the one who knows just how far he can go in the direction he wants to go. If he cannot judge the limit of his power, he cannot call upon its strength. If he cannot sense the possible, he will exhaust himself attempting the impossible. The power of the Presidency moves like a mighty host only with the grain of morality and liberty.” The Palace does not understand chain-of-command? I think the critics do not understand Clinton Rossiter’s edifying observation.

    I do not agree with the imposed limitations on the presidency which reminds me of what we used to say during martial law: military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. The Prez may think out of the box, as FDR, JFK, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Dubya may have done in Pearl Harbor, Bay of Pigs, Iran, Beirut, Black Hawk Down and Iraq. Resign! was not heard.

    The best-laid plans of men can go awry. But, for us not to wait till June 30, 2016 may mean a huge step in the wrong direction. A non-stealing Prez may mean more investment, more tourism, better rating, infrastructure, etc.

    I cannot join the PNoy Resign movement. But, Manny Pacquiao should resign for committing Syndicated Estafa.

    American involvement? Kanos should be more involved in teaching English. “Nabola ako” may mean “I was fooled.” No Prez may admit that. Careful non-partisan purists may translate it to mean “I was misled.” We can all be misled.

    The only high public official I know who could not be misled was a fellow Bedan: Justice Gregorio Perfecto.

    Of course, PNoy must answer for Mamasapano. For the deaths of the Gallant 44, and of Sarah, Marwan, et al.

    But, like FDR, et al., including Obama and Fidel Castro, PNoy must answer to history. As Lebron James will answer for missing two foul shots recently, in crunch time. Time to move on to the next game.


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    1. Ha ha ha, what an intellect, the poor people are hurting cause poverty is all around
      you,,Just go out and see around you. Manny Pacman for Senator that’s what it is. You know why Pacman will become a Senator because of the repeated blunder that this administration has made . . You could not even identify yourself with the poor and insist on your blinded yellow loyalty…Lets move on,.events in the past have been historical to our democracy which by the way we recognize but for the sake of a grieving nation lets see things differently…Let me state you a fact see your number, when you were a Senator the price of ” galungong” started at 18 pesos, but when you left the price of ” galungong” became 37 pesos. worst after the Ramos administration was finished the price of same became 70 pesos…What did you do when you were in the Senate to address uplift real lives….nothing significant…the result..”.Manny Pacquio for Senator”…cause you made him….There will always be a Mamasapano incident because thinker like you cannot distinguish reality from illusions…

    2. Justaskingseriously on

      “The Prez may think out of the box…” Bay of Pigs, Black Hawk Down, Beirut, Iran, Iraq…”Resign! was not heard.” What is common to all of these covert operations? Failed covert operations that took place in foreign countries. Key word: foreign.
      American forces in covert operations. Clearly there were intrusions into foreign countries.

      Mamasapano. A foreign country? To the minds of the yellow journalists, yes. That gives them the reason to extricate their yellow lion king from culpability? They are just echoing the chicken-lion’s roar: “I was fooled.” The treasonous assumption: Mamapasano is a foreign country belonging to the MILF, BIFF, and what have you! That is why these chicken journalists led by Rene Saguisag harp on these comparisons. One thing though that eludes the comparison is the case of FDR and the Pearl Harbor. I have no idea why Rene included Pearl Harbor which is in Hawaii. Does he think that Hawaii is not part of the United States?

    3. True, there were past (not in the Philippines) presidents who made mistakes that cost lives of military and civilians but I never heard any of their constituents (like the ma-papel Filipinos who will take advantage of situations like the Binays and the LEFTISTS) asked for their leaders to resign. Had Aquino enrich himself and took advantage of his position to amassed wealth (hidden or unhidden) then the whole nation should seek for his resignation. The gravity of the Mamasapano and the corruption of the Binays when compared will tell us that we should not let the Binays rule the Philippines. Look at how arrogant Junjun Binays is. And why did we elect Nancy when she can only open her big mouths in Congress when it comes to controversies to be featured by the paid reporters. You cannot expect Nancy Binay to excel in Congress because she has no idea of whatsoever parliamentary procedures when it comes congress sessions. Her IQ is even below average. She cannot even debate with Cayetano like his father. We are so stupid to elect her in Congress. I STILL PREFER PAQUIAO THAN THE BINAYS.

    4. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Ay naku Rene…Pasagdi na si Manny..wala man pud nay problema sa iya probinsya. Wala pud mangawat sa Gobyerno. Mitabang pa gani na sa mga tawo gamit kaugalingon kwarta. Uban congressman hands up rag kamot sa roll call sa congress. Wala pud nanlogos si manny tan aw ka o dili sa iya dula. Naubnsa man ka ex sen. Wala kay lain maisulat..

    5. Bert O. Romero on

      The voice of the people is the voice of God. If Pacquiao is elected senator in 2016 – as he will be – and president in 2022 – God willing – then we can migrate to other countries or go to the mountains and plant camote. What’s the difference between Paquiao and Bello when both are opportunistic and unprincipled politicians? Paquiao for taking advantage of his popularity by being a world famous boxer? At least he has not turned his back on his patron – the people. Bello for taking advantage of his links with friends of Pinoy – llamas , Hontiveros , Rocamora , etc – and eventually turning his back on his patron Pinoy when the latter’s popularity has plunged precipitously. What did Mahatma Gandhi say? Politics without principles is one of the seven deadly sins. Paquiao as president will serve as a shining and inspiring beacon to all those erstwhile impoverished Filipinos . That’s democracy at work. Equality of opportunities. Paquiao as a professional basketball player? Why not? He’s scored one point already in the PBA. Paquiao as a sensational singing star? Again why not? He has cut records already and is preparing to personally sing the song he earlier recorded for his entrance on the 2 May mega fight for all time. Paquiao as a movie star? Well, again why not? He has appeared in a number of movies. He is waiting for a movie role that will catapult him to being a FAMAS best actor. It seems the potential of Paquiao is limitless. Well, almost. Paquiao as a Manila Times columnist ? Well, we’ll see. But if others can, why can’t he.

    6. “I can see a chain-of-command for the commander-in-chief. But, for the Prez?”

      The Prez is the commander-in-chief, right?

      “No chain I see to hamper his choice.”

      Agree. He made a choice unhampered by any chain, the consequences he now must bear. But he washes his hands.

    7. Justaskingseriously on

      In our musings, we tend to do just that: amuse ourselves and forget that the subject we are touching on happens to be deadly serious. Covert operations are far far from policing operations. Dirty dozens fit covert operations simply because they are dirty. The president needs some deniability when something goes awry in the machinations of mice and men. Were you behind BSA’s persistent insistence on deniability? Sure looks like it. A policing operation as in serving a warrant of arrest may be covert to avoid leaks, but the policemen are not a dirty dozen. Huge difference. And who remembers Clinton Rosssiter? Only those who would want to impress with quotes. Quotes used to impress do not have the proper context. Rossiter was a staunch conservative, and as such, he definitely had the constitution as the vast reservation the grand lion of a president could roam around for his adventures. The constitution is not something the president is meant to mangle but to uphold. We need not wait for history to judge that the Philippine Constitution has been trampled upon by your favorite lion. No need to spell it out to you unless you have been too busy in your musings that you also mistook the constitution for an actual reservation. No wonder you “do not agree with the imposed limitations on the presidency.” And yet you forget that you disagreed with the strong lion Ferdinand Marcos who knew no limitations to his safari. Favoritism makes the best of us play favorites. What happened to our old folks? Gone fishing beyond the sunset? Need a helicopter to rescue you? Tell that to the dirty dozen who ordered helicopters that can only stay put on the ground. Bye bye.

    8. Amnata Pundit on

      You are side stepping the real issue.It is not the chain of command but the reinforcements that did not come because your boy sayad chose to sacrifice those men to the altar of the BBL. He should answer in court for treason, not to history. Obviously you mean history as written by the yellows. As for Manny Pacquiao, he has brought more honor and pride to his countrymen than any yellow Corista that you know, DEAD or ALIVE. Why don’t you join the clamor for an honest, fully transparent election process to replace smartmatic, are you like all yellows afraid of the judgment of the people through an honest election?

    9. Wow, that was very touching in places & also hard hitting in places. You have said things i agree with but many filipinos wont. You may have made a few enemies with that. Good luck & keep writing.

    10. Pnoy’s mistakes could not just be equated with Lebron James’ two missed foul shots. When Pnoy erred 44 SAF men got massacred. Lebron could easily make up for his missed free throws. Pnoy’s feeble mind can’t even qualify him to be a point guard in any basketball team. Directing plays requires thinking. Pnoy does not think. He just reacts emotionally like any child does.