WWF and HSBC team up for ‘Rain Campaign’


WITH the onset of the rainy season, the Rain Campaign, a cooperative effort between the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and banking giant HSBC has gone into high gear in the Philippines, according to a statement from WWF-Philippines.

The Rain Campaign raises awareness on the importance of freshwater supplies while making people more conscious of their water footprint through programs organized at local schools. The campaign promotes the use of rainwater collectors as an alternative source of water for households.

The campaign began in 2012 and has now reached seven schools in Pasig and Donsol, educated more than 1400 students, and helped more than 100 families, WWF-Philippines said.

HSBC volunteer employees have helped the WWF in teaching students to be more discriminating in using water. Volunteers took part in the collection of water samples to test water quality, such as measuring the level of alkalinity and the presence of bacteria in both tap water and collected rainwater. HSBC volunteers also mentored students about simple household solutions for ensuring safe drinking water, while joining students in painting drums that can serve as rainwater collectors.

Selected teachers from numerous schools underwent training on climate change, water conservation, and environmental education. The campaign also presented household challenges that aimed to involve parents in creating rainwater collectors for their families, while assessing their household water use habits.

As the country braces for the monsoon season, the knowledge and awareness that the Rain Campaign provides students, teachers, and families will be more useful than ever.


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