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In The Know caught up with Xian Lim last week and found out a couple of new developments in the actor-singer’s career and personal life.

First off, he proudly shared that he is now a vlogger—that is a video blogger—as he arrived at an event for a grocery chain at the World Trade center with his own HD camera and a selfie stick ready for action.

For Xian, video blogging is his way of updating his fans on his off camera finding his YouTube channel XianLim8, especially since he is frequently misinterpreted and hounded by bashers over his work and personal life.

“I feel like what they see on TV is not enough. There are so many things I want to share. I want to have this platform so I could showcase to them what’s going on in my life… not just show business but the different side.”

 Xian Lim confirms that his team up with Kim Chui is taking a break

Xian Lim confirms that his team up with Kim Chui is taking a break

Xian also confirmed rumors that his tandem with Kim Chiu, known as “KimXi,” is taking a break. Apparently, Kim is now preparing for her reunion movie with her first hit love team with Gerald Anderson.

Xian stated for the record the “Kimerald” return has his full support. “I support Kim and I’m sure they’re going to produce a very wonderful material. I am happy for them.”

From Marikina to New York City!

Filipina designer Rosenthal Tee has really gone a long way since she started in the Philippine fashion industry just three years ago. On September 11, she rocked New York Fashion Week with her 33-look “The Girl, Sisa” collection for Spring/Summer 2017.

Fresh from NYC, we got to catch up with Rosenthal and talk about her full house show, and how she wanted to showcase the Philippines through her design perspective.

“I essentially played around this fused characterization of Sisa, the crazed obsessive, and Maria Clara, the delicate beauty [of Jose Rizal’s iconic no­vels]. Beyond the top level stereotypes placed on these two women, I began to question myself at a more existential level how to really conceptualize both–that is beautiful and ugly in each of us, and how one could be both.”

The 28-year-old London graduate of Istituto Marangoni admits that she would never been discovered by the PR and brand marketing bigwigs of the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers in New York if it were not for social media. She was invited via email in October of 2015, and the rest was history.

“My first show in New York just happened earlier on February 14 at Artbeam Gallery located in the heart of Chelsea, where most of fashion week happens.”

 Filipina fashion designer Rosenthal Tee is triumphant at the New York Fashion Week Photo courtesy of Mikhail Veter

Filipina fashion designer Rosenthal Tee is triumphant at the New York Fashion Week Photo courtesy of Mikhail Veter

Rosenthal got her break when she dressed Miss World 2013 Megan Young at the People Asia event in January 2014. Since then she has had gained loyal celebrity clients such as Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Liz Uy and Maine Mendoza.

If given the chance, she revealed the celebrities she still dreams of dressing.

“Locally, I believe the only big names I have yet to dress are Anne Curtis and Julia Barretto. I gravitate towards the younger celebrities, being young myself I suppose. Internationally, I would just die if I had the likes of Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, and Kristen Bell wear my gowns.”

Rosenthal will go back to the Big Apple in February 2017 to NYFW to showcase her Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

Guess who? The tables have turned for this hot young couple. When their relationship was starting out, it was very visible the male star was so protective and into his lady love. He would caress her shoulders in interviews, stare at her and treat her like a goddess. But recently, sources from production spilled the beans to In The Know! The male star now barely even gets affectionate in public with his lady love, and it is lady love who can’t stop herself from being too clingy to male star! Could it be possible that she already waived her white flag and as such made male star turn cold?


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