Yamaha MT10: Any road, any time, any speed

Whether driven fast or standing still, the MT10 look really fast.

Whether driven fast or standing still, the MT10 look really fast.

Having already created some of the most innovative and successful models in the European market, Yamaha has developed an all-new one-liter motorcycle that has the potential to challenge all comers in the naked bike class. The radical new MT-10 is ready to exceed expectations and appeal to riders who are looking for a new kind of connected riding experience that can be enjoyed on any road, any time and at any speed.

Its 998-cubic centimeter crossplane engine delivers massive levels of linear torque in the low to mid speed range for adrenaline-charged performance – and the aluminum Deltabox chassis features an ultra-short wheelbase of just 1400 millimeters to give supremely light and agile handling performance. Aggressive mass forward styling with a natural riding position give the MT-10 a dominant presence that attracts attention and demands respect – and with its high-tech YZF-R1 based suspension systems and class-leading specification, this iconic new member of motorcycling’s most successful and influential family is the most remarkable naked bike to be developed by Yamaha so far.

The MT-10 engine has been developed directly from the latest YZF-R1’s 998-cc inline four-cylinder crossplane engine that is widely regarded as one of most advanced and exciting designs in its class.

For ultimate torque emotion for day to day street usage, the engine features a number of significant technical changes that are designed to deliver strong low to mid speed torque, including newly designed intake, exhaust and fuelling systems, as well as an optimized crank balance. A number of model-specific settings have also been adopted in order to enhance the direct and connected feeling between the throttle and the rear wheel that is associated with the crossplane design.

Yamaha D-MODE offers the rider a choice of three engine running modes that are designed to suit different riding situations and conditions. The key to its operation are the sophisticated electronics in the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) that can instantaneously alter the engine character by adjusting throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume.

The “Standard” mode gives a smooth feeling to the engine character throughout the entire rpm range, and is designed for use in a variety of riding conditions. Meanwhile, “A” mode delivers a sportier engine character in the low to mid speed ranges for added excitement and enjoyment, while “B” mode delivers a milder response and is designed to be used in situations where more sensitive throttle use is appropriate – such as slippery surfaces or congested streets.

To enable the rider to enjoy the power and performance of the MT-10 in different conditions, it comes equipped with a 3-mode Traction Control System that can be deactivated if required. The system works by monitoring any slippage in the rear tire, and when this is detected the YCC-T automatically controls throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to restore rear wheel traction for increased control.

The MT-10’s advanced Assist and Slipper (A&S) clutch is similar to that used on the new generation YZF-R1, and its compact and sophisticated design offers a number of advantages to the rider when accelerating and decelerating.

The key feature on Yamaha’s A&S clutch is its specially designed slanting cam that is located between the clutch boss and the pressure plate. This mechanism augments the force of the clutch springs and consequently allows the use of lower rate clutch springs in the MT-10, giving a much lighter feel at the clutch lever.

With its natural riding position, high torque engine and sophisticated chassis, the new MT-10 has the potential to cover long distances – and with its accessory-friendly chassis, it can be equipped with a range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories such as a high screen or side bags to prepare you for any journey. For more relaxed and enjoyable riding the new MT-10 comes equipped with a cruise control system that can be activated in fourth, fifth and sixth gears between 50 kilometers per hour, and 180 kph.

A switch on the left handlebar turns the cruise control on or off, and once it is activated, the YCC-T maintains the selected speed of the bike whether riding uphill, downhill or on a level road. Speeds can be increased in two kph increments with a push of the switch, and any setting is automatically cancelled by activating the brakes, clutch or throttle – while the “Resume” switch restores he cruise control to its last-used speed.

The MT-10’s natural and upright riding position has been developed to enable the rider to enjoy fully the outstanding performance of the YZF-R1-derived engine, while also offering the possibility of adopting different body positions to suit a range of situations. The handlebar/seat/footrest relationship – together with the shape and position of the tank cover and the use of wide tapered handlebars – have been designed to allow the rider to maintain a firm knee grip with good lower body contact during cornering and acceleration, and for added support during acceleration the rider’s seat features an integral hip stopper.

The design of the wide shouldered fuel tank cover with strong angular edges and duct shaped covers, together with the use of compact side cowls and the dual headlight front mask – accentuate the MT-10’s aggressive mass forward silhouette. This characteristic MT family appearance is strengthened by the use of a slim and lightweight tail end and long swingarm that seem to direct attention towards the muscular and athletic front section of the MT-10 and create a sense of dynamism that perfectly complements this new bike’s character.

Yamaha will develop a range of genuine Yamaha Accessories for the new MT-10 that are designed to enable riders to enhance performance, functionality and style to suit their own requirements, tastes and lifestyles.


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