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yamaha20160621The new entry-level ATV for kids

Yamaha is the dominant brand in the sports and leisure all-terrain vehicle (ATV) segment, with a wide range of best-in-class models in the 2016 line-up. From the outstanding YFM700R through to its winning YFZ450R racer and the YFM90R youth model, the Yamaha brand is the clear benchmark.

For 2017, the company’s leading ATV line-up is strengthened with the launch of the new YFZ50 youth model.

Aimed at young riders aged between six and nine years, the YFZ50 brings new levels of reliability, quality and technical expertise to the entry-level market, and gives parents the opportunity to purchase a product that will serve them and their children well for many years to come. Unlike many of the less established brands, the Yamaha YFZ50 is sure to command a premium resale value when the kids have grown, and the time comes to trade up to a larger Yamaha.

With its YFZ450R racer-inspired looks – together with a low-maintenance 50-cubic centimeter engine and compact chassis – the YFZ50 is poised to become the clear choice for kids who want to discover the fun and enjoyment that comes with entry into the world of ATV riding. Benefitting from simple controls and automatic transmission, this all-new ATV is the four-wheel equivalent of Yamaha’s legendary PW50 minibike that has introduced generations of kids to motorcycling over the past three decades.

Total parental control for safer riding
Safety is paramount, and Yamaha’s designers have enabled parents to retain total control over the YFZ50’s performance by means of a simple throttle stop screw that can be quickly adjusted to suit their child’s skill levels. There is also an easy to adjust electronic speed limiter behind the detachable front cowl that can restrict the engine speed to 4,500 revolutions per minute for more docile performance. For higher performance the limiter can be set to the “off” position, giving a maximum engine speed of 7,400 rpm.

Should a situation ever arise where the engine needs to be stopped immediately for any reason, parents can also have ultimate control over the YFZ50 by pulling on the long lanyard that’s connected to a tether switch. The key-operated ignition switch adds another layer of safety, and prevents anyone starting the engine without the permission of an adult – and the red colored engine stop switch can be pressed by the rider or parent to stop the engine instantly when required.

For added safety and convenience the YFZ50 is equipped with handlebar-mounted levers operating the front and rear brakes – just like on a bicycle. In order to keep the controls simple and familiar, this model has no rear footbrake pedal – a feature that also prevents new riders accidentally operating the rear brake and causing premature wear. There is also a simple parking brake that holds the rear brake on, to ensure that the vehicle can be safely parked or transported.

Simple and reliable 49-cc four-stroke engine
The engine has been designed to ensure that the new YFZ50 is fun to use, easy to ride and simple to maintain. Featuring air-cooling and a SOHC cylinder head, this compact and reliable 49-cubic centimeter four-stroke engine produces soft and controllable power, making it an ideal choice for young entry-level riders.


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