• Yasay: I carry US passport


    Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. has admitted that he was issued an American passport but never acquired US citizenship because he was disqualified because of his “preconceived intent of abandoning his US residency.”

    Yasay, in an interview with ANC’s Headstart on Monday, said he left the Philippines after former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was killed in 1983.

    “When the ouster [of then-President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986]came, my application was already there, and when I came back, and I took my oath, I had the preconceived intent already because I just came back from the Philippines and said I was immediately going back,” he added.

    Yasay said taking his oath as a US citizen did not make him a US citizen.

    “I would not have [acquired]and I did not acquire legally American citizenship. It is precisely for that reason that three months [later], in January 1987, I returned to the Philippines,” he added.

    The Foreign Affairs secretary said he had returned his American passport together with his naturalization certificate.

    “And this consolidated the position that I did not legally acquire US citizenship and I returned all of my papers, executed an affidavit, telling the American authorities that I did not qualify and this is my right,” he added.
    Yasay said he has no dual citizenship and is not stateless either.

    Under American law, he explained, one is “disqualified for being an American citizen” if at the time of application or granting, one had the “preconceived intent of abandoning [his]US residency.”

    “[I]n fact, you abandon your US residency within two years after obtaining that US citizenship,” Yasay said.
    The Commission on Appointments is yet to confirm the appointment of Yasay as Foreign Affairs chief.

    He is accused of violating the Philippine Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 or Republic Act 9225, which prohibits a foreigner from being appointed as a public official.


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    1. I really do not understand what Yasay is talking about his status as US or Phil citizen? Yasay said taking his oath as a US citizen did not make him a US citizen. WHAAAAT!!! REEEEALYYYY????? Abogago ka nga.

    2. A trade mark of a smart lawyer or in an old parlance “abogado de companilla” or a true “Con Artist”? Let be the readers be the judge!

    3. Yasay said taking his oath as a US citizen did not make him a US citizen.

      Yasay presumes that everyone is stupid and he is probably right.

      When is a oath not a oath ? When Yasay takes a oath and doesn’t really mean it or crossing his fingers when he took it.

      One more liar is not going to make much difference in the government.

    4. He took the oath of US citizenship and carry an American passport. This clown is trying to make a dumb ass of everybody. Get rid of his ass.

    5. He may also be in violation of not reporting all his Philippines financial accounts to the USA.
      This is a requirement under US law and the penalties are up to 50% of the highest balance per year of the account’s existence.

      Google FATCA to know more about this US centric requirement, now being enforced.

      He is also required to file a US tax return disclosing ALL his Philippine income, bank interest, dividends, salary, rental income, business income etc.

      I doubt he was complying with the above.

      I see this as an opportunity for someone to collect a whistle blowers fee from the US for information exposing either his accounts or income sources.