Yasay hit for weakness vs China


TWO DIPLOMATS of the previous Aquino administration on Friday lashed out at Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. for his supposedly weak stance on China, saying Manila should have insisted on a stronger statement on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) dispute during the recent meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Laos.

Outgoing Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Cuisia Jr. told a meeting of businessmen he had the impression the Philippine delegation did not push hard for the inclusion of the July 12 ruling of an international tribunal in favor of the Philippines in the Asean joint communiqué.

“Why are we so scared of not including the ruling in the joint communiqué? Are we scared for China to get upset?” he asked. “They have been the ones who have acted in a provocative manner. They have bullied nations like the Philippines and Vietnam,” Cuisia said at the sidelines of the Makati Business Club’s testimonial luncheon for him and outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg on Friday.

Yasay declined to comment and said he wanted Cuisia to first confirm his criticisms in writing.

Yasay earlier said he “vigorously” pushed for the inclusion of the arbitral award in the Asean statement but knew there was “middle ground.”

On July 12, the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague nullified China’s claims in South China Sea, upholding the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea that gives the Philippines the right to areas within 200 nautical miles of its coastline.

Former Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario echoed Cuisia’s sentiments.

“[Yasay] should have stood strongly,” he said. “Ideally, we should have stood strongly in promoting the arbitration ruling as being part of the final statement.”

In Laos early this week, foreign ministers of the 10-member regional bloc only expressed serious concern over recent developments in the South China Sea that have “eroded trust and confidence, increased tensions and may undermine peace, security and stability in the region.”

China allegedly attempted to block any mention of the verdict through its close ally Cambodia.

Cuisia said the Duterte administration was correct “not to taunt and flaunt” the favorable ruling but said the government must be firm in protecting Philippine rights.

“It seems our interest is not really being very strongly protected,” he claimed.



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  1. Wow! Ang tatapang sa bunganga. Beggars like us sbould not be too mayabang and choosy. Cuisia and del Rosario are well known Ambel boys and true Yellows not blue.

  2. Has anybody made any research on the reason why China is so intent on its quest on the West Philippine Sea? The USA will help the Philippines only if it is attack by China. Now, as per the financial paper The Street, America’s debt to China is $1.243 Trillion Dollars as of 2016. Read John Persinos article in the financial paper The Street titled “China’s $5 Trillion in Toxic Bank Debt Is About to Collapse”. China probably found out that the West Philippine Sea is rich in mineral resources hence it will be to their advantage to mine the area.

  3. I dont understand DU30 wisdom in appointing Yasay. Regardless of party affiliation, the original plan of Pnoy( Abnoy you called hi),Del Rosario and Cuisia works. Why dont DU30 appoint Cuisia to continue the right approach.

    Why DU30 appoint a NO brain like Yasay who is a joke for the organization. What DU30 need is a continuation of the correct policy. Why you appoint Yasay who doesnt know anything. Why start all ove again, when you already near the finish line and the likelyhood of winning the game is almost in sight.

    DFA position is not a position for a no brain person. Kick out Ysay and appoint Cuisia.

    DU30 should rope-in Cusia who is very knowledgeable about the case with China. He got the brain and he is clean . DU30 should replace Yasay with Cuisa.

    Cuisa for DFA.

  4. Many netizens including me are disappointed to Mr. Yasay the way He handles West Philippine Sea issue. We are not in favor on his stance of sharing our resources with China in WPS. We have to protect and claim what is ours.

  5. Green lacson on

    the Asean members already knew the verdict, you don’t need to stress something to get attention and more provocative gestures. Let US, Japan,Australia and the rest of develop countries lead the pressure on China..after all, they got all the military hardware to confront the Chinese. They’re just using PH as sacrifice to their own interest. Imagine who is now enjoying the 5 trillion dollars a year navigational trade fee for free? . China wanted a bilateral talks to PH ( business) for that matter… . why not? Cambodia received $600 million soft aid from China…what do we got from our allies, 2nd hand weapons of war? We need investments in industries to create more jobs. and China is doing it to its allies…

    The US, Japan , Australia and others can easily come to pressure China in economic embargo if they are serious….but they can’t do it, they themselves are enjoying the economic ties with China while pressuring PH to the battle front like a pawn?

  6. Perfectly understood if the philippines has chicken-out when facing China inspite the law is on their side. But to do the same against tiny, poor, down trodden and communist cambodia is completely shameful. Yasay should have been more tough and mean when talking to his counterpart from Cambodia.

  7. We can be firm without being provocative. It is obvious that China has an expansionist interest in the West Philippine Sea. I do not think China will back down. China is the second richest country on earth and has a very big military. We are a very small, poor , third world country. The only way that China will back down is a change of the Chinese presidency. Ya say is playing it safe but I will advice him not to talk tough or act like a weakling. Always tell the truth because you are losing your credibility. Do not smile too much on camera, it makes you look stupid and a weakling,

  8. Jose Samilin on

    Not to taunt and flaunt has so far been protected by not acting so gullible and fool. China won nothing in Asean. The strongest argument remained intact with Secretary Yasay, he has not acted foul in the joint statement of Asean.

  9. Considering Mr Yasay has been a month or less on this job, he is doing a good job , and Ambassador Cuisa’s critical stance of him is uncalled for.. President Duterte appointed the best of all the best and it is President Duterte’s turn to do what must be done..Philippines won and blame game in unproductive.