Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby redefine ‘third wheel’ in new movie


The latest Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby-starrer shows much promise in delivering an original concept with its story going beyond the general definition of a “third wheel” in a relationship.

While suggesting that one of its characters is never in a relationship, thus always the third wheel, Viva Films and The IdeaFirst Company’s “Pambansang Third Wheel” takes an unexpected turn early on in the movie.

Child star Alonzo Muhlach comes between Milby and Pressman in Viva Films’ newest romantic comedy

It is Pressman whom the title refers to as Trina, a receptionist turned copywriter in an advertising agency. A hopeless romantic, she firmly believes that every person is destined to meet “the one” with whom he or she will spend forever. This, despite being in her 30s and yet to find her true love. Moreover, she’s had her heart broken thrice, and has long accepted the awkward status of being third wheel to her dating friends. The movie finds her swearing she won’t fall for a guy until she’s sure he meets her standards.

Enter Sam as Neo, an art director who is paired up with Trina in an advertising project. Beyond his good looks, Trina finds something in him that compels her to break down the wall she’s built to protect her heart. Neo admits that he has loved three women, but his revelation about having an eight-year-old son devastates Trina. To make matters worse, the boy’s mother still makes her presence felt.

Now third-wheeling between Neo and his son, will Trina ever feel that she’s the only one?

In explaining Pressman’s character, director Ivan Andrew Payawal said, “Gusto niya siya yung priority pero dahil in-accept niya itong lalaki na ito sa buhay niya, kailangan niyang mag-adjust.”

Playing the role of Murphy, the attention-seeking son of Neo, is Alonzo Muhlach, while Monica, Neo’s ex-wife, is played by Sam Pinto.

Opening in cinemas today, Ang Pambansang Third Wheel has already gained positive reactions from netizens because of its fresh storyline, not to mention the palpable screen attraction between its lead stars. It will be remembered that Viva first tried out the Pressman-Milby pairing in the 2016 dramedy “Camp Sawi.”

Meanwhile, Milby is coming off the success of “Doble Kara,” an afternoon soap on ABS-CBN that ran for more than year, while Pressman is currently enjoying her role as Alyanna in ABS-CBN’s longest running tele­serye “Ang Probinsyano.”


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