• Yassi Pressman shares lessons learned in 10 years of showbiz


    From playing supporting roles when she came to the showbiz scene in 2006, gaining a little bit more of the spotlight as time went by as third wheel to top loveteam JaDine of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman has finally blossomed all on her own today. Thanks to her fresh pair-up with Coco Martin in ABS-CBN’s top-rated prime time series, “Ang Probinsyano,” the 22-year-old Viva talent and network contract artist is proof that starting at the bottom has its rewards.

    Pressmann plays the role of Alyana, wife of Coco Martin’s Cardo in ‘Ang Probinsyano’ INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

    After all her decade-long experience in various projects—whether big or small—has indeed honed her acting skills to an impressive quality as seen in Probinsyano. Lately too, her popularity on prime time has helped to further her career with movie offers, guest stints, and multiple product endorsements.

    Looking back at her journey, Pressman says she learned many lessons along the way, which she will keep with her in this new and more exciting phase in her career.

    “I’ve encountered a lot of obstacles and a lot of challenges. There had been so many times that I felt I couldn’t do it anymore,” the beautiful mestiza added. “But of course, as in anything that you want to achieve, you have to be strong, believe in yourself, and hold on to the people who believe in you too. I’ve been lucky to my family, friends and fans to support me these past 10 years.”

    Speaking at her launch as brand ambassador of skincare company Silka, Pressman continued, “There are and there will always be rejections. And you’ll also have a lot of bashers, who though only in social media, can even follow you at home, in your sleep, and surround you all the time if you let them bother you. So, it’s important to learn how to handle it.”

    The actress further admitted she used to fall prey to bashers and allowed the criticism about her acting, singing, and dancing affect her.

    “They still do sometimes, and in the past, I broke down many times. But I’ve learned that you can never please everybody. If you change one thing about you because of what one group said, another group will have something negative to say about it. But as long as you try to be the best version of yourself, no matter what they say, you’ll always be on the right track.”

    Pressman is grateful to work on the set of Probinsyano nowadays, not only because it certainly fueled her career, but because it allows her to work with some of the best and veteran artists in the business whom she learns so much from every taping.

    “I am so fortunate to be included in the show, and to be able to work with my co-actors is just surreal. There is so much to learn from so many people. There’s Tita Susan [Roces], my mom and dad in the show – Tita Shamaine Buencamino and Tito Joel Torre – and a lot more. And there are also lessons I learned from my journey as [the character]Alyana,” Pressman shared.

    Saving the best for last, she meanwhile said of her leading man, “I learn so much from Coco as well who is such a great actor. Besides that, he is such a gentleman. Before we eat, he makes sure to pull out my chair and then he’ll get food for me. Even my water! He really displays a unique kind of concern, kindness and respect not just for me but with everyone on the set, most especially the women.”

    Finally, when asked how she sees herself in another 10 years from now, Pressman replied, “I hope I will still be here in the industry. But honestly speaking, if I weren’t actress today, I’m sure I’d still be doing something behind the cameras. Maybe starting as a personal assistant. So, in time, I hope to learn everything about this field and still be doing something in showbiz.”


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