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PLUS: ‘Insidious’ creator interested to cast Filipino monsters in future movies

They’re no longer close. That’s what Yassi Pressman made clear in a catch-up session with In the Know at the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus launch in Makati on Thursday when asked how she and her fellow Viva talent and BFF Nadine Lustre are doing.

“May kanya kanya na po kami na ginagawa and bibihira na po kami magkita.”

Yassi did not say that their friendship is over, but related they’ve drifted apart since their early days in stage far from where they started back in the movie “Diary ng Panget.” That’s why as much as she would want to, she couldn’t defend Nadine and her boyfriend James in the pair’s latest con-troversy with director Antoinette Jadaone.

Rumor has it that James went to the set of their movie drunk so production had to pack up. Anoth-er time, it was Nadine who didn’t make it to the shoot, after which—without naming names—Direk Tonette vented her frustration in a blog post. In turn, Nadine posted an x-ray film on Insta-gram, listing her symptoms in the caption and ending it with, “That’s all you have to know.”

Yassi Pressman

“Busy po kasi ako sa ‘Ang Probinsyano’ so hindi ko na nakakamusta si Nadine at James. Although updated naman ako sa social media ni Nadine and nakita ko that she had an injury nga.”

For sure most horror-loving cinema goers saw “Insidious Four: The Last Key,” which was shown na-tionwide on Wednesday. Days before its opening, In The Know got to meet the stars of the movie in Hong Kong, namely Hollywood’s Scream Queen Lin Shaye and director, actor and creator Leigh Whannell to find out what’s in store for the horror genre in 2018.

Whannell said that following his blockbuster “Insidious” and “Saw” franchises, he is aggressively looking for new ideas to show Hollywood. In fact, he stumbled on a few Asian monsters during the junket to the region.

“I did a lot of Asian research in film class back in college and now it’s good to get exposed to the monsters in this side of the world,” he related.

To help him out, In the Know whipped up a picture of the Philippines’ manananggal, and guess what. Whannel’s expertise led him to figure out where such a creature would come from: “It sort of looks like a mythical forest creature that grabs you at night.” He was vaguely right!

He took the photo from us and said that he will do a character study and possibly cast our very own monster in one his future movies. Imagine? A manananggal in Hollywood?

Anyway, Insidious Four: The Last Key goes back to the childhood of paranormal investigator Elise Reiner played by Shayne, and this time she won’t be helping other people but herself. “It was chal-lenging and very exhausting [role]because it was a very emotional story for Elise,” said the actress.

If there is one tip she shared if you still haven’t caught the movie it’s this: “Don’t take a nap! Haha, no! You have to go through it to get through it and it’s OK to be scared because it is an emotion that everyone has that you usually have no control over.”

GUESS WHO? It’s such a that this woman, looked up to by so many Filipinas, does not practice what she preaches. She may be outspoken on certain issues but in the love department, she has scores zero on self-respect. Her track record when it comes to relationships is countless, and many of those she dated cheated on her making her look stupid. Even her current beau takes advantage of her success and rides on her fame, but she’s still the one who does everything to please him. Peo-ple in the know hope she will learn how not to be crazy over men and put herself first like a true empowered woman.

Until next week, ta-ta!


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